It's Rock night and the 6 remaining contestants will fight for your votes to stay in the competition singing  a rock hit!  bong is back again, and will be throughout the season! Will Pernille's last act manage to remain in the competition? Will Cutfather finally lose one of his acts? Or will it be one of the two remaining overs? ... It's time to face the music!

Ratings, comments and videos after the JUMP ...

(bong)  I am the native guide, and I am here to tell you what you cannot know if you don't speak Danish or live in Denmark. So I translate parts of the dialogue, and sometimes I guess at what they really meant. It's a tough job. But not as tough as being on the stage, I guess. It's rock night. We who like Patricia may worry, she is not a rock chick. And she knows it. But that's the way it is, you have to adjust to the theme, and Patricia has resources. Others may draw a sigh of relief. Rasmus, for instance, may be happy to find that he does not have to interpret Cole Porter or ABBA. I am not going to make any predictions today as to who will be in the danger zone. I will be biting my nails.


SEND SAR TIL 1212 "Save Me From Myself" (Carpark North) - 5,5/10 - Not her best performance, actually her worse peformance, even worse than her first one. I don't get this song choice for her, it just doesn't fit her voice and it makes this whole performance feel plain. It only got entertaining when she picked the guitar, the smoke came out and the camera went all shaky, but the rest,  plain!

(bong)  - 6/10 -  Cutfather: "Her vocal qualities. I will compare her to Janis Joplin. Her voice is clearly recognizable." Sarah is a 9th grader. We see her go skating to burn some energy after school. "I have become exposed on various homepages such as AfterEllen and Perez Hilton's blog (Cutfather mentioned one of these in the last show). Carpark North—you just have to love that band name—is yet another band from my home town, Århus, formed in 1999. A really great band. Pernille: "Are you a Carpark North fan?" (Sarah confirms) "So this is your genre." Blachman: "I am glad it was not a Janis Joplin tune, because that is after all a few kilometers above. But this is the midterm exam, and you (bong: it's a plural you) have really developed. But one thing I must say, the sex talk, it has to stop." (??Blachman says that??) Cutfather: "I have to agree with Blachman. But about Joplin, it's more her roughness." Lise Rønne: "How do you develop?" Sarah: "My voice. Singing lessons. Singing without damaging my voice."


SEND ANL TIL 1212 "Creep" (Radiohead) - 7,5/10 - Not Annelouise's best but pretty interesting!  I like "Creep" so much that it doesn't really matter how she sings it, it's going to be great anyway! I didn't get the black and white shot much but it kinda worked.  I just hoped she had sang as good as the last three notes, cause when she reached that high notes, Annelouise was spot on! But the chorus was too bland and she didn't get there, hope a better performance from her next week!

(bong)  - 5/10 -  Annelouise is from Helsingør. We see her with her older brother who urged her to perform in public, offering his guitar as incentment. Annelouise: "Tonight I will aim at reaching the audience from the stage, and getting into the homes of the spectators." The shoot is in black and white, fitting with the song. (For those who are interested in song details: I talked about Albert Hammond Sr. who co-wrote Duffy's Well, Well, Well which DeeVibez sang in the first live round. There is a snippet of this tune which goes exactly like something in another Hammond song: "The Air That I Breathe".) Cutfather: "The beginning is very good, there is emotion and nearness. But the chorus? You are not really that dirty rock chic. But then towards the end when you reach the high notes, you are on again." Pernille: "I would have preferred an interpretation. This was a little karaoke-ish." Blachman: "Fair enough. But I like rock too, I listened to Slade before you were born. You in the group of adults have maturity." (duh!) "I give you harder tasks each week." Annelouise tells Lise Rønne: "I think it is a difficult song. It goes low, but then it goes high." Lise: "Was it better during rehearsals?" Annelouise: "No, this time was the best."


SEND BAB TIL 1212 "Numb" (Linkin Park) - 8,5/10 - I wasn't expecting to say this but I loved this performance! AMAZING ATTITUDE! His voice didn't sound girly for the first time and he really seemed to be feeling that song! He was pure attitude and personality and the anger he show was really important! Babou finally shown his real him! Still, I think Babou belongs to girly songs but I don't care if he goes this route, cause this really fits him!

(bong)  - 7/10 -  Cutfather: "Babou has the courage to sing a song which is on the border of his home turf." We see Babou at home in Århus where he attends Århus High School (that is its name, there are several high schools in Århus). His friends say he is a funny guy and full of energy. Babou: "It's very important for me to have my friends in the studio so they can see what I do." Babou has definitely got the rock attitude out, but I don't think his voice works that well with this kind of music. (Second hearing, Sunday: I take that back, it's really great, and I should update his score...) Pernille: "There are some people that you simply wish a lot of success, and you are one of those. I hear new sides of your voice. Fearless performance! Fearless!" Blachman: "I loved you from the start, but you became another. I recognize you again, I recognize an anger which is very important to you. Keep that." My translation: Blachman is always about authenticity, about real art, finding the true artist. I am just guessing like everyone else, but that is the best I can come up with. Cutfather: "Thank you. This was a big challenge for Babou. And he delivers, he demonstrates his range and his ability to give it 100%"


SEND PAT TIL 1212 "Song 2" (Blur) - 10/10 - OMG!! Patricia is back in the game! I was doubty about this song for her, how she'll make it her own, who would she do the crazy shouts but then I realized it's a perfect song for her! She's the definition of uniqueness! This chick doesn't care about the rest, she doesn't copy, she's pure authenticity! Her voice is quircky, has an incredible tone and her phrasing is surreal! She's an artist, Patricia is in a league of her own and no matter if she wins or not, she has a record deal secured! This girl is crazy good! One word, AMAZING!

(bong)  - 8/10 -   Blachman: "So here is a beautiful lady who actually happens to also have the artist gene." Patricia is into fashion. Since the age of five or six. She would go to school in outrageous outfits; everybody thought she was dressed out, but that was just how she was. "I have a soft spot for paillets." The friends call her a trendsetter. Blachman: "I chose a simpler song for her to personalize." She sings. And me, I go, "Woo-hoo! Rock chic! Way! We likes!" Cutfather: "You have clearly made this song your own. Super song choice. I am not 100% sure that your voice is right for it, but I like it." Pernille: "It's funny how Blachman always chooses beautiful women. But he is married." My translation: Gee. Where to begin. I think she is trying to match Blachman's ranting from past weeks (The incident reminds me of when Blachman talked about Sarah having a sex change operation.) Blachman (to Patricia): "There is no-one like you on the Danish scene. You have authenticity. You have got what it's all about."


SEND RAS TIL 1212 "Black Hole Sun" (Soundgarden) - 4,5/10 - This performance was painfull! His voice sounded really offtune and he seemed really uncomfortable. I love Rasmus voice but this just wasn't ok, this was definitely the worst so far and I doubt the twins will be worse than him. When he reached the final notes it really improved but all was lost there, a forgettable performance and now I'm doubty he'll make the cut ...

(bong)  - 4/10 -   Cutfather: "You have to respect Rasmus. His life is hanging on his back. He has a challenge." Rasmus tells us about these dubious "friends" he met at 12-13 when he started smoking marihuana. At 15 he was smoking every day. He realized there was only two possibilities: Continue downhill, or struggle uphill. Music was instrumental (pardon the pun) in this quest. We see him rehearsing, and it's actually pretty cool. Rasmus has impressed me before, but he has also scored low (last week). The arrangement is OK, but I am not crazy about his voice. Pernille: "This was not very good, Rasmus. This is not a record I would put on." Blachman: "One of the best tunes in the world. This is a bare-bones arrangement, so we can really hear your voice." (and any errors, I think is his point.) Cutfather talks about the energy Rasmus displays.

Rikke og Trine

SEND RT TIL 1212 "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (Joy Division) - 6,5/10 - Mmmm ... What the hell are they wearing?! Haha! Why do they have eyes drawn in their hands?! At least this is funny! We all know they aren't the best singers but they work with what they have. I still don't see them as recording artists and I still hate their unison singing but they delivered a good performance and a fun one. And the twins danced for the first time! Well, not them, like 80 dudes with RT masks but whatever, an entertaining performance!

(bong)  - 8/10 -   Pernille: Last week these very natural and lovely ladies got in the danger zone. They have been shot out of the forests of central Zealand. Rikke og Trine: "When we got in the danger zone we realized how much singing means to us." The twins play football (soccer). The keeper says that apparently singing must mean a lot to them because they would skip football practice for it. Rikke og Trine: "We always give it 100% at football practice, and that's what we will do in X Factor." Pernille: "We want to show humour, and demonstrate the twins' odd minds."

This is funny! They did it, humour and odd minds, I get it. The twins are dressed in black and white, and they are accompanied on stage by scores of dancers/singers with Rikke/Trine masks and dressed in black. So for once, Rikke and Trine are distinguishable, and the rest of us are a mass. Me, I go "Woooooo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!" I think it's brilliant. This is a reversal of how we see "twins", it's how the world looks to them. Or I may have completely misunderstood the point, but I still think it's brilliant. Blachman: "You could have sung Heroes by Bowie" Pernille: "We considered that." Blachman: "This is disrespectful! You would have been terrific in an ideal finale. It's going the wrong way." Cutfather: "All sails are set, you really don't want to get in the danger zone. But when I close my eyes, I cannot hear you." Blachman: "But we have to decide right now: What is the optimal finale?" (to Cutfather): "Do you really think an optimal finale, musically, would have three of your younger in the finale?" Cutfather: "That would detract something from the competition." Blachman: "There should be a room for the three original acts." Pernille tries to cut through: "This talk is too early..." Lise Rønne cuts through, and gives Pernille the final word, and after some continued struggle to silence the male judges she declares: "I am happy! Happy! Happy! Happy! Happy!"

Inadvertenly the judges are illustrating the message in the song title: Love (of music) will tear us apart. I had a good night, and I hope you enjoyed the show as well as I did. Incidentally, Blachman has declared that his ideal finale has 3-4 women in the finale. You do the math.

Heidi Svelmøe Herløw

OMG! Heidi is back! I totally remember her from the first series and I actually have her debut album! She was, as Patricia is now, the most unique artist in her season, she was a really quircky and an amazing performer! She's back with her new single, "Angerholic" from her second album "Talisman" and hell girl! WHAT AN INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE! Really, really good! This is the talent that comes out from this show people! Amazing! Post coming soon ...

Who is Heidi? She is an X Factor contestant from three years back (the first series in Denmark), she was Blachman's contestant, she finished as number 3, and she was clearly one of my favorites back then. So I am quite excited to hear her again. She is singing a tune from her new (second) album which is out now. Her hair like that... Hm. But I liked the song. Still a brilliant singer. Maybe we will be seeing Martin from round 1 later?


Annelouise is first to repeat her performance. She sings, and Rasmus' show feels a little lame in comparision, I am afraid. Cutfather: "Even with producer eyes, and not just because Rasmus is my contestant, I would still pick Rasmus as the artist with the greatest potential." Blachman: "This competition is among other things about discovering truly unique voices." (Blachman literally says "original" voices, but it means unique here.) "I vote for Annelouise to continue." I think they could both be right, Annelouise has the greater voice, and Rasmus might eventually be able to outperform her. But his voice would not be unique. Pernille: "Rasmus has the energy. Annelouise has the voice. I have the deciding vote, as last week. My decision last week was based on who did the best performance. And I will use the same rule today. I vote for Annelouise to continue." Cutfather protests: "You cannot mean that!" We see clips from Rasmus' x factor career. If I Just Lay Here. Drive My Car. Superliga. Good clips. Rasmus did pretty well, all things considered, he has nothing to be ashamed of. But it's over. Cutfather: "You are a fighter. As to Pernille's statement: I think you were clearly doing better tonight".

Coming weeks

I have not found the theme for next week. I will update this spot when I do. And the finale suddenly feels nigh, it's this month (March 25). Take That will perform in the park.
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