One of Madonna's most popular songs, Like A Prayer, sold over five million copies when  it was released on February 29, 1989 and is now considered one of her best songs. The highly controversial music video at that time directed by Mary Lambert, where crosses were burned, went on to win the Viewer's Choice Award at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards. I don't see why all that fuss was about, but well. Apart from that, the song is incredibbly written and we should applaud the writers, the very one Madonna and Patrick Leonard.

 Watch Madonna's video after the jump, check the other versions and vote for your favourite!

The song has been covered many times since its release being the most notable the ones which appear below.

First we have We Are the Fallen's version which appeared as a bonus song on their debut album. due for release on May 10, 2010. I must say that I was impressed with this song, I never expected Carly Smithson to do something like this, I absolutely loved it and I'm not a metal fan, but they managed to make the song look like it was written for them and it sounds amazing.

Another notable version is Glee cast's one during "The Power of Madonna" episode. We all know that Lea Michelle is an incredible vocalist and has the ability to pull out amazing high notes. I like this version more than the original, primary beacause I'm not such a Madonna lover, but how can you not love this cover? The Glee kids are great and made the song current. Should I keep talking?

Finally we have a not-so-known cover by Lavender Diamond, whose version was included in a Madonna's tribute album Through the Wilderness, which was released on 2007. The folk cover is a sweet song but it didn't give me chills like the others, a good attepmt but nothing more. The music video is a bit strange, well, it's extremely strange!.

So? Which version is your favourite? Vote for it!

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