Season 9 was the best season in a long time, despite what everyone says of it being the worst. It had exactly the type of singers I like and some real talents will come out of it, just wait a year or two!

You can vote for your favourite 3 contestants in the Top 12 and in the Top 24. Remember to choose 3 contestants each time and that you can vote more than once.

Continue reading to see how the contestants ranked on my list, to watch their performances and to vote for your favourite contestants!


It was hard to decide wether to place Lilly or Crystal at the top. Although I love Lilly, her short time on Idol didn't favour her, but the uniqueness of her voice make her remain on the number 1 spot. Tackling quite old tunes, her jazzy-quirky voice didn't work for America leading to an unfair elimination on the Top 16 night, in which she was one of the bests. Her most memorable performance was "A Change is Gonna Come", from which she gained much praise of the judges, and well, fans. Lilly usually wore amazingly cute feathers as earrings, like the beautiful peacock one on the photo avobe. Opposite to the rest of the contestants, Lilly  (as Crystal does) knows who she is, she knows what kind of artist to be and she takes advantage of it. I see a great jazz album in the near future, very, very near.


Mammasox may have lost to Lee, but she has signed with Jive/19, which is like a victory. Former subway busker gained America's hearts just because she was the best. In a season where females were expected to win, Crystal was the only one who had a chance in doing so. She became the frontrunner at the beginning and was the one to beat throughout the series. So, why didn't she win at the end?  She had had the best performances ever such as "Me and Bobby McGee" and "Maybe I'm Amazed", so why not? Clearly that question can be simply answered, Lee's momentum was bigger than hers, courtesy of Mr. Cowell's Hallelujah.


I was so glad when I saw her auditioning again! I've loved her since she appeared on S8 and she won my heart this year. The fire-haired pixie was highly criticizedby the judges and audience being classified as sleepy, but I still enjoyed her performances and the fact she had the most unique voice, even more than Lilliy's, and a beautiful phrasing. "The Story" helped her score a Top 12 spot, as it was her best performance on the show. Since her Top 12 status she won't go on tour with the Top 10, I don't know why they do that, but hey, she can always do a tour of her own!


Shy Alex was the best male definitely, even better than the winner, with his raspy and soft voice he could have won instead of Lee. But his lack of stage presence sunked him in the competition and he fall near the Top 16. His controversial and unfair elimination prompted a petition, and we all know the ending, Alex is now starring on the IICD house and we also know how it will end, a sucessfull debut album, and yes, a happy ending!


S9 champ, paint salesman Lee DeWyze made it clear that he hadn't ever won anything throughout the season, well, now you've won something! With the same style the two past winners have, white-guitar-rocler, Lee charmed America with great covers of some of the best known songs such as "The Boxer", "Kiss From A Rose" and "Hallelujah", which werea bit out of tune, or as the judges will call it, pitchy. Will a girl ever win again?



Katelyn was eliminated along with Lilly at the Top 16, and it was also very unfair. The curlied hair pianist had managed to pull the best performances of the Top 24, "The Scientist", "I Feel the Earth Move",  but even tough, she was eliminated and Paige Miles was kept in, how didn't have a good performance in the season. West Desmoines native had to pack back home but she can keep her head high, she has talent and she'll make it some day, hopefully next year! 


Drama queen Didi Benami auditioned for Idol with a promise, she'll make people know about her late friend Rebecca Joy Lear's music, and damn she did! But regarding this, she was very passionate and her voice is as beautiful as her, I was a bit shocked when she was eliminated on the Top 10 night, but well, it was matter of time, she was too good for them.


Quirky, quirky, quirky, three words that describe Mrs. Magnus perfectly. Known for shouting almost in all her performances, Siobhan became one of the show's most wierd contestant, but a good wierd. The glass blower apprentice was different from everything America has seen, she was unique! But unfortunately, she was eliminated at the Top 6 night. It's still a good ranking tough, and she'll definitely make an incredible all-shouting CD, which I'm waiting anxiously.


Casey James was introudced as the cougar bait of the season after a shirtless audition. He was also an excellent guitarist, maybe one of the best in Idol history. His only memorable performace (for me) was "Jelous Guy" but the rest were just a bit too slow and powerless, meaning ... BORING. But hey!, cougars made him into the Top 3, and if I say I won't be downloading his album I'd be lying ...


Andrew was the first frontrunner of the season after an amazing cover of Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" on Hollywood Week. But his quality began to decrese with off tune performances and as Simon would say, lack of personality. Despite that, I still enjoyed him and that's why he ranked 10 on the list.  Unfortunately, he was the first victim of the double elimination night, ranking 9 but I won't say he didn't deserve it.


Janelle's elimination on the first liveshow was a shock for me. Her performance wasn't stunning but it was better than others. I thought she was a contender when she performed "American Boy" on Hollywood but I guess she wasn't.  I still hope a carrer for her and I guess she'll find it in the country market.


Tim was the most hated contestant in the season, well, after Jermaine, just because he wasn't ment to be there. Originally eliminated in the Top 50, Tim was brought back by the producers after Chris Golightly was disqualified. I confess I hated him too at first, but as the weeks passed and he was still there, I began to like him more and more, and after "Hallelujah", he won me! He went on to the 7th place but was eliminated  after an off performance, and I was a bit sorry, how can you say someone with that cute smile he is going home? Shame on you, Ryan!


I don't know what was all the fuzz around Big Mike about! I really don't get it. For me he just was a guy with a powerful voice, and that's it. And he was so cocky, so cocky! I hate cocky people, and Mike was one, despite what all say. He ended 4th but for me it's still the 9th placer (as the judges saved him). But giving him a good comment, "Woman's Work" was cool. I see him going the Rn'B way ...


The best voice of the season, at least for Simon. I won't be too bad with the colouring book fan cause I know she had a good voice, but she couldn't show it, due to laringytis (I think). Her talent came out on the interviews after she was eliminated on the Top11 night, where I could see her real voice. Idol choices were a big WTF too, I mean, "Smile"? C'mon!


I hated her so much! At least at first. Being choosed over Lilly was the worst thing she could have done, but we can't blame her, wait, we CAN!. Regarding her voice, she started to grow on me after "Big Girls Don't Cry" and she won me with "Let it Be", but her lack of personality and self knowning ruined her, being the second victim of the double elimination, placing 8th. I think she should go country, as Simon said, she has some tones that would work well for it.


Poor guy! He had a good voice, maybe better than Mike's and had some talent as a song arranger, but all the Oz musical controversy wasn't good publicity, I'm impressed he remained till the Top 16, I though he was going on the first night.


I really never liked her. Her voice was good but not a WOW. "Happy" was a good cover too, but very common, she didn't bring it anything new. She was very pimmped by the show and I thought she'll stay longer, and even make it into the Top 12, America choosed right.


Why? Why did he go so for? Hate, hate, hate! Goats king was the typical country guy with 0 voice. And he looked like a little Clay Aiken, which is a total yikes! He should be really proud of his 5th status!


Mrs. Delamor was shown during the show's commercials, and that is never a good thing! Remember S6 Leslie Hunt?, she was eliminated on the Top 20 night (as Michelle) and she was also shown in the commercials! Commercial curse? And she wasn't a huge talent also, but she still had a decent voice.


The 80s orientated contestant came as a contender at first, with a solid audition. But in a strange change of course, Tyler was eliminated on the Top 24, and I really don't know why! His style was interesting and his voice too, I was a bit sorry for him ...


John was always boring. Even in his audition. I never saw what the judges saw in him, yes his voice was decent but he was still boring. And I guess he advanced because Shania was turned on  with him. I thought I was going to fall asleep while he was singing "Gravity" on that stool, and he got what he deserved being eliminated on the Top 20.


Cannon fodder alert! We never got to see nothing from him until his first (and last) performance. A recommendation for future cannon fodders, never came out with a decent performance! You should impress us and make us want to vote! Never sang an ok version as Joe did, never ever!


Country chick Haeley Vaughn was a huge dissapointment! On her audition I was totally impressed, we don't get to see a black girl going country, but she did, and it was great; but coming into the liveshows she sucked the light out of every song she sang. "The Climb" was totally the worst performance ever on that stage, making her the clear example of someone who auditioned too early, she should have waited three years or even more!


Please judges, make a better effort in casting contestants! He was the worst contestant ever, but I really mean ever, on the show. I can't believe someone was eliminated to keep him in. Worst voice, worst personality, worst look, should I keep going?

So that's it! Now you can vote for your favourite 3 contestants in the Top 12 and in the Top 24., meaning you need to vote in both polls. Remember to choose 3 contestants each time and that you can vote more than once.

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