The FINALE is here! After 3 months of competition only 3 acts remain! Annelouise for the Overs and Sarah and Babou for the Unders. bong is back again one more time tonight! Who will be the ultimate winner? ... It's time to face the music!

Read the comments, watch the videos and find out who made the liveshows after the JUMP ...

First Part

Round 1 — The contestant's song choice

(bong)  (I guess the contestants always have their say, but usually the mentor picks the song.) The x factor finale is situated at the national stadium; 40-45.000 guests are present today (the stated figure varies during the night). Signe and Sara (not the x factor Sarah) are mingling, interviewing family and friends. The role of judge is over, the mentors still have a job to do. The host, Lise Rønne, asks Blachman how it has been. Blachman: "Oh, boy. Three months behind a camera, now we are resocialising to reality. Is this reality? Let me hear you! Are you real? Are you real!" (roar) "Let me hear the men! Show some emotion!" Recovering from a hangover? And the show is off!


SEND SAR TIL 1212 "Pokerface" (Lady Gaga) - 8/10 - Sarah is opening! She's singing Lady Gaga and it's interesting at least. It brings me flashbacks of Amanda Grafanakis from the Aussie XF, with her face make up. Mmmm ... I'm not convinced by this. The first part was excellent vocally though the "just went out of the gym" outfit was disgusting. The second part was more upbeat and the outfit was gone but her voice was worse. Still, the ending was great. Fireworks and great notes!

(bong)  -  6/10  -  Sarah goes first. Cutfather: "This is the night she has been dreaming of. She has x factor so it hurts. Super tough Sarah." Cat Stevens playing Morning Has Broken while we see how Cutfather takes Sarah out to — surprise — sing before a crowd of friends and relatives. Back to the show: Sarah sings Lady Gaga's Pokerface. They start with a very minimal accompagniment, acoustic guitars to allow a build up, then they switch to electronic version. Complete shift, lights, purple. Very impressive. I have no doubts she can do a whole show like that. I am not sure I would care to watch (or listen), but she has something, performance wise. Pernille: "There is nobody like you. And that is what is important for people who can reach the stars. You act so naturally on this huge stage." Blachman: "You are beautiful. Super natural." (not 'supernatural') "Superb sense of rhythm. I saw a PH lamp in your home; do you know who that is? Poul Henningsen?" (No Sarah doesn't know him. PH was a famous architect, writer, and I guess you could say leftist activist, especially remembered for his subtle critique of the German occupation during WWII and for designing this lamp which has become very famous. PH would always understate the work put into that, it's actually quite elaborately designed to give max lightning without blinding you.) Blachman: "PH paved the way so that people like you could live your lives freely." (He is probably referring to Sarah's sexuality again.) Cutfather: "I am speechless. you knocked over The Park."


SEND ANL TIL 1212 "Breathe Me" (Sia) - 10/10 - This is one of Sia's best songs. Annelousie looks gorgeous, I love how her hair looks that way. This may be her best performance in the entire competition. This is the Annelouise that we first met! And the one we love! She is proving us that her voice is amazing and that she really wants to win this! She could after this! Her vocals are great and she's showing lots of emotion in this performance! Seriously, her best and the best finale performance!

(bong)  -  9/10  -  Blachman: "Every day I am more impressed by Annelouise. The more pressure, the more relaxed she is. A sign of professionalism." They are taking a boat trip and end up in Helsingør where Annelouise visits a place which matters to her personally and — oh, my — sings before a random gathering of friends and family." Annelouise sings Breathe Me — is that choice too weak to win? It's not crazy famous, I think. Well, she does it brilliantly. Breathtaking. I have to eat my own words, the song choice is perfect. Pernille: "I thought we had seen your best with Kashmir. Your sky reaches higher." Blachman: "Thank you. The way you have developed." Lise Rønne asks her how it felt to be singing before 41.000? "A rush."


SEND BAB TIL 1212 "All the Right Moves" (One Republic) - 9,5/10 - OMG! Babou is totally pulling this off! I was doubty about this song for him but I see how perfectly it fits now! He has made all the right moves to make it here and his voice sounds better than ever. The high notes are a bit girlish but that's how his voice sounds. And actually, I will buy his CD. His voice is interesting and that will sound great recorded!

(bong)  -  8/10  -  Cutfather: "I want to thank the viewers for voting him in every week. His dream was to be here tonight. His voice quality goes further than this program." Cutfather surprises Babou, abducts him to his home town (and mine) where he — this is original — sings before a crowd of family and friends, and also a random gathering since it's in a Shopping Mall. Babou is dressed like a grown up (I have never really thought of him or Sarah as children, don't misunderstand.) Babou gets me this time with his voice. I also like the title: All The Right Moves. And I don't know that tune, but that doesn't matter, I catch the rhythm. Babou is in control, he is behaving very maturely. Pernille: "It's a crazy development. It's like the lid is off. You are radiant!" LR: "Is the lid off?" (yes, says Babou) Blachman: "You were a star before you came here. Every generation has one, and we can just stand and stare: What happened." Cutfather: "Wonderful. You are a fighter. You can become an idol for many."

Round 2 — Band duos!

(bong)  Each of the three contestants will also perform together with a (Danish) band. Let me present them for you. Carpark North were already represented once on this year's XF, when Sarah sang Save Me From Myself. Carpark North would be Sarah's dream choice, and she might be singing one of their first hits, Transparent And Glasslike which is a captivating and haunting tune.

(bong)  If you were alive during the nineties you must remember AQUA for the (in-)famous Barbie Girl of 1997. The music was bad, bad, bad, but in a good way. Yes, I did listen, and dance, and sing along to AQUA, I have their first CD, and I am not embarrassed to admit it. AQUA were quite simply a band which had the misfortune to write a hit song and became identified with it. They were not quite a one-hit-wonder, but pretty much. Not their fault. AQUA were pioneers; someone had to go there. Plenty of bands tried to follow in their footsteps at the time; they single-handedly defined the Bubblegum dance genre (not the "bubblegum" genre, as the Wikipedia entry on the song will have you believe; that's a confusion of terms.) Babou was joking that he would be singing Barbie Girl with AQUA; I don't think it will be Barbie Girl, though.

(bong)  I saw Fallulah (it's a stage name, like bong :-) her real name is Maria Apetri) performing last summer. A promising young Danish-Rumanian singer-songwriter and performer who is not afraid to mix Balkan music with other styles. I tend to dream of pirates when I see her. So Fallulah would be Annelouises choice. I can see how that could work out. Here is a one of her hits:

(bong)  In addition, Take That is singing, so my guess is Patricia would have performed with Take That. Talking about Patricia: We interviewed her (see link below). Patricia was eliminated as the fourth-to-last, right before this finale (damn!). She reports that she feels relieved of a burdon, the pressure of the competition was getting to her. She is done with singing covers for the time being; she wants to make her own music and release a cd, if possible with Thomas Blachman. We wish her the best of luck.

(bong)  Intermission. Keld, 64, who auditioned and got three yeses, but was later eliminated by Blachman, sings Unchained Melody. 10 other eliminated contestants perform. And back to the show!


SEND SAR TIL 1212 "Everything Starts Again" (Carpark North) - 9,5/10 - I must admit that I'm not familiar with them. However, I'm impressed from what I'm hearing! They have great voices and are really great live! Sarah joins them! She looks really happy and they work so well together! This is a really great performance! Incredible! I'm checking this guys now!

(bong)  -  7/10  -  Carpark North perform. And then Sarah joins them in Shall We Be Grateful. I thought she did great. She really has an amazing connection with the audience. The band is interviewed by Lise Rønne, and one of them says: "X factor, that she has!" LR: "What is Sarah's biggest forte?" "Her Charm!" Cutfather: "You and Carpark North, it's a match made in heaven." Sarah's fan group in Facebook dwarfs the other contestants completely, it has around 14.500 members. Also an interview with Sarah's girlfriend: "What was it that you fell for in Sarah?" "Simple, she has the whole package."


SEND ANL TIL 1212 "I Lay My Head/Out of It" (Fallulah) - 10/10 - I so love Fallulah and her crazy performances! She's so quirky fun! And her voice is really unique, and so is her sound! Probably the best performer tonight! Annelouise joins her! This just turned into heaven! Patricia would have been the perfect match for her but Annelouise is doing amazing! And their voices blend well. Annelouise has this powerful but soft voice, which is great! Best performance of the night!

(bong)  -  7/10  -  Next is Fallulah with I Lay My Head, and Annelouise joins her. Annelouise still has some things to learn about performing; I think Fallulah's moves look more natural. But Annelouise will get there eventually. Blachman: "Nice to see you with a serious artist like Fallulah. Significant voice." Signe is in the crowd interviewing Annelouise's mother Gitte; her father has left for Syriah! His vacation was planned in November, so he did know he would not be able to see her in the park, but he didn't think she would get that far.... They play a video: "Sorry, I cannot be there. But I am thinking about you, and I believe in you." Back to the mother, Lise Rønne asks her if she was surprised by her daughter's success (yes, she was).


SEND BAB TIL 1212 "How R U Doin?/Back To The 80's" (Aqua) - 8/10 - I love how the lead singer looks! I'm not that fan of Aqua however, but I admit "Barbie Girl" is fun. Her voice is sort of annoying but in a good way. And I don't like the male singer. But I'm liking this song. The second song is a good one too! I like it more than the first one. They are joined by Babou, who does a pretty good job with it. Vocal perfect but he seems a bit lost. After all, he wasn't alive at the eighties!

(bong)  -  8/10  -  Babou performs with AQUA. We are informed that Barbie Girl was the most succesful single by any Scandinavian name ever. AQUA are all in black, it looks good. They are singing How R U Doin, "I wanna know now: Are you feeling alive?" Actually I get a feeling it's playback (maybe it's a feedback causing an annoying echo). But then Babou joins them for Back To The Eighties. ;-) Babou you were not born in the eighties... ah, what does that matter. Actually Babou and Lene Nystrøms voices suit each other when René takes the lead. René Dif ends off with: "Give it up for Babou!" Line Rønne interviews them, Lene Nystrøm says: "Babou has so much x factor, so Sarah can go home!. Søren Nystrøm Rasted praises Babou's pitch, and René gets the last word: "Babou has everything that is needed to be a star. On March 25, 2011, Denmark gave birth to a new star."

Second Part — The winner song


(bong)  After the intermission the six finalists who were rejected before the finale sing (I've Had) The Time of My Life together with the three finalists: DeeVibez, Ercan, JR, Rasmus, the twins, and Patricia. Wow, in the correct order, even. Lise Rønne chats with the judges, "How did you experience this?" Cutfather: "I am the beginner. I will never forget this." Pernille: "There are the people in the park, but think about all the people watching this in their homes. And how many parks they would fill." (around 50) Blachman: "I asked the minister of culture to join us tonight. They cut down all over, leaving the music education to us; I wanted a class with two million pupils. But he has "broken his leg", the sissy. He might have sent a video."

(bong)  The vote off. Sarah is in! And Annelouise! I am surprised, and I am not sure that is entirely fair, Babou did well today; he also takes the defeat like a man. The mentor's side kicks are interviewed; Djuna Barnes, who helped pick Annelouise, praises her for her charm, likeability, plus she is the multiinstrumentalist in this year's x factor (guitar, harp, piano). Kenneth Bager talks about Sarah: A Danish Pink. 15 years old, with enormous energy. Cutfather's work has been impressive.

(bong)  Two of the three contestants will be singing the X Factor winner song 'Min øjesten' (Apple Of My Eye), written and composed by Xander. Xander is the son of Anne Linnet, a very well-established Danish songwriter. Xander had his debut last year, and he is 22 years old. The song has been recorded with the three finalists, but only two will get to sing it in the finale, and only the winner will release it as a single.


SEND ANL TIL 1212 "Min øjesten" (Xander) - 9/10 - Firstly, I don't like the song much. Maybe it's because it's in danish, which I don't understand, but the rythym is boring. I prefer last years song more. Still, Annelouise is doing a great job with it. I like the way she's singing it and it looks really emotional. Her voice is better than ever. And I so love she has made it to the Top 2!! She really deserved this! And if she doesn't win, she'll definitely have a great carrer!

(bong)  -  9/10  -  Annelouise performs the winner song. I like this. There is something interesting, as if her vocal is a little late in relation to the music, not exactly on the beat. No, I am not saying it is not tight, on the contrary, but there is a beat that she is moving around. Very cool. To me it sounds difficult; I have to give it 9/10, and I must figure out later precisely what they are doing. Pernille: "Every time I hear you I get the impression of this enormous life within you. I get curious to know more." Cutfather: "Super. A strong vocal. INDLEVELSE" (yeah, I have to look up that word) Blachman: "Mental surplus. Record a lot of pop records, make people happy!" Lise Rønne asks her if she has thought about the winner song being her first single. Annelouise: "No, there has been so much. I was rehearsing the lyrics just now. But someone should mention the band!" (They like that, the band!)


SEND SAR TIL 1212 "Min øjesten" (Xander) - 8/10 - Not to impressed with this. I mean, she sang it nice but Annelouise was much better. Sarah's version seemed robotical, unemotional. She just delivered a good vocal performance but nothing more. She didn't make it her own as Annelouise did. It was just that, great vocals.

(bong)  -  5/10  -  Sarah sings the winner song. I am sorry, I prefer Annelouise's version. And I can only give it 5/10, as there seem to be some formal errors. Cutfather: "A fabulous trip you have made. And you have only sung for a little over a year." (I haven't heard that before.) Lise Rønne asks the same question, this will be your first single...? Sarah: "No, I have not understood that, I have not understood that I am here!"

(bong)  Sisters of Annelouise and Sarah are interviewed. Sarah says it's felt very short! The six months, suddenly it's over. Lise Rønne says the voting is very tight, so tight that they have not been allowed to shut down the voting... Not over yet. Annelouise: "It's a big surprise after having been at the bottom in every bookmakers list. Cutfather is asked, why exactly these two are standing here tonight: "Because they are both unique performers."

(bong)  Take That perform Kidz. Pretty impressive. Mark Owen tells us they will be back (was it for two days?) in July. Lise Rønne asks Robbie Williams: "Between you and me — who is your favorite?" "What, between you and me?? Me, of course!" (joke) "I do have a favorite, actually, but I won't say who it is, I don't want anyone to build their hopes too high." He also claims to have voted five times. ;-) Lise Rønne: "Do you have an advice for these two?" Robbie Williams: "Yes! They will work you hard. Learn to say no! You have much more power than you think!" Back to the final two contestants who joke about saying no to the interviewer. Annelouise is looking forward to the afterparty, and they agree to be friends forever.

(bong)  And Sarah wins. I guess it's a logical choice. The world will focus on her sexuality (one day years from now she will snap and tell the journalist to ask her questions about her music instead). Sarah performs Poker Face once more.

Winner of the Danish X Factor 2011

Sarah, 15, from Herlev, Denmark.

(bong)  Congratulations, Sarah, you do have something, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Thanks to MDS for allowing me to participate. I did have a hunch it would be fun to tell everybody "this is better than that, because I say so". I could do that for a living. Many thanks to the contestants, don't think me unfair if I misjudged you, I am far away from you on the other side of the screen. It's just a show, ask your mentors, and I'm outta here in a Phil Benz squalor, and all I wanna do is stomp and holler
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