Alex has been very busy this week, new demo, first major gig, Sony meeting ... Continue reading to listen his new demo, watch gig performances and lear a bit more of the meeting.

I Didn't Know

Oh yes, you're not dreaming! AI castoff Alex Lambert has recorded a new demo called "I Didn't Know". He premiered the song during The Mint gig of May 19. His voice sounds as good as always and I love that raspy tone he has. I'm digging this song much more than his previous "Dream With My Eyes Open" which was a bit cheesy, but this one is amazing! I can't wait until he records "I Been Working" and "Butterflies"!

The Mint Gig

May 19, Alex had his first big show  along with his brother Spencer and friend Evan. The show was sold out really fast, I would have killed to be there, really. Here are his performances:

Wonderful World

Use Somebody

I Been Working (Original)

I Didn't Know (Original)

Butterflies (Original)

Sony Publishing Meeting

Acording to the reports and to the IICD site, Alex is having a meeting with Sony Publishing today May 22. I hope thing turn well for this kid, he really deserves a carrer more than some of the Top 12 contestants, yes I'm looking at you Aaron Kelly!

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