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What a better way to start off the week with someone as talented as Agnes Obel! This young lady, born in 1981, is getting lots of recognizement recently in the European part of the world. Coming from a family of musicians surely influenced her life. She grew up collaborating and taking part in many bands, a pianist since young, her talent fully developed when she released her debut album via PIAS Recordings, which was fully written and produced by herself, "Philharmonics", a folky soft collection of to be hit singles. The album is certainly not boring! Everyone has something to love, if not the solely instrumental tunes, "Falling and Catching", "Louretta" and "Wallflower", you can cherish the beautifully composed "Riverside" or the equally good "Just So".  This is a beautiful copillation and definitely one of the albums of the year if not the century. The listener will totally be blown away by Agnes soft dusky voice in the form of a shy whisper with a backing melody of slow pianos and harps. There's certainly a celtic, almost ancient vibe about this album that I can't help loving. And I'm not the only. Europe, escpecially Denmark, has gone crazy with her! Her album made it to the top 10 in 4 countries, #1 in Denmark, and has been certified double platinum since it's release on October 4, 2010. Are we wittnesing a whole new musical revolution? We may even be in front of the next worldwide superstar!

Watch Agnes perform and buy "Philharmonics" after the JUMP ...

Buy "Philharmonics" HERE (Amazon), HERE (iTunes DK) or HERE (iTunes US).

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