New country's voice Taylor Leigh Wagner, native from Mattoon, IL was born on November 20, 1991. She's already building a name in the business and she has already released a demo with 8 original songs. Her voice resamble the great Miranda Lambert, but with an incredible sincerity and pureness. You can find her YouTube channel HERE. I had this interview stored for a while and I don't know why, she is so interesting! She tried for Idol once, and she should definitely try again, plus she is very sweet!

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*How would you define yourself as an artist?
I would define myself as an artist who loves writing songs that other people can relate to. I write my songs about what's really happening either in my life or in people's lives around me that I see. It's amazing to put these real life experiences into songs and I love when people can say "that is exactly what I'm going through right now!"

*I can see you are a very country girl. Have you ever imagined yourself in a different style?
Actually, yes I have. I also really like pop music so I used to envision myself as more of that kind of artist. Over the past year and a half though, I’ve really started loving everything about country music. So now I see myself as a mixture of both- country/pop J

*How long have you been playing guitar/singing?/Do you play any other instrument?
I've been playing guitar since January of 2009. I've been singing publicly since January of 2009 too but I've sung around my house for my whole life. I was just too shy to sing in front of people until last year. I used to get really nervous and get hives and everything! But now I absolutely love being on stage performing! I play piano too and I've been playing that for 10 years. It's taught me a lot about music.

*Who would you name as your biggest influence?
Although my music doesn't sound like theirs, there are two people who continue to inspire me and move me with every song I hear. First, is Prince. His music is what made me fall in love with music in the first place. So I've been looking up to him since I was a little girl. And also, I would have to say Gavin DeGraw is a huge influence for me right now. With every single one of his songs, I just feel totally at home and I can feel the music, ya know? Like I said, my music doesn't sound like theirs, but they are definitely my two favorite artists.

*Have you ever been in a studio? Have you recorded an album/EP?
Yes, I've been in a studio a couple times. It's such a cool experience! I have a demo right now with 8 songs on it and I hope to record a little more over the summer.

*While in Nashville, did you met anyone connected to the music busnisses/any celebrity?
Yes, I met quite a few people in Nashville. I met some very popular songwriters. Some of those songwriters I met include: *Brett James- He has written “The Truth” sung by Jason Aldean, “Life After You” sung by Chris Daughtry, “The Man I Want To Be” sung by Chris Young, and many other very popular hits *Dennis Matkosky- He wrote the hit song “Red Light” sung by David Nail *Odie Blackmon- He wrote the song “I May Hate Myself In The Morning” sung by Lee Ann Womack *Tia Sillers- She wrote “I Hope You Dance” also sung by Lee Ann Womack *I also met Jonathan Cain- He is part of Journey and wrote the extremely popular song “Don’t Stop Believing” * I met so many amazing songwriters who taught me a lot about music and writing songs. It was great to have that experience

*What is your favourite song of yours? What does it mean to you?
I can think of 3 songs that I have written that stick out in my mind. It’s hard to pick one because they all have different meanings. “No More” is one of them because it is so true. I will be moving to Nashville in just a couple short months and I won’t have what I used to have while I was a little girl. So this song just expresses what I’m going through as far as moving is concerned. “High School Superstar” is one because that one I think a lot of people can relate to. I described a girl that really does go to my school and I’m sure a lot of people have someone just like that at their school. So it’s an easily relatable song. The third one I would pick is “Don’t Talk To Me” I chose this one because I wrote it while thinking about how mad I can get at some people and the song came straight from that feeling. So I know it’s very true. And of course, other people get mad at people, so this song is one that a lot of people would be able to sing if they wanted to get their anger out. It definitely helped with mine.
*Would you consider applying for a talent show like Idol?
Definitely. I try to go for every opportunity available. I actually tried out for Idol last year but unfortunately didn't make it. That doesn't stop me for this year though :)

*What is the best advice someone ever given to you?
The best advice someone has given to me was when I was talking about my music and how I wanted to go all out and do everything I can for people to hear my music and get my songs on the radio, etc. They told me that that's great and everything but to remember to do this for the love of music, not for the goal of becoming famous. I think that's great advice. Because once you have the wrong goal in mind, nothing will fall into place. But if I just let my love and passion for music drive me, I'll be unstoppable.

*Something interesting about you?
Facts About Me:) -

*I love God and my family more than anything.

*I think my fans are the most amazing people ever.

*I'm a freak about grammar.

*I love acting weird.

*I love people that love acting weird with me:)

*I wish no one put up walls to hide who they really are.

*I love Spanish and hope to speak it fluently someday.

*My favorite color changes daily. Seriously.

*I'm a waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings.

*I'm obsessed with chocolate.

*I'm scared of loose hair. Don't ever let it come near me or I'll gag haha (sad part is I'm not kidding!)

*I love talking to anyone and everyone.

*I have a dog named Zoe and I adore her. She’s a black retriever

*I love cows and sea lions. They're so darn cute

*One time, a cow peed on me. I still like 'em though

*I love makeup but I'm also totally fine with not wearing it in public.

*Shopping? Yes please.

*Food? Yes please.

*Country music? Yes please.

*Grapes and oranges are my favorite fruit.

*My car is a charcoal Mitsubishi Eclipse

*I'm hyper. All the time.

*Yes, I'm one of those girls that loves the Jonas Brothers.

*What is your dream collaboration?
I would love to write a song with Joe Jonas. I really do think the Jonas Brothers are extremely talented and I thoroughly enjoy their music. It’s a dream of mine to sing/write a song with them, specifically Joe. That would seriously be a dream come true.

*Who is your latest favourite artist?
I’d have to say my favorite artist at the time being is Miranda Lambert. I just can’t get enough of her songs and she has a great way of singing each of them. I’m trying to do a lot of covers of her songs right now. I love them!

*What style you don't like?
I don't like rap. I just don't feel an emotional connection to those songs and they don't make me want to keep listening. So I usually stay away from it.

*Any other hobbie apart from singing?
I love reading:) And then of course playing guitar and piano

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