We all remember Sky Ferreira from the MDS Sound of 2011 (HERE) and since we love her here, what a better way of showing our love by featuring her music?! Sky released several singles in the past, neither of them making a big impact in the charts. On March 1 she released the single "Sex Rule", third of her album. Following this, an EP titled "As If!" is set to be released on March 22, 2011 by Capitol Records, and we all know it'll be a success! The song doesn't have a deep message but it has a great one! It's catchy and funny! This may be the coolest lyric video I've ever seen, seriously, it's amazingly fun! If you aren't a fan, the video in it's own is incredible!

Listen and buy "Sex Rules" and preview the EP after the JUMP ...

Preview "As If" HERE/Buy "Sex Rules" HERE.

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