The final is here!!! The 10 finalists, that is the 8 who advanced directly and the 2 andra chansen acts are compiting one more time now for the ulitmate prize! A place in the Eurovision Song Contesnt and trying to bring it to Sweden by winning! I'm not recapping the performances, cause my comments will be the same but I'm going to explain the voting system and of course posting the results!

Watch the videos, my comments and see who is advancing to the final after the JUMP ...


The voting system is very similar to the Eurovision one. In previous years, the judges where half international, half swedish. This year, the 11 judges are international, each awarding a score of 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 points, awarding 7 different songs. Each voting country jury consisted of five persons, inculding a president, and they all were related to the music bussiness. There's also a televoting. The total points awarded are 473. Viewer's points are awarded by a percentage, meaning that if an act got 20% of the votes, the act would be given 20% of the 473 points. Then, the judges points and the viewers points are adedd and the winner declared! I tried to made it as simple as possible, just tell me if you don't understand something or if I'm wrong in something. I'm as new as you are in Melodifestivalen!

  1. Eric Saade – "Popular" - 193 WINNER!
  2. Danny Saucedo – "In The Club" - 149
  3. The Moniker – "Oh My God!" - 124
  4. Sanna Nielsen – "I'm in Love" - 114
  5. Swingfly – "Me and My Drum" - 93
  6. The Playtones – "The King" - 79
  7. Linda Bengtzing – "E det fel på mej" - 58
  8. Nicke Borg – "Leaving Home" -57
  9. Sara Varga – "Spring för livet" - 50
  10. Brolle – "7 Days and 7 Nights" - 29

I'm not happy with this results at all! It's the typical Swedish song that gets ditched in the first round of Eurovision. It's so dance pop that it hurts. Eric Saade got this position just because he's cute and his performance featured lots of dancing and smiles. His voice isn't bad but it isn't as good as some of the other acts compiting. The Moniker for instance was so much better! He was unique and his performance could have got Sweden to the top. Even acts like Sara Varga or Nicke Borg could have done that! This win will be very good for Saade's carrer, he'll get a #1 album and become famous in Sweden. But regarding an Eurovision win, I don't see that possible. I've seen other acts, which I'll start posting, that are much better than this. Maybe he'll get the final, cause he's not that bad but not win.

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