Dublin's own Orla Gartland was born on 1995, and yes, she is just 15! But age isn't important in music, right? With one of the best young voices on YouTube, she has already reached nearly 5000 suscribers, and I bet that number will keep raising. Recently she accepted to answer some of my questions, so here there are, I hope you enjoy them. You can find her channel HERE.

Read the interview and enjoy some videos after the jump.

How would you describe your style?
Acoustic, with influences from pop, rock and folk.

Who is your biggest influence?
My friend Harry Hudson Taylor, of the acoustic duo Harry and Alfie. I first met them at the All Ireland Talent Show Auditions back in 2009, and I really respect his love and compassion for music. And also Greg Holden.

When did you started singing/playing guitar?
Playing guitar 2 and a half years ago, singing forever.

Would you consider applying for a talent show like X Factor?
Never. I enjoy watching them as much as the next person, but for the artists I think their talent goes to waste. Unfortunately, in most cases if you do not come first you are forgotton, and in some cases even the winner of one of these talent shows is forgotten!

Are you planning to study something related with music?
Not really. Honestly, I can't even read sheet music. I love art, and used to draw and paint all the time as a kid. After I studied it in school and took it as an exam subject, I began to hate it, and now hardly ever draw or paint voluntarily! I'd be afraid if I studied music, I may not want to play guitar as much!

Do you think your young age is a disadvatage in the business?
Yes, but I'm willing to wait before I make a proper career out of it. I'm still developing my style and don't mind waiting a while before releasing any records!

Are you expecting to record music professionally in the future?

What is the best advice someone ever given to you?
Simply to be yourself, in everything you do!

Something interesting about you?
I can speak English, French and Irish!

Any other hobbies apart from singing?
Trying to play piano, a bit of film-making, tennis!





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