This will be a fix section on the blog where the latest updates on Idol/X Factor contestants music releases will be posted. All countries contestants will be on this post, which are going to be placed under the name of their Idol version. There is a permanent link to this on the sidebar.

Idol Series

Season 9

Buy "Live it Up" HERE.

 Buy "Farmer's Daughter" HERE.

Season 8

Buy "Kris Allen" HERE.

Buy "For Your Entertainment" HERE.

 Buy "Acoustic Live!" HERE.

Buy "My Best Days HERE.

Buy "Just Like You" HERE.

Buy "All is Fair" HERE.
Buy "Heartstrings" HERE.

Buy "Michael Sarver" HERE. 

Buy "Transitions" HERE.

Buy "2.Yo" HERE.

Buy "Done With Y'All" HERE.
Buy "My Cowboy" HERE.

Season 7

Buy "Jay Smith" HERE.

 Buy "Minnah Karlsson" HERE.

X Factor Series

 Season 7

 Buy "When We Collide" HERE.

Season 2

Buy "Altiyan Childs" HERE.

Season 3

Buy "My Dream" HERE.

Buy "The Fireflies" HERE.

Buy "Because I Want To" HERE.

Season 4

Buy "In punta di piedi" HERE.

Buy "Il Tempo Migliore" HERE.

Season 3

Buy "Walk To the Other Side" HERE

Buy "Don't Stop Believing" HERE.

Buy "Stop" HERE .

Buy "We Belong to the Night" HERE.
Buy "Briefgeheim" HERE.

Season 2

Buy "Moments" HERE.

Buy "Light On" HERE.
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