The Voice UK is back for a second season, after a relatively good first series. Whether they will be able to improve upon the flaws of the first series with the sophomore season remains to be seen but with the panel staying as it is, the only thing changing will be the format itself, with more contestants on each coach's team, further use of the rotating chairs and the brand new 'knockout rounds'. Hollie and Reggie are back too, so with a few new format changes but no new faces on the panel, maybe the new changes will prove a godsend for the show.

Recap and videos after the jump ...

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Week 1

Ash Morgan - 'Love Will Never Tear Us Apart' by INXS/Paloma Faith
Yes - Ash does art with young children who have learning difficulties and he is from Wales. He decided to audition for the show because he thinks that it offers him an advantage over a conventional audition because the coaches will be judging him purely on how he sings rather than on looks or anything else. His performance is pretty good to be honest, he has a very soulful voice and is easily able to sing the song, I love how there's a bit of a husky underlayer to his voice as well as the soulful, velvety tone. Jessie is the first to turn around, and she gets out of her chair and encourages him to keep singing, Danny goes next wanting to see what Jessie has got out of her chair for and he then does a big note in falsetto which gets Will and eventually Tom turning. Ash is overwhelmed by the coaches turning around for him but they all tell him how brilliant he was. Obviously the competition is on for them to get him on their team but Jessie delivers the best pitch and he decides to go for her. Even though he went slightly out of tune towards the end, the performance was very strong - VIDEO 

Danny County - 'About You Now' by Sugababes
Yes - Danny is a newcomer to music having only performed in front of other people twice before. This is definitely a big deal for Danny who is nervous about performing as he is not used to performing in front of so big a crowd. Danny is singing an emotional song by Sugababes but he has arranged it himself and is playing the guitar, I have to say that it's refreshing to hear someone arranging a song quite differently for their audition and aside from this, his vocals are really strong, he has a great tone which isn't quite indie, not quite soulful either. I love the original so I was always going to like hearing someone performing the song but I'm delighted that he manages to do justice to it, well done to Danny. Jessie turns for him before Danny also turns. They are very competitive and each of them wants to get Danny on their team. His namesake would be the obvious choice but I think Jessie could do a good job with Danny. He is struggling so William helpfully points out that Jessie is more than a singer, Danny is also more than a singer. What an observant comment! He chooses Jessie. - VIDEO

Leanne Jarvis - 'Stay With Me Baby' by Sam Brown
Yes - Essex girl Leanne wants to make it big in the music business and is hoping that today, she will be able to achieve that dream with her performance of Sam Brown classic 'Stay With Me'. This song is very demanding and I'm sure that we're all on tenterhooks to see how Leanne copes with the big notes. The start of the song is good but it's nothing special however as soon as she hits those money notes, the powerful parts of the song she really comes into her own. The 'Stay with me baby' parts of the song are amazing and I have every faith that she will be able to go far in the competition because she has shown already that she can sing lower range and upper range equally well, she is a brilliant performer, she reminds me a bit of Leanne Mitchell, last year's winner vocally but I think she is slightly more contemporary. I'm extremely impressed with her so far, she is a brilliant artist. Jessie is once again the first person to turn around, followed by Will, Danny and finally Tom. I think Jessie or Will would be the best choices though it would be nice to see how Danny copes with a diva vocalist. She decides to pick Team Will making her the first artist to join his team. - VIDEO

Louis Coupe - 'Learn To Fly' by Foo Fighters 
No - Louis is performing a Foo Fighters song on piano today because the 16-year-old finds himself most at ease when he is singing and playing the piano. His tone isn't bad to be honest, it's quite good but I don't think that he is all that unique as an artist and I also think that this performance is lacking in edge. I would have preferred for him to have sang something without the piano because it makes this performance seem too middle of the road and working mans' club esque. Louis is definitely talented but I don't think that this song is showing off the best of him as an artist and it's no surprise to me when nobody turns around, I think it was a little bit too polished to the extent that it seemed overpronounced and similar to a musical theatre performance. The coaches all say that he should try musical theatre as he would be a brilliant male lead and he reveals that he has already started writing a musical. His performance of 'Great Balls Of Fire' is very entertaining but alas, he goes home without a place in the Battle Rounds. - VIDEO

Andrea Begley - 'Angel' by Sarah McLachlan
Yes - Andrea was born with glaucoma which means that she is severely visually impaired and has been registered blind. She wanted to go for 'The Voice' as she wanted to be judged on her performance rather than on anything else, such as her illness. The 26-year-old civil servant is a good singer, I love this song and she sings it really well, handling the emotion of the song effortlessly. That said, I would have liked her to put her own stamp on the song rather than performing it as much like the original as she did. Danny turns around as does Tom and both of them are extremely impressed by her voice. Poor Andrea reveals to the coaches that she isn't able to see so she doesn't actually know if anybody turned around for her! Andrea is a brilliant singer and Danny in particular seems extremely keen to have her on his team. She decides to go for the luck of the Irish and opts to join Danny's team. - VIDEO

Kirsty Crawford - 'Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good)' by Skunk Anansie 
Yes - Pink-haired Kirsty has made a number of attempts to break into the music scene over the years including getting to the live shows of defunct ITV talent show 'Pop Idol' and auditioning for 'The X Factor' a few years ago. She says that after her first attempt failed, she lost confidence and gave up singing for a few years. She also entered medical school but took a year out and never returned, despite her parents' insistence that she have a back-up option if the music doesn't work out. She says that now when she performs on stage, she becomes extremely nervous so she's worried that her nerves may hold her back for this performance. As soon as she begins to sing it is clear that she is extremely nervous, her vocals aren't as strong as they could be and she hits a few bum notes, probably due to her nerves. She doesn't seem very confident or at ease on stage unfortunately. Nobody turns around for her and she cries and is comforted by Jessie who says that she was great but she let her nerves take over. - VIDEO

Mike Ward - 'Don't Close Your Eyes' by Keith Whitley 
Yes - Mike Ward decided to audition after being entered by his mother who has always encouraged him to pursue a music career. Mike gives the impression of being an urban artist, he looks exactly like the type of guy who will come out and perform a Plan B or Labrinth song so I'm not sure how exciting he is going to be. Looks can be deceiving it appears as he is not singing a song by either of these artists nor anything remotely like this genre of music, instead he will be performing a country song. His tone is definitely very strong country and he sings the song perfectly in tune. Okay, I'm not the biggest fan of country music so I find him a little boring but for anyone who is into country music he is a great artist and he is definitely singing this song well. He gets three coaches turning around for him with William the one coach who doesn't turn around for him. I would definitely match him up to Tom who inserts some extremely boasting anecdote into his appeal and it's no surprise when Mike goes for Tom Jones to be his coach. - VIDEO

Katie Benbow - 'Feeling Good' by Nina Simone
Yes -  Katie says that she finds herself being inspired by early 1900's fashion and her room is definitely a sign of this. She reveals that she had a special bond with her grandfather who died a few years ago and she wishes to perform in his memory. Her grandmother is going to be supporting her today, even though she is extremely ill and Katie hopes that she will be able to do her grandmother proud. Her song choice is quite a predictable one but Katie definitely does not do a standard cover of it, her voice is really unique and I love her interpretation of the song. Katie is such a refreshing artist and I'm really looking forward to seeing how she does in the competition, it looks like nobody is going to turn around for her but Jessie turns around at the last minute and says that she hopes they can work together and she can teach Katie some little hints and tips to make her a really brilliant artist, although she is already excellent. Tom gives her grandmother a shout out and a wink down the camera. Katie is through to the battles. - VIDEO

Anthony Kavanagh - 'Don't Dream It's Over' by Crowded House 
Yes - People might know Anthony Kavanagh better as Kavana, the 90's popstar who shot to fame with songs such as 'I Can Make You Feel Good' and even beat Gary Barlow and Peter Andre to pick up a Best Male Singer award once. However, since his heydays in the 90's, things have went quiet for him and he hopes to revive his career by giving 'The Voice' a shot. It doesn't start off well with a very pitchy opening to the song and sadly it doesn't get any better as the performance goes on, this is not a strong vocal, his voice is quite weak on the song and I'm really disappointed at his audition. Nobody turns around but when their chairs spin to show them who they rejected, Danny is very shocked as he met Kavana a few times before when he was just a teenager in a band who were supporting Boyzone on tour. Unfortunately Anthony goes home with no place in the next round. - VIDEO

Matt Henry - 'Trouble' by Ray LaMontagne
Yes - Matt works for the Dog's Trust, he loves his job but he also loves music and would ideally like to make it big in the music industry. I love the song that he has chosen to sing and I think that he manages to do it justice, he certainly sings it with a bit more passion than Ray Scully did on last week's episode of 'The Voice Of Ireland'. His performance of the song is brilliant, he is a really good singer and I think he handles the big notes effortlessly, what a great rendition of this song he gives, it's smooth, he handles the emotion and I would be lying if I found any real fault with it because it was a pretty flawless first audition. It's no surprise that he gets all four of the coaches spinning their chairs, firstly Danny then Jessie who hits it with her butt, prompting Danny to get out of his chair and try to turn her around. Finally William and Tom press it. All four coaches are shocked at how much Matt looks like Will and he even tries Will's glasses on, the resemblance is uncanny. He goes for his twin! - VIDEO

Week 2

Trevor Francis - 'A Change Is Gonna Come' by Sam Cooke
- Fitness trainer Trevor hasn't been into fitness all his life, before his current job he was a backing vocalist for the likes of P.Diddy, Mariah Carey and Florence and The Machines. Tonight, he's taking a step out of the shadows of those he has been a backing vocalist and hopes he can become a big performer in his own right. This vocal is pretty good, he has a nice soulful voice and his tone is really coming through well on this song, the only thing I would say is that it doesn't stand out from the crowd, I'm sure plenty of soul singers could come out and do what Trevor did just as well, it doesn't have any wow factor really. He reminds me a little of Cassius Henry to be honest, Cassius was a great vocalist last year but didn't really offer anything different and ended up blending into the crowd really when it came to the live shows. All four artist turn around for him, Jessie J is first followed by Danny, Will and finally Tom. All of them are full of praise for him and are determined to persuade him to join their teams. He decides to go for Team Jessie, I hope she is able to work with him and allow him to be set apart from similar soul artists, the last thing the competition needs is another Jaz or Cassius, they were both great vocalists but if Trevor is to succeed in the competition he needs to show his uniqueness. - VIDEO

Emma Jade Garbutt - 'Sweet Child O' Mine' by Guns N' Roses
Yes - Emma Jade is a beauty consultant from Doncaster, who holds a passion for music. She loves music but it's not pop or R & B which she aspires to sing, it's country music. Her aspirations all come from her visit to Nashville, Tenessee last year where she got to perform and was told by a producer that she could become the first British country artist to be a superstar in Nashville. This has made her all the more determined to make it and she hopes that 'The Voice' can help her achieve her dream. At least she is singing a non-country song and giving it a country twist which is definitely bound to count in her favour, her tone isn't quite as strong as Mike Ward last week but I think she's a more engaging performer than he was. Tom really does believe in leaving things to the last moment doesn't he? Just when it looks like nobody is going to turn around for her, Emma Jade gets a pleasant surprise with Tom Jones turning his chair for her. Emma Jade is evidently going to end up being paired with Mike Ward unless there are any more country artists still to come. - VIDEO

Sam Hollyman - 'Your Song' by Elton John
No - 17-year-old Sam has no bigger fans than his mother who in fact entered him for 'The Voice'. His passion for music was also sparked by something she did, when she managed to convince Michael Bublé to allow Sam to accompany him on stage and sing 'Feeling Good' with him at a concert a few years ago. Before he gets on stage, Sam has a video message to view as Bublé himself has sent a message wishing him all the best. With someone as big as Michael Bublé backing him, surely Sam is destined to be a hit with the coaches? Well we'll have to see, he's certainly a good singer but this performance isn't wowing me to be honest, his voice is good but he sounds really quiet on this song and it's not really blowing me away. I think he's perhaps a little bit too polished, it sounds quite theatrical and he's over-pronouncing everything. As he gets into the song, he begins to sing with a bit more rasp but it ends up sounding very Elton John impersonation unfortunately, maybe it was the wrong song choice because he is a good singer but it definitely didn't show off the best of his voice and I do agree with the coaches when it comes to not turning around for Sam. - VIDEO

Alex Buchanan - 'Don't Wake Me Up' by Chris Brown
No - Alex is in Michael Jackson show 'Thriller Live' but he would like to become a major artist in the mainstream music scene. He says that he has learnt his craft from his father who is also a musician, he definitely isn't singing the song I expected him to perform, I thought he may be a little bit rock but he's singing a Chris Brown song. And sadly, I don't think he's doing a great job on it, for starters the song itself just isn't the right choice for an audition, it's too reliant on the performance skills of the artist and I think it's a really generic song too, it definitely does Alex no favours as his voice comes across as having no real tone. I'm surprised when Danny and Will turn around and as soon as they do so, he really begins to lose control of his voice, he just begins to throw far too much into the vocal tricks and they become really pitchy. Danny tells him to calm it down a bit, he does then launches into his falsetto in time to prompt Tom to turn around. He's a talented singer but he really isn't impressing me, he has so many bad habits, particularly the oversinging he is doing a lot in this song. Will gets onto Jessie's chair and she turns it around before they begin to dance. So that's a full house for that performance? I'm definitely surprised, I just don't think that was good enough for him to make it through never mind for all four artists to turn around. The last riff was a little bit iffy and the vocals were just a little bit too rusty for my liking. Jessie gets Alex on her team. - VIDEO

Lorraine Crosby - 'Midnight Train To Georgia' by Gladys Knight & The Pips
- Lorraine has a big story to tell, being the vocalist from No. 1 Meatloaf single 'I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That). She reveals how she was the female vocalist on the song but they used a model for the video, unbeknownst to most people who assumed that she was the singer. Unfortunately, Lorraine didn't receive any of the royalties for the song despite her contribution to it but she hopes that her experience of singing on a chart topper will give her the experience she requires to impress the coaches in her blind audition. She's certainly a good singer, her tone is nice but I think she is too powerful for this song, the raspy tone she has is lovely but probably not the right tone for this song. I think she would have absolutely killed something by Heart or Janis Joplin but this requires more soul than rasp and I think Lorraine was giving it a bit too much rasp. That said, I do think she was unlucky not to get through as to me she is a better singer than Alex who got all four coaches to turn around for him just before Lorraine. I did expect Tom to turn around for her, hopefully she will try out next year again as she was really good and she could still make it in the music biz! - VIDEO

Ragsy - 'The Scientist' by Coldplay
Yes - Welsh chef Ragsy has a passion for music and hopes to impress the coaches with his performance of a Coldplay classic tonight. He has the look of your typical indie rocker so it's no surprise that his voice is quite classic rock. He's a good singer, there's no denying that, I wouldn't necessarily say that I love his rendition of the song though, I think it's a little bit generic to be honest. That said, he is a very good singer and I like his arrangement of the track, he doesn't just perform the original, he changes it up a bit. He's good enough to get through to the next stage of the competition in my opinion, whether he will progress anywhere after that remains to be seen but I really enjoy his rendition of the song. Danny presses his button near the beginning whilst Tom waits a little while before pressing. So it's a battle between Tom and Danny to claim Ragsy, the Irish rock fan versus Ragsy's fellow country man. I have to say his personality is brilliant, he's extremely funny and his 'It's not you, it's me' line to Danny has me in stitches. Ragsy goes with Tom as his coach. I really enjoyed that from Ragsy. - VIDEO

Smith & Jones - 'Candy' by Paolo Nutini
Yes - You might recognize Katie if you watched 'The X Factor' in 2011 as she got to Bootcamp and her audition was shown on TV. She was brilliant then but she's not on her own this time, she is joined by her boyfriend Harry who makes up duo Smith & Jones or S & J with her. The lovey dovey scenes between them are a bit much but I'm interested to see how they manage to perform together. It's ironic that they play a One Direction song in the background considering that she is an ex-boyfriend of Harry Styles from the group. Katie's voice is just as good as it was on the 'X Factor', it's wonderfully quirky and Harry has a nice Britpop voice also, I really like this actually. When they perform together, I love their harmonies, they remind me a bit of a young Mattleen and like Mattleen last year, their harmonies are great. I don't think they're the best we've seen so far but I actually really like them, they work well together, they have good vocals individually and they're great together also, good job there. Danny turns around for them meaning he know has S & J to add to his team, currently consisting of just the one act. - VIDEO

Liam Tamne - 'This Woman's Work' by Kate Bush/Maxwell
Yes - Liam is a musical theatre star having had a role in the hugely successful musical 'Les Miserables'. However, he has been inspired largely by his grandmother who always encouraged him to sing and to whom he tributes today's performance as she sadly passed away last year. He says that his grandmother was a big influence on him because she brought him up and was a maternal figure to him. He has an amazing voice, it's no wonder that he had a role in 'Les Mis' because he certainly has the vocals for it, his tone is brilliant, really soulful and he handles the emotion of the song brilliantly. Will is the first to turn his chair around swiftly followed by Danny who calls the performance 'amazing'. What really surprises me is how well he handles the transition from falsetto to lower range and how soulful that range of his voice is also, he really is a very versatile singer because in just one song he has managed to handle both ends of the spectrum, the really high notes and the much lower notes and done so effortlessly. I'm extremely impressed by Liam, he's brilliant. Jessie is the third coach to turn but it's not over yet as Tom rounds off a full house of coaches turning for Liam. He is extremely surprised to get all of the coaches on their feet and turning their chairs for him but after a lot of deliberation and banter between the coaches, he chooses Will. - VIDEO

Kym Mazelle - 'Ring Of Fire' by Johnny Cash
No - Soul II Soul star Kym is probably quite familiar to many viewers having regularly performed on Top Of The Pops in the days gone by! However, she hasn't been topping the charts in quite a while so she hopes that this show will offer her the chance to get back up there and become the star that she was previously. She certainly has stage presence, I'll give her that, she manages to really liven up the audience with his soulful take on this Johnny Cash song and she really engages with the audience as well, she's a lively performer certainly but that just wasn't a strong enough song choice, it didn't really fit with her voice and it ended up sounding like she had overpowered the song with her vocals. None of the coaches turn around for Kym, she asks Will to get up on stage and help her down the stairs. He obliges, could she become the first contestant ever to punch the coaches in the face? No, though that would have been entertaining to see, instead she reveals that she was the first person to bring House Music to the UK and Will thanks her for leading the way for artists like him to make it in the UK. Yes, really thank you Kym for leading the way to Will releasing music here *glances despairingly at Scream And Shout*. It's a shame that Kym didn't make it through as her personality is brilliant but she was very gracious. - VIDEO
Nadeem Leigh - 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For/The Blower's Daughter' by U2/Damien Rice
Yes - Nadeem's mother has been the biggest inspiration in his life and he has very fond memories of helping her with the house work and listening to artists like Gladys Knight. He lost his mother at the age of 19 and promptly went through periods of homelessness and various addictions. However, music acted as the one thing that he could rely on even when he was at his lowest and he wants to show that the thing that kept him going could lead him to success by auditioning for 'The Voice'. I love both of the songs that he has picked but I can't say that his rendition of them is wowing me, he is a good vocalist and his upper range in particular is strong but I personally feel that we've heard renditions of both songs on a par with Nadeem's performance and feel that his tone is a little generic guitar guy for my liking. That said, he poured emotion into that performance and it was very touching so I'm pleased that Danny turned his chair for him, they could prove to work together very effectively. Good performance from Nadeem there, another strong artist through to the battle rounds. - VIDEO

Nick Dixon - 'I Won't Give Up' by Jason Mraz
No - 16-year-old Nick has always suffered from confidence issues, meaning that he feels very nervous about going on stage to perform in front of the coaches but he hopes that the fact that they are judging him based purely on how he sounds will work to his favour as they won't be able to see exactly how nervous he is. He's not a bad singer to be fair but his tone is a little generic for my liking, he definitely isn't ready for the competition, his vocals aren't developed properly and his higher range sort of cracks a few times. For me, his voice is too nasally and I just don't believe that he would be able to make it far in the competition based on his voice as it currently is. He's a good singer but I think he needs a little bit of professional practice because he's not quite good enough just yet. - VIDEO

Alys Williams 'The Cave' by Mumford and Sons
Yes- You may remember Alys from last year's show when she auditioned unsuccessfully with her rendition of Adele's 'Someone Like You'. Since then she has worked on conquering her nerves and developing herself as a singer and hopes that the work has paid off as she prepares to take to the stage once again. She was good last year but her nerves got the better of her and she wasn't just quite ready for the competition. I have to say her song choice this time around seems a lot better, I love Mumford and Sons and this song is really beautiful if it is sung well. Wow, her tone is gorgeous on this arrangement of the song, she sounds really smooth and I am extremely impressed with how well her voice has developed in the space of a year. She really gets the emotion of the song and her performance of the song captures that perfectly, I'm not surprised when Danny presses his button for her followed by Will, Jessie and Tom. She has a full house compared to when she was rejected last year which shows what a difference a year can make. She's overwhelmed that all four have turned around for her, so overwhelmed in fact that she struggles to make a decision and takes 23 minutes to finally decide on which coach to choose, finally deciding on Tom. - VIDEO
Week 3 

Cleo Higgins - 'Love On Top' by Beyoncé
Yes - The first performer of the night may be a familiar face to anyone watching who grew up in the 90's as she was part of three piece sibling band 'Cleopatra'. Cleo hopes to put music back at the forefront of her life as although she loves her occupation as a pastry chef, she wants to be recognized for her current music rather than for her past success. Well she certainly has stage presence, her vocals are really impressive, she has come on from her time in Cleopatra as a teenager, I think her tone isn't as soulful as I would have liked but I love her little vocal runs and tricks and she an amazing control as well, she shows exactly how impressive her range is quite easily by combining the big notes with the more subtle, lower range of her voice, where she unleashes her growl. I have to say I wasn't impressed when I heard the preview clip of this on You Tube a few weeks ago but having seen the performance, it was much more impressive and her command of the stage and the audience was probably the best so far. I'm not surprised that all four coaches turn around. Will is standing on his chair dancing and Jessie runs up to her and congratulates her. Jessie is the first to recognize her and seems to be determined to get Cleo on her team. However, it's Will who snaps Cleo up. - VIDEO

Barry James Thomas - 'The Boys Are Back In Town' by Thin Lizzy 
No - Barry is the uncle of Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas and his younger brother, Emmerdale's Adam Thomas. Barry himself has been involved in music from a young age and hopes that he will be able to impress the coaches tonight. Barry is a good singer, I like his edgy and husky tone but he chooses a pretty predictable song choice, it just doesn't really excite me and I feel like although he is a good singer, he doesn't have a lot of stage presence, he just does an alright job and I don't feel like the song showcases his talent in the best way possible, I wouldn't turn as I think someone with a little more originality, perhaps doing a rock twist of a non-rock song would be a better asset to my team. I'm not surprised that Barry fails to get anyone to turn around although I must admit that I think he could go far if he were to audition next year with a different song, he reminds me a tiny bit of Terry McDermott from The Voice USA. He handles it with grace and comes across well though so I hope he does audition again next year! - VIDEO

Mitchel Emms - 'Best Of You' by The Foo Fighters
Yes - Mitchel has also been involved in music for a long time, having appeared on 'Kids' Stars In Your Eyes' when he was 10, where he performed a Nirvana track, dressed as Kurt Cobain. His father is his biggest fan and was the one who bought him his first guitar and always drove him to lessons and gigs, his father says that he was always a big fan of music and says that his son is now his biggest idol as opposed to the rock singers of yesteryear. He definitely has a good voice, he does a good job on it and he certainly has a wonderful rock range, the only concern that I have is that although he definitely conveyed the emotion of the song well, he sang it quite similarly to the original and didn't really show enough versatility as a vocalist so far. Danny is the only coach to turn around but I'm sure that he will be able to do something good with Mitchel. - VIDEO

Elise Evans - 'Something's Gotta Hold On Me' by Etta James
Yes - Elise is from South Wales and lives in a small village with not much of a music scene, bar the odd gig in a local pub or club. She says that her grandmother is one of the biggest influences in her life and she hopes to be able to do her grandmother proud with this performance tonight. She's certainly not singing what I expected her to do, I just assumed that she would do something by a current artist but it's refreshing to hear someone tackling an old style track and doing it well. Her voice isn't the best that I have heard but she has a nice tone, it has an edgy feel to it and I also like her admirable range which is particularly impressive considering her age. All of the coaches turn their chairs around for Elise. Tom basically tells her that she must pick him because he is Welsh and he needs to add to his quota of Welsh contestants, Will says that he will still be there to give her a boost of confidence even if she's not on his team. Surpisingly (not), Elise chooses Tom because he is Welsh her idol. - VIDEO

Emma Louise Jackson - 'River Deep Mountain High' by Tina Turner 
No - Blackpool native Emma Louise Jackson loves her homeplace and says that if she were cut in half, she would say Blackpool just like a stick of rock. She is a cabaret performer and unfortunately you can definitely tell that from her performance, she's really enthusiastic and I love her enthusiasm but the performance isn't good enough for the competition in my opinion. It was quite cheesy, it just sounded like something you would ehar at a holiday camp unfortunately, the coaches agree with none of them turning around but it's Jessie who picks up on the cabaret. She says that it was a bit too cheesy, Emma Louise says that she likes to make people smile and hopes that she did that today. Her personality is great but I just feel like her performance was a little to cheesy for my liking, lovely girl all the same! For some reason her audition isn't on You Tube.

Conor Scott - 'Starry Eyed' by Ellie Goulding
Yes - 18-year-old Conor is currently studying for his A Levels in Belfast as well as busking regularlty. He says that his parents want him to go to university as a back-up option should the music not work out but hopes that if he manages to succeed tonight, that he will prove to his mum and dad that he is serious about music and will be able to make a living for himself with it. This is by far my favourite audition of the series to be honest, his voice is fantastic, the song choice is great and his husky indie tone reminds me a lot of the lead vocalist in Two Door Cinema Club, Alex Trimble. He has a perfect balance of his edgy, husky voice and his strong upper range in this performance and the only real surprise for me is that only Danny turns around, I was sure he would get at least two or three of them to turn around when he started singing. However, maybe that's a good thing as Danny is the perfect coach for him and I can see him doing a great job in coaching him, I'm looking forward to seeing what else he can do with Conor! Conor takes Danny backstage to meet his sisters, whilst Jessie is freaked out by Conor wearing denim on denim. - VIDEO

Amy Wilkinson - 'She Wolf (Falling To Pieces' by David Guetta feat. Sia
No - Amy is very nervous about her audition today, revealing that she previously applied last year but decided not to go to her audition on the day due to her nerves. Her lack of confidence is due to her time in a girlband, there were personal differences and Amy decided to leave the girlband which caused her to lose all confidence in herself as a singer. She hopes that being able to be judged purely on her voice will help her get through the audition. Immediately her nerves are noticeable which means that although her tone is nice, it doesn't really go anywhere, that said, she seems a lot more comfortable as the song goes on and I love the quality to her voice, I think because of her nerves and her inexperience, having not sung in four years are what holds her back. With a little more confidence in herself, I do think that Amy has every chance of making it in the music business, she did herself proud today and the coaches gave her great advice to work on. - VIDEO

Diva - 'Tell Him' by Barbara Streisand & Celine Dion
No - Newcastle based friends Shelley and Maxine met when on holidays in Tenerife and since then have been inseparable, performing together in working men's clubs. They're going for The Voice because people always tell them to go for it, it's an interesting song choice as they both have very big voices but I'm not sure that it's necessarily a great song choice for them as I feel like it does them no favours, making them sound very old-fashioned and pub-singerish. They're good vocalists and their harmonies are actually not bad but for me, it isn't enough to justify pressing the button. Fortunately, both Jessie and Tom turn around for them whilst Will compliments them and Danny says that duos kind of intimidate him, to which they jokingly reply that they'd be too much for him. They say that they have discussed who they would like to coach them and it's Tom Jones who they decide to choose. - VIDEO
Leah Mc Fall - 'RIP' by Rita Ora 
Yes - Northern Irish girl Leah Mc Fall says that she has taken an interest in music since the age of four and aged twenty, she moved across to London to pursue her dream of a career in music. Tonight, she hopes to do this by performing for the four coaches. I love her tone, she reminds me a bit of Cher Lloyd but she's better because her voice feels more developed, she has a really impressive range and although her vocal quirks are the thing that make me really impressed by her, I think her take on the song is what really blows me away. I think there's a bit of Jessie herself in her voice but at the same time, I think she stands out on her own without me throwing loads of comparisons at her. Will and Jessie are the two coaches to turn around for her and considering her style, I think it's fair to say that Jessie appears to be the obvious choice for Leah to go with. And the surprises keep coming as she eventually decides to go with Will. Leah is one to keep an eye on as she could go far in this competition. Jessie feels deflated that all the girls seem to reject her. - VIDEO

Lovelle Hill - 'Diamonds' by Rihanna
Yes - Waitress Lovelle is always being asked by her work colleagues to belt out a tune, she says that her parents and friends are very supportive and wants to repay them by doing them proud in the competition. Lovelle has a superb voice, it's really bluesy and she has a great control of her voice, she can do high notes but knows when to reign it in and doesn't go overboard with the vocal acrobatics. It's Will, Tom and Jessie going head to head to head for Lovelle. Jessie says that Will will give her attitude but the plucky woman says that she will give it back. I love her personality, Danny says that Lovelle ought to pick Jessie as Will has similar artists. Jessie tells her to believe in her as she believes in Lovelle. It seems to have the desire effect as Lovelle goes for Jessie! - VIDEO

Lemuel Knight - 'Do It Like A Dude' by Jessie J
Yes - With Jessie finally getting another girl on her team, it seems fitting that the final artist of the night, Lemuel Knight is a massive Jessie fan. He auditioned for 'The X Factor' back in 2011 where he made the final stage of bootcamp. He is singing one of her songs so definitely no pressure being put on the young lad to deliver! He has a really quirky tone, it's bluesy yet raspy at the same time and I think he is a really strong performer, he has more stage presence than some of the similar urban artists that have performed so far. Everyone bar Will turns around for Lem and the coaches love his performance of the Jessie hit, particularly the woman herself who tells her fan that she thinks he's amazing. And she ends up going on stage and doing an impromptu duet with the young lad. Unsurprisingly, he ends up picking Jessie, I wonder why that was? - VIDEO

                                            Week 4

Alice Fredenham - 'The Lady Is  A Tramp' by Frank Sinatra
No - Alice may be a familiar face to any of you who watched 'Britain's Got Talent' last week as she wowed the judges with her performance of 'My Funny Valentine'. With that fact in mind, there's no guessing where this audition is going to go. Alice seems a little bit more bubbly and confident in this audition than she did in her BGT audition last week but I don't buy into this 'She's such a fake person' argument, I think it's more a case of this audition having an impact on her confidence going into Britain's Got Talent. She is going for a big jazz number which could either absolutely blow the coaches away or leave them underwhelmed. Sadly, it is the latter as nobody turns around, she does a good performance but as Jessie says, she sings the song rather than REALLY singing the song. It just wasn't a strong enough performance unfortunately. - VIDEO

Sarah Cassidy - 'Let's Stay Together' by Tina Turner 
Yes - Sarah is a former beauty queen from Scotland however she hopes that people will not just judge her based on her looks which is why she has auditioned for 'The Voice' where the coaches will be basing their decision on how well she sings the song. This is a really interesting song choice, I really like Tina Turner and I wasn't expecting her to be quite as good as she is. It starts off slow, and quickly picks up pace as she really belts out those high notes, she is definitely one of the most powerful vocalists so far and I could see her slotting really well into pretty much any team, but particularly Jessie's team as although she has a great voice and is a really powerful singer, she isn't perfect and Jessie has a similar vocal range so would be able to effectively coach Sarah on how to control her voice. Unsuprisingly, all of the coaches turn around for her and Sarah sails through to the next round after deciding that the best coach for her would be Jessie! Her huge vocals are reminsicent of Samantha Jade! - VIDEO

Emily Worton - 'Common People' by Pulp      
Yes - 18-year-old Emily Worton hopes to impresse the coaches with her acoustic rendition of Pulp's Common People and she certainly impresses me! I absolutely love this performance, vocally her quirky tone isn't unlike a certain Irish X Factor alumni, that being Janet Devlin of course. However, as the song goes on, she shows more than just those quirky, whispery vocals but also an ability to really handle the high notes effectively as well. It looks like she's not going to get anyone to turn around but Will turns around at the last minute and so she defects to his team. I think that Emily will be fantastic to be honest, she has a brilliant voice and I love how quirky and individual she is, I'm really confident that Emily has a bright future ahead of her in the competition, brilliant from Emily there! - VIDEO

Nick Tatham - 'Footloose' by Kevin Loggins
No - Nick has suffered from Tourettes Syndrome for most of his life and as a result had to endure bullying as a child because of his ccondition. However, music has always been one of his biggest passions in life and he hopes that by auditioning today, he will be able to show that people who suffer from the same condition are still able to achieve their dreams knowing that he will not be judged based on his condition as people are not aware of his condition. He has a good voice but I'm not loving this song choice, I just don't feel that it's the best song choice to show off his voice and it is a little bit too cheesy for a blind audition in my opinion. I really enjoyed listening to his tone but it is no shock for me that nobody turns around as the song choice wasn't a wow choice. He is disappointed that none of the coaches turned around for him but they express their doubts over whether the song choice showcased his voice brilliantly and ask him if he will sing another song just so they can see whether this was the case. The coaches were really impressed by his rendition of 'Another Day in Paradise' and all say that they would have turned around. Maybe he will readition next year with a better song? - VIDEO

LB Robinson - 'She's A Lady' by Tom Jones 
Yes - LB is a really strong R&B vocalist, he is taking a risk by going for a Tom Jones song, especially as we have just seen two artists being rejected after taking on songs by the coaches (one sang a song by Jessie and another song one of The Script's [of which Danny is the lead singer] songs. However, LB isn't afraid to change the pace of the track a little bit and it feels like a proper soul song. It's a really enjoyable performance, I'm extremely empressed by the way in which LB delivers the track and it's no surprise that Tom himself turns his chair around, he really enjoys LB's performance of his own track and it's a great rendition of the song which more than brings it into the 21st century. Great performance! - VIDEO

Barbara and Carla - 'The Flower Duet' 
Yes - Biker chicks Barbara and Carla first met over 10 years ago and since then, they have been great friends. I must admit I was expecting to hear a bit of rock coming from these two initially but this is definitely not what I was expecting! I'm not a big fan of opera or classical music but this is great, their harmonies are really strong and they have an instant connection with the song and I'm not surprised at all when all four coaches turn around for them. Although none of the coaches are opera experts they are all attracted by the strong operatic tones of Barbara and Carla. They're really pleased by the result and although they struggle to choose between the four coaches, they decide to go for Will. - VIDEO

David Kidd - 'Life On Mars' by David Bowie
No - David is a professional Tom Jones impressionist however it's not Tom Jones that he is tackling tonight but David Bowie. This vocal is disappointing, he isn't a bad singer at all but he's not exceptional either and doesn't really stand out on this song, for me, it's a forgettable performance. There isn't really much to say about it because there is no real stae quality evident which is probably why the coaches don't turn around for him. They all say that it was good but just didn't hit them at all and he reveals to Tom that he makes a living from singing his songs. Of course, Tom gets David to sing for him and he launches into a rendition of one of Tom Jones' best known songs. Tom seems suitably impressed and David is pleased to get good advice from the coaches.

Laura Oakes - 'Spectrum (Say My Name)' by Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch 
Yes - This song is a massive track with big big vocals and it definitely demands great vocal range. I really enjoyed this performance, although I'm not the biggest fan of her voice, it does crack once or twice which slightly disappoints me. That said, her tone is nice and I can definitely see a gap in the market for someone like Laura. This is a nice performance, if not necessarily a brilliant one and I do prefer the Katy Anna Mohan cover of this song from The Voice Of Ireland. Danny turns around for Laura and she automatically defects to his team, it'll be interesting to see what he makes of Laura later in the competition as she's a strong vocalist and I'm intrigued to see what sort of songs he gives her. - VIDEO

Jessica Steele - 'Don't You Want Me' by The Human League 
Yes - You may remember Jessica as she made the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent a few years ago where her performance of 'Single Ladies' caused controversy after she revealed that she was made sing the song by manipulative producers. Anyway, Jessica teaches chilsdren to sing but even her wealth of experience does not make her any more confident about the performance. Her song choice is a really unusual one but I actually really enjoyed it, it sounds really strong, yes there are parts of the song that aren't quite as good as other parts but all the same, it's a strong performance. I'm really surprised that nobody has turned around for her, Danny says that he would turn around but he has just picked a female and none of the others go for it. Jessica gets a bit upset over the rejection and is comforted by Jessie who tells her that there was a girl who auditioned last year who got rejected and reauditioned this year (Alys Williams). I really hope that Jessica does try out next year as she is a brilliant singer and she just needs that little extra boost of confidence. - VIDEO

Karl Michael - 'No More I Love You's' by The Lover Speaks/Annie Lennox
Yes - Karl has a very interesting backstory as he was previously signed to a record label. Unfortunately, about six months in, the rug was pulled from underneath his feet and he was suddenly dropped without any explanation. He went from recording music to cleaning windows and the experience had a big impact on his confidence. He hopes to be able to get back into the music business with this performance. Karl is a good singer, this track is a brilliant pick and he does a good job but it's not perfect, and I'm a little bit underwhelmed by his delivery of the song to be perfectly honest. It was good but not amazing though he definitely conveys the emotion of the song effectively, I can see why all of the coaches turned around for him as he did a great job. Danny becomes his coach! - VIDEO


Jamie Bruce - 'Try A Little Tenderness' by Otis Redding
Yes - People may recognize soulman Jamie as he previously auditioned for The X Factor in 2011, making it to the bootcamp stage of the competition. However, he clearly hopes to go one better than that with his appearance on The Voice and hopes that his voice will be enough to convince one of the superstar coaches to turn their chairs around for him. Nice song choice, enough to show off his range and also highlight his tone, it requires a bit of huskiness and Jamie can achieve that with his voice. Nothing too spectacular I'm afraid, it's good and certainly good enough to go through but I don't see him as a serious contender at this stage. Will and Tom are the two coaches who press their buttons for him, I can kind of see why as Jessie already has a soul singer on her team and it's not really Danny's forté, I would imagine that Tom is more likely to be able to go places with Jamie than Will so I would go for Tom if I were Jamie and true to form, he does indeed pick the Welsh crooner himself. - VIDEO

Jordan Lee Davies - 'I Believe In A Thing Called Love' by The Darkness
No - Despite being quite thin himself, Jordan is ironically the son of a former world champion strong man. Although he is the total antithesis of his father in size, with his father being well built, his dad is very proud of Jordan and says that he is inspired by his son's singing. Very bad song choice if I'm being honest, this song annoys me generally but I just don't see it as the type of song to showcase your voice, it requires OTT falsetto, to the point of screaming and it's just total cheese rock. Jordan has a nice voice, fair play to him and his range is impressive but his tone is totally concealed under all that vocal acrobatics and for me, it just isn't strong enough. Not to mention the fact that the last note was semi-terrifying to the point that it sounded a bit like a wild animal in pain. I really like Jordan himself and his voice is good but the song choice was weird, despite that Danny and Will both turn around for Jordan and he decides that the American coach will be the right man for him, I'm interested to see how Will coaches him but surely it's a given that he will be paired with Liam Tamne for battles? - VIDEO

Cherelle Basquine - 'Call My Name' by Cheryl Cole
Yes - Cherelle is a mother and hopes that by auditioning today, she will be able to show her kids that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. It's another strange song choice as it's quite obvious that Cherelle is an R & B vocalist and this song is dance-pop that requires very little range or power, in all actuality, very little singing ability. She does a good job with it, as good a job as she could but I do agree with Jessie that it's the wrong song for her. Jessie criticizes her diction, something that I didn't really notice if I'm being honest but Cherelle seems keen to take on board any criticism and work on it and as I said, she does a good job with the song. I like her voice, her tone is smooth and sultry and she has a very strong voice, I'm relieved that Tom makes a final second decision to turn around for her as her talent is too good to let go to waste and I'm sure Tom will be able to think of something for her to sing. - VIDEO 

Ricardo Afonso - 'Hard To Handle' by Otis Redding
No - Ricardo has already formed quite a good career for himself having appeared in a number of musical theatre productions including 'We Will Rock You'. However, now the musical star wishes to cross over from the stage to the recording studio and to become a recording artist. The song choice does him no favours, it's a nice song but it's quite karaoke and I don't find anything different or exceptional in his voice. It's just a not bad vocal, his style isn't overly marketable and I just don't think that based on those who have been rejected thus far, that he is anything better than most of them. It's good but it's not good enough for my liking. The coaches quite clearly disagree as Tom and Danny both turn around for him and in the first of three occasions where Danny goes up against Tom vying for a contestant, it's the Irish charmer who wins the act in question! - VIDEO

Alice Barlow - 'Call Me Maybe' by Carly Rae Jepsen
No - Former Hollyoaks actress Alice Barlow hopes to catch the erm... ears of the panel with her rendition of Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe'. Well I prefer her voice to Carly Rae Jepsen's voice but she does have a few pitchy moments in the song and I think the song choice is a bit of a letdown for her. It's not awful but I'm not jumping out of my seat either, though I think she has a solid female pop vocal and I'm glad that Danny and Tom both tutn around for her. Danny comments on her good looks and fair enough, she is an attractive girl. I wouldn't have turned and I'm not sure that I honestly see her going much farther than the battle rounds, the knockout stages at a stretch but you never know, she may surprise us and really pull it out of the bag in the coming rounds. She decides to go for Team Danny, making the Danny/Tom war for acts two up in Danny's favour. - VIDEO

Sean Rumsey - 'Payphone' by Maroon 5 feat. Wilz Khalifra
No - Again you may recognize Sean as he was part of manufactured boyband Futureproof in Series 4 of The X Factor. The song gets off to a bad start when he sings in his falsetto and it ends up sounding quite pitchy. The vocals get slightly better as the song goes on but there's still something about his performance of the song that doesn't sit right with me, I just feel like nerves have gotten the better of Sean and this is generally quite a weak vocal. He hits lots of big notes but does not develop from them so they sound like bum notes and the whole performance just seems quite inconsistent, there are too many weak parts to even consider turning in my opinion however in fairness, he really nails that last falsetto part and this is the main reason that Danny and Tom turn around for him. Surprise surprise, it's a hat trick for Danny as Sean chooses to join his team, the third time that Tom is rejected in favour of Danny tonight. - VIDEO

Katie Evans - 'You've Got The Love/Feel The Love' by Florence & The Machines/Rudimental
Yes - Mum-of-one Katie admits that she hasn't had an easy life, previously being involved in drugs however when she had her son, she turned her life around and she wants to be able to set a good example for her little boy by auditioning for the show. I really like her tone, yes she has nerves but she has a quite interesting tone to her voice and her vocals aren't bad at all. Once it goes into the second song in the mash-up, I'm totally sold, I think it sounds better than the Florence cover and Katie seems a lot less nervous with it and considering that there were three relatively average performances which were enough to get a coach to turn around, I'm surprised when nobody turns around for Katie. I think she's better than some of those who have got through and I'm disappointed that she is rejected.

Nu-Tarna - 'Part Of Me' by Katy Perry
No - Elesha and Sophie will be familiar to viewers as Elesha got to the judges houses stage of The X Factor in 2011 and Sophie previously appeared on Pop Idol. The friends have decided that two is better than one and are combining as duo 'Nu-Tarna' hoping that the coaches will hear enough to put them through to the next round. Elesha has certainly changed a lot from the last time we saw her, she now has her hair dyed blue in a mohawk style. This definitely is not good enough in my opinion, the vocals are pretty weak and the harmonies are practically non-existent, considering how good some of the duos we have seen so far are, I'm disappointed that Nu-Tarna aren't better than they are. They remind me a little of Indie & Pixie last year who aren't particularly great either and I'm surprised to see Will turning around for them. They get quite excited and the coaches seem to really warm to them but they all offer the girls constructive advice on how to tighten up their harmonies. - VIDEO 

Nate James - 'Crazy' by Seal
Yes - Nate James is no stranger to the music business having been previously signed and having released albums in the past. However, he is not ignorant to the facts of what happens after all the hype dies down and you're dropped by a label. He had a lot of success in the 00's so maybe he will be able to recreate the same success with his post-The Voice career if he goes far enough? This is a good vocal, I mean there's absolutely nothing I can criticize about that performance but for some reason none of tonight's performances are hitting the spot, this is just a good performance, there is nothing stand-out about the performance and it's just an okay vocal. Jessie and Will both turn around for Nate and Jessie immediately recognizes him, it's no surprise when he decides to pick Jessie then as obviously she is familiar with him and his music and you never know, he may do quite well if Jessie and him can work together. - VIDEO

De'Vide - 'My Girl' by The Temptations
Yes - Duo De'Vide consist of a singer/guitarist and a rapper and I must say whilst I was initally a little bit sceptical about how they would turn out, they're probably my favourite duo so far, they have very good vocals and the rapping really adds a different edge to the performance. The singer has a very nice tone, it's not totally soulful but it still has that soulful feel to it. It's a really strong blind audition, probably the strongest of the night if I'm being honest but then that wouldn't be difficult tonight, I'm most surprised to see only Jessie turning round for them as I was sure that at least one of the others would want them on their team but De'Vide will be fine with Jessie, another strong act to add to Jessie's already solid team. - VIDEO

Lareena Mitchell - 'Walking On Broken Glass' by Eurythmics
No - Adele tribute artist Lareena hopes to become her own artist by auditioning for 'The Voice'. Ironically, her name and her style of music are similar to last year's winner Leanne Mitchell and she even looks a little bit like her. This is a good vocal, she has a nice voice and she certainly is a strong enough vocalist for the competition but the main problem for me is that she's no different to many of the females who have already auditioned and her song choice doesn't help her to stand out from the crowd, making her seem quite dated. Considering how similar she is to last year's winner, I just don't see her standing a chance of winning the competition so I wouldn't be willing to take a chance and turn my chair around however one Tom Jones certainly is. He turns his chair around, I can see him being a good coach for her but I worry that he will turn her into Leanne Mitchell Version II and she won't stand out for the public, we'll see I suppose. - VIDEO

Colin Chisholm - 'I Drove All Night' by Roy Orbison/Cyndi Lauper
No - 60-year-old Colin is one of the oldest contestants to audition for 'The Voice' after his daughter entered him for the music competition. He has been singing for most of his life and has been in numerous bands and groups in the past. He hopes that 'The Voice' will prove that you can really make it big at any age, he certainly has a good voice especially for someone in his 60's but again, like Lareena it doesn't really hit me. For me, it's just a nice vocal, there is nothing that transforms the performance from a nice performance into an outstanding performance and I'm a little bit concerned that his style is quite old-fashioned and wouldn't really appeal to the mass public. Tom presses his button again meaning that Colin is through to the next stage of the competition, I'm interested to see what Tom manages to do with Colin, he has a great voice he just needs the right songs to show that off. - VIDEO

Paul Carden - 'Locked Out Of Heaven' by Bruno Mars
No - Liverpudlian Paul has been in a number of bands in the past and in one band, he got the chance to tour with a number of well-known UK music acts. He hopes that he will be able to go it alone tonight with his blind audition. Maybe it's the band but something about this song doesn't sound right, it sounds flat almost straight away and although his tone is distinctive, I don't really like it, I find it a little too throaty. He reminds me a little bit of Morrissey but then I hate Morrissey so that isn't exactly a good thing for me. In fairness, he is a good singer and I can see why people would like him but for me his voice just isn't my cup of tea. I've seen people making comparisons between Paul and the frontman of Kasabian which I personally do not see as I quite like Kasabian but don't like Paul's voice here. Danny turns around for him but none of the other coaches do so he automatically defects to Danny's team. He has a unique tone, we'll see how he does but his voice isn't strong enough for my liking. - VIDEO

  Week 5

Adenike Adenaike - 'Sweet Love' by Anita Baker
Yes - 22-year-old Adenike comes from a musical family and says that her sister and her brother both like to get involved when she's singing. She hopes that she will do enough to grab one of the seven remaining spaces left in the competition. She has a very nice soul voice, her tone is strong but not overpowering and I think that she has chosen a good song choice to show off her voice. The only thing I would say is that perhaps the Anita Baker track doesn't have enough of a 'moment' to be able to show off Adenike's range. That said, it was a really srong vocal performance and definitely deserved of a spot in the next stage of the competition so I'm disappointed when Adenike fails to make it through to the next round, she is a really good singer, I most definitely believe that had she been earlier in the series, she would have definitely got through and it's just the way the cookie crumbles as a number of acts who auditioned earlier in the series and got through weren't as good as Adenike. 

John Pritchard - 'Wicked Game' by Chris Isaak
Yes - John works in fashion but he certainly hopes that he'll offer substance over style with his rendition of 'Wicked Game'. His voice is quite good, he has a relatively husky tone but he also has a strong falsetto, I like this song  and he is doing it justice with his rendition of the track. That said, I don't think the song is overly memorable and I'm not sure that he does enough justice for the track as for me, it just isn't stand out enough, he is good enough to get through at this stage but I feel like he isn't just good enough to go as far as live shows based on this performance, though he may surprise us later. Anyway, Will obviously believes that he is good enough as he turns around for him. I'm sure John will be able to impress with the right coaching from his mentor. - VIDEO

Letitia Grant-Brown - 'I Bust Your Windows' by Jazmine Sullivan
Yes - 17-year-old Letitia is most definitely into soul music, divas are definitely her inspiration and she hopes that she can impress the coaches with her take on the iconic 'Bust Ya Windows'. She is definitely a very good soul singer, there's something very impressive about her range. What I also appreciate is how unlike many divas, she doesn't see volume as the discerning factor in how good a performance is, too many female soul singers just end up shouting most of the song whereas Letitia isn't afraid to belt but is also capable of reigning her vocals in. I definitely think that she's in with a shot of going far in the competition, her tone is similar to Ruth Brown last year but she has better control and better intonation than the aforementioned. I'm not surprised that Jessie turned around for her, she's pretty much the one artist that Jessie has been missing on her team, she has a soul male or two but she has no divas. - VIDEO

Danny Foster - 'Wannabe' by The Spice Girls
No - Erm, you may recognize Danny as being a former member of Hear'say, you know that band who won Popstars had a few hits and then disappeared into obscurity, leaving Kym Marsh to join Coronation Street, Suzanne Shaw to win Dancing On Ice, Myleene Klass to get a job presenting everything on TV and Noel to do musical theatre. Unfortunately Danny hasn't had the same level of success as his former bandmates and is now fronting a soul band and hoping to make it back into the limelight with his blind audition. This is not good, I can definitely see why Danny is hoping to regain musical success as his voice is great but this song choice is dreadful. Whoever thought rearranging a Spice Girls song into a soul song would work was wrong, it really doesn't and he actually sounds quite cabaret on the song. His voice is good but this performance doesn't do him any favours and I'm not surprised that nobody turns around, they're all shocked when they realize who it is as his band were the first massive TV Talent stars of the current Talent Show generation and it's unusual to see someone who had so much success at a time auditioning alongside the newcomers. I'm sad for Danny as he is talented, he just didn't get the right song to show off his talent. - VIDEO

Jay Aston - 'Time Is Running Out' by Muse
No - Another former band member is hoping to do one better than Danny. As part of Buck's Fizz, Jay saw the success of winning the Eurovision Song Contest for her country and was behind monster hit 'Making Your Mind Up'. However, it all fell apart after a bus crash which left Jay critically ill in hospital and signalled the end of the band. Jay again is falling victim to a bad choice of song, I'm not sure how this song would work for anyone really as it's pretty impossible to sing it well and unfortunately, it does no favours of Jay. It makes her voice sound screechy at times and it's just generally a very poor song choice for her, I'm disappointed for Jay as like Danny, she fails to get anyone hitting their buttons and misses out on the second chance she hoped to achieve. I feel like her and Danny would have been better equipped to handle the pressure having both already experienced fame so it's a shame that they were both rejected.

Moni Tivony - 'No Woman, No Cry' by Bob Marley 
Yes - For all fans of shockingly bad talent shows from the last decade, you may recognize Moni as the ginger Lionel Richie impersonator on 'The One And Only' in what was surprisingly, its' one and only series (I'm so witty). Anyway, Moni isn't singing a Lionel song today, instead he is taking a risk by going for an iconic Bob Marley track. I must say that he certainly has a good voice and he delivers the song well but I'm a little bit skeptical about the fact that not one but four coaches turned around for him. He was good but was he that good? I myself didn't see it, for me he delivered it well but it was too similar to Bob Marley and currently I don't know what Moni sounds like. I know what Moni as Lionel Richie sounds like, I know what Moni as Bob Marley sounds like, I don't quite know what Moni sounds like as an artist in his own right. He chooses Will as his coach, leaving Will with just one artist to find in order to complete his team, the same as Tom, Danny and Jessie. - VIDEO

Abi Sampa - 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out' by Oasis
Yes - Abi is a dentist but she hopes to swap the dentist's chair for the swinging chairs of 'The Voice' with her performance of an Oasis classic, with an Eastern twist. Yes, she will be singing some of the performance in raag, it starts off well with her beautiful, tender vocals. She has a nice tone, it's slightly soulful but there's also something quite quirky about it and I love how she doesn't try to overdo it, it's just a really nice, stripped back performance. Abi is a good artist and I really love her take on this song, but it's when she adds her Eastern fusion to the song that it turns from a great performance to an outstanding performance. Abi is a fantastic singer, and the fact that she can captivate an audience and control her voice on the vocally demanding Indian fusion really shows her potential. I'm surprised only Danny turns considering the fact that the good, but not great Moni got four coaches turning around. I really enjoyed this performance from Abi, it was a very good audition and for me, she is one of the best so far, very very strong start for Abi. - VIDEO

Danny's team is full

Joseph Apostol - 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow' by The Shirelles
No - 21-year-old Joseph moved to the UK from the Philippines when he was younger, he is nervous about his audition but hopes that his voice will shine through on the number, it's definitely a good performance but for me, it's nothing special. His voice is good but I found it a little bit dull, and the arrangement of the song was lacking something, I'm not sure what exactly it lacked but it just didn't really stand out to me. Joseph's voice is sort of forgettable, he delivers a good rendition of the song but I don't really enjoy his performance. Jessie and Tom both turn around for Joseph and both try to convince him to pick them but it's Will who makes the most positive impression on Joseph when he starts to speak to him in his native language as his bandmate Apl. also hails from The Philippines. He really struggles to make a decision but Joseph decides to go on the words of his mother who he says would like him to choose Sir Tom. - VIDEO

Tom's team is full

Brett Davison - 'Fast Car' by Tracy Chapman
No - Builder Brett tells of his time in a pop band last year before it all ended unexpectedly and he was forced to return to life on a building site. He says that he hopes to be able to make up for this setback by auditioning for the show today, and it'll be interesting to see if he can achieve this. Maybe it's the song but I'm not 100% certain on this choice, it doesn't really feel all that great, Brett's vocals are just okay but it's a rather lukewarm performance and I don't feel any wow factor from it. It's a pity but Brett goes home without a place in anyone's team however Jessie offers him plenty of advice.

Bronwen Lewis - 'Fields Of Gold' by Sting
Yes - Bronwen who is Welsh is taking a big risk with her performance today by singing part of it in Welsh. Obviously the ideal coach for her would be Tom but he already has a fill team so it's Will and Jessie who she will be hoping to impress. This is really nice actually, it's suitably stripped back without sounding too raw, her vocals are very nice and the Welsh parts of the song add a new dimension to the performance. She has a good voice, maybe not a wow voice but this arrangement and song choice is very interesting and different and I'm really glad that Bronwen decided to sing part of the song in Welsh. Unfortunately and rather surprisingly, nobody turns around for Bronwen and she goes home without a place in the next round of the competition. I'm disappointed for her as I had high hopes for her performances in the competition but Tom and Danny both express their wishes that one of the other two had turned. - VIDEO

Adam Barron - 'Summertime' by Billie Holiday
No - Adam's performance of 'Summertime' is alright, he has a quite husky tone but there's something rather theatrical about his delivery of the performance so I'm not overly wowed, it's not bad but it's not amazing. I'm kind of surprised that Jessie turns around for Adam because, whilst has has a nice voice, there isn't anything about his voice that really impresses me. I do wish that Bronwen had got through as whilst Adam is good I'm not expecting big things from him unless he surprises us in the Battle Rounds, he doesn't scream 'THE Voice' to me. - VIDEO

Jessie's team is full

Rob Reynolds - 'Wish You Were Here' 
No - Rob is hoping to grab his last shot at music success with this blind audition today. Again, he has a good voice but I'm not sure that the song choice is good enough, it doesn't particularly stand out so I find it a little bit forgettable, it's not a bad performance at all but it's not a stand-out either. I quite like Rob's voice but I feel like the song choice really let him down badly because he is a good singer, he just didn't stand out on this particular track in my opinion.

CJ Edwards - 'Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)' by Lloyd
Yes - CJ is hoping to impress his father today who is his only living parent after his mum died, he says that his dad has always been there for him and speaks about how his mum inspired him as well. This is a fantastic performance and it's not shock that Will turns around almost instantly. Not only does he have a fantastic soul voice but he also arranges the song in a different way and really impresses me. I find it fresh, different, exciting and unique. I'm looking forward to seeing what else CJ can do in this competition because I have a feeling that there could be plenty more where that came from. Will and Jessie get out of their seats and go around to watch CJ, wanting to see who is behind this incredible performance. - VIDEO

Will's team is full
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