The Estonian entry was selected by a competition similar to Melodifestivalen and Melodi Grand Prix, which is named Eesti Laul. Two semi finals took place, one with 10 acts and the other with 9. Then a final takes place with the 10 acts that had advanced from the semi finals. And finally there's a super final with 2 finalists. The winner is then decided by a tele voting. And as usual, Eesti Laul was full of Idol contestants! Even the winner was on Idol!

Highlights, videos and comments after the JUMP ...


Getter Jaani

Getter is love for me! She was the 4th placer in Estonian Idol S3 and back then I use to think of her like the estonian Miley Cyrus but of course she's better. She's a great performer and has a great voice. I love her hand moves and what the dancers do. The song isn't that great, I mean, I like it cause I like Getter but this isn't the song I would have picked to represent them. Still good but not my pick. I would have prefered Meister ja Mari winning but I'm pretty satisfied with her.


I like this song but I'm so glad they weren't the winners! They are the typical Eurovision act that is cut in the first round! The song is nice and they are cute but not such a great singer. The chorus was sort of strong but not that special. They should be more than happy with the place they got.


I'm not a fan of this. I like how estonina sounds in females but I'm not so sure about a man. It's a very musical lenguage, I must admit, and it's not that horrible but I don't love it, maybe because I don't like this song at all. I mean, it's a nice sweet ballad but it's a bit sleepy and even lazy up to a point. The singer doesn't seem to be making any effort at all. He's not a great performer for me. Orelipois made it to the final, where he missed the super final coming 3rd.

Jana Kask

Jana was the winner of the second season of Eesti otsib superstaari. Then she was blond, now she's black haired. WOW! This change looks amazing, she looks more mature with that look and hotter too! I'm in love with this song and also with her voice! I wonder why happened with her in the last few years, we haven't heard much. Glad she's back! The growls and those big notes are incredible! One of the best songs I've heard! This would have been an amazing Eurovision entry but unfortunately, Jana made it to the 4th place only. Well, there's always next year for her!

Ithaka Maria

Oh! This kindly surprised me! I wasn't expecting this! Ithaka was the lead in Estonian band BestB4 and has also appeared in many TV shows, such as "Dancing With the Stars". Again, I'm in love of how estonian sounds! Her voice is sick good! She's got a great rock vibe going on and the chorus riffs are incredible! She really delivers!  Ithaka was the 5th placer on the final.


Definitely she has a great voice! A really powerful vocal performance but the song is just a bit too common for me. There's nothing unique in this, she's just a big voice. Victoria advanced the semis but only got to the 6th place in the final.


I love Mimicry even from before this performance. That's because one of it's lead singers is Kene Vernik, who was the 8th place finalist in Estonian Idol. She was the definition of wierd. Her performances touched the bizarre but I absolutly loved her. She has something unqiue when she performs. And her voice is great. This electro dance song, however, isn't my favourite. I like their outfits but the male's singer voice isn't of my pleasure, I'd have prefered it much more if Kene had the lead. It's good but not as good as other songs competing. That's maybe the reason why the came out 10th in the final.


Meister ja Mari

This is different. I never expected this to be so good! I love how estionian sounds! It's such a relaxing beautiful performance! Her voice is amazing and I hoped that he showed up early, cause his voice was great too! I also love the staging and all the atmosphere they create! I'm definitely checking this two! Unfortunately, they only came 6th in the first semifinal.

Sofia Rubina

I really like her voice! She's got big powerful pipes! There's a retro vibe going on in this performance. It's probably what you would have heard in the 90s entry. I like it still. She's got a funky soul sound and her voice is very pleasant. Sofia only placed 8th in the second semifinal, which I must say was a bit unfair.

Tiiu Kiik

This is definitely my kind of music! A wierd girl with a small shy voice. Almost restricted at times. I like it a little louder still, she was almost whispering and made me wonder if I had gone deaf. But this was good! I enjoyed it, although I know many people didn't, and that may be the reason why she was 9th in the second semifinal.

Sõpruse puiestee and Merili Varik

 I don't like his voice but Merili totally won me! Her voice is a bit sharp at times and the guy's voice is almost annoying. But I like how they both blend. Not bad at all. Still, they fail to impress enough and only came out 6th, missing the final for one place!

Shirubi Ikazuchi

She's not what I was expecting! She's wierd and really dark! Her performance looks like she's about to cast a spell on us! And maybe it's because she's singing the word "witches" all the song. But that left apart. I like this! She's different at least! Cool stuff! However, the spell wasn't too sucessful, she only came 7th.

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