UPDATE: Part 4 added. The Battles are now over.

56 contestants earned a place on a team but after this round, only 32 will go through to the Showdown Rounds were Australia will start to decide who'll be The Voice. Each team will be supposedly composed of .... The coaches will be assisted by music industry mentors. One Republic front man Ryan Tedder joins Delta, Ben Lee teams up with Joel, Australian Idol winner Jessica Mauboy will aid Ricky and Sneaky Sound System's lead singer Connie Mitchell will help Seal.The steal also comes into play this season, being named the "Save". Each coach will get to save one artist from an unsuccessful team leaving each team with 8 members. Who'll crumble under the pressure? Who'll emerge victorious? Who'll get a second chance? ... This is The Voice!

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The coaches perform together yet another time. They attempt singing "Uprising" by Muse. It's a decent performance but considering they like to brag about how high the talent level is, I think they should've picked a better song for them. Delta and Seal saved the performance though. - VIDEO

Part 1

Celia Pavey vs Anna Weatherup - "A Thousand Years" - Team Delta - "You'll be singing a song that I love" Delta informs them, "I picked a song that could give them both moments and just transport the whole environment into this guitar playing storytelling magical world". This is an odd pairing, both girls were stand outs during the blind auditions and losing one of them would be a pity. "Celia and Anna to me is the battle royale for the competition" Ryan says. Anna isn't familiar with the song, "she's some really good competition, her guitar playing is beautiful, it's very natural and I haven't heard her hit an off note yet". Celia is scared to be paired up with Anna because she has a lot more experience than she does. Delta may have not nailed it with the pairing but she did with this song choice. The girls sound angelic on this and it's pretty even matched. Delta will have such a hard time picking between these two. Celia's audition was probably my favourite but if I'm being completely honest, Anna stole the show tonight. Her voice was so honest and pure it was hard not to believe every word she was saying. Celia was amazing as well, specially on that final note, which Anna kinda flunked. "I'm kicking myself I put the two of you against each other. The artist that I feel I've got a lot to do with is Celia" (Delta). I can't say I'm pissed but it's sad to see Anna going home. She's a star. Looking forward to seeing what's next for her.   - VIDEO

Louise Roussety vs Michael Paynter - "As Long as You Love Me" - Team Joel - Damn, another duo I didn't see coming. I was hoping to see both of this acts on the next round but I guess Louise was always cannon fodder despite how great she is. "Louise and Michael is a difficult pairing because they both have advantages. Louise has this dark cool raspy delivery but she's also got nerves. I think Michael because he's very clean seems a bit tailored that may be what's holding him back because there's a little bit of an unpredictableness you need as an artist and that's were Louise has an edge" Joel reflects. "Michael, your ability with your vocals, your confidence and your looks, and stuff, you don't wanna be perceived as being superior. Louise you have to find a way to own your space because Michael is circling around like you are the prey for a meal" Ben tells them. I don't know why Joel thought this was a good song for them cause it's not. None sounds particularly good on it though Michael sounds a lot better than Louise. As noted before, he's much more confident than she is and it shows, and with a song she'll never sing on her own, it's even more obvious. Michael owned it, doing a lot of vocals acrobatics, even if he wasn't at his best, that's why I'd go with him. "I agree with Ricky on the fact that you both didn't give me a 100% percent. I was really hoping someone would steal the show. Michael, I really like your positivity and the energy you bring to the stage. I think you are really interesting Louise. There's so much more I want to know from you but I don't think we'll get there in time. I've to go with you tonight Michael" (Joel) No one steals Louise and after that performance, it's no surprise.  VIDEO

Rob Edwards vs Michael Stangel - "Have a Little Faith in Me" - Team Delta - "I heard that Ryan was gonna be the mentor on Delta's team and I couldn't believe it. I'm looking forward in him having some sort of input in making me a better artist" Michael says. "The more constraint you show in the beginning, it allows you to go somewhere in the end" Ryan advises them. "Michael and Rob are both very masculine but they both have this open heart to the world that I found so beautiful" Delta says. "The battle of Michael and Rob to me is gonna be one of the nail bitters" Ryan adds. Finally a reasonable pairing. It seems they took Ryan advice, showing a lot of contraint. Michael showed a lot of growth as the performance went and his rasp was fantastic but I'm giving Rob the edge here, his voice is much more smooth than Michael's and his soulful tone is something to remember. "There's so much to consider. Today the performance that surprised me and rose on this moment. I'm going to go with Rob" Delta says. Look at that. Every coach now wants to save Michael. Not trying to be mean but that wasn't good enough to me. I would've kept the save for someone else. Michael ultimately picks Joel. "The 'save', we get to use it whoever we want and I like everything you stand for. I want to give you another opportunity so you can prove me right" his new coach says. - VIDEO

Alex Gibson vs Skye Elizabeth - "Skyfall" - Team Seal  - "It's not actually as high as how Adele sings it, for me, my lower register, if I'm nervous, that can be a hard place to start a song" Skye says. Alex feels the song is out of his comfort zone. "When you perform, be bold, be confident, pick people and you are singing to people" Seal says. "I think I'll find my family" Alex responds. "No, don't find your family, find a hot girl. Find a hot girl and be confident" (Seal). "You have an advantage, you are a girl and you are beautiful and you are singing a sexy song, let yourself be brave", he tells to Skye. She starts very strong but her odd pronunciation is still a problem for me. She delivers this song greatly though, and besides some minor issues, it's pretty spotless, plus that huge note she hit at the end was amazeballs. Alex's quirky tone won me over though. It's not something you hear everyday and despite the awful pick for him by Seal, he did a great job with such an uncomfortable song for him. "I thought that you both performed really well. I was very proud of you Skye, you did fight for it, and so did you Alex, but what it goes down for me is the tone of your voices. As well as you sang, Skye, there's just something that happens when you open your mouth Alex, it happened in the blinds, it happened again tonight. You have this incredible tone so I'm gonna have to go with you" (Seal) We don't even see Skye saying goodbye, so no, she's not saved.  VIDEO

Caterina Torres vs Katie Reeve - "Try" - Team Ricky - "The cool thing about Jess is that she went through a similar process than what we are going through. She was discovered through television and she just proved that this sort of shows work" Katie says. "I know Katie comes from a musical theater background and it's very unsure but I think there's a lot more attitude to my voice" Caterina says. "The challenge for me is to really make sure I can be completely true to myself" her competitor tells us. "Katie and Caterina, they are passionate, they really want this" Jessica says. Honestly, Katie really surprised me. I never expected her to sound so confident and secure as she did. Unfortunately, she was up against the powerful Caterina, who stole the show with her passionate energetic take on the song. Great battle, in the end it seemed they were trying to outsing each other, which was fun to watch, even if Caterina wasn't really trying. Poor Katie was crying even before her coach spoke, knowing she had lost the battle. "It was such a pleasure to work with you. I'm gonna have to go with Caterina" (Ricky)  VIDEO

Tim Moxey vs Harrison Craig - "You Raise Me Up" - Team Seal - Poor Tim. His face when he was paired with Harrison was a mix of surprise and fear. Even the song Seal picked for them was favouring the singer with a stutter. "For me this was definitely a curve ball. This isn't something that I feel confident with" he says. Harrison tells us he feels at home with this song. "His ability technically is fantastic, he can hit those really high notes and really smash them out" he says about Tim. "Harrison didn't cruise through the mentoring session, he might kind go a little bit wonky. Tim has a beautiful voice but he has to stay in the song cause that's what makes us believe" Seal say about his acts. Tim feels his biggest challenge is to put his emotions out there. This song is so boring. I really can't stand it. They did a good job with it. To me, Tim was the winning act in this performance. Harrison is a phenomenal singer and has an excellent control but there's a certain warmth in Tim's voice that i enjoyed a lot, and considering he was out of his comfort zone, he did really great with it. "Tim, you sounded fantastic singing that song tonight. You were incredible singing that song tonight. Harrison, there is something that you have that is very difficult to teach and that is your ability to connect. I don't know how you do it but you just connect with everyone. I will be doing a disservice to not only you, to everyone here but to also Australia if I didn't go with you" their coach says. No one saves Tim. I wasn't a fan of any of them so I'm not angry at all.  - VIDEO

Part 2

Luke Kennedy vs Belinda Adams - "I Dreamed a Dream" - Team Ricky - "To sing a song like this takes a lot of guts and I think this two have a story and to be able to sing this song they wanna be thinking about that story and really incorporating it to this song" Jessica says. This song reminds Luke of the lowest parts of his depression. Ricky thinks Luke gave it too much too soon. "I've actually experienced what the story is about, over the last 15 years you get in there for your audition and then having people behind the desk go 'thank you' and then I get 'ok' and walk out" Belinda says. At first I thought this song was favouring Luke but it actually works really well with Belinda. She sounded gorgeous and I could feel the pain in her voice. However,  Luke's voice was perfect for this song and his intense emotional delivery was outstanding, I'd give him the win. "You both had a purpose, you both had your secrets. A lot of character but I've to make a decision and I'm gonna have to go with Luke" (Ricky) No one steals Belinda, she looks disappointed.   - VIDEO

Kiyomi Vella vs Maya Weiss - "Human" - Team Joel -  I really hate this pairing. I mean, it's an awesome pairing but I hate the fact that one of them might go. "Maya's got a very strong powerful voice, Kiyomi is kind of a long shot but she's got a long way to go to get there, if she gets it right though, it's gonna be very interesting" Joel says about his acts. "I want to show Joel that I can put who I am into every song that's given to me and I don't need to have something on the side to be saved, I really want to risk it all" Kiyomi tells us. "I feel like Kiyomi has got a really unique voice and she's making this song her own but then again, I have an unique voice as well" Maya reflects. This battle is quite even though I think Kiyomi sounded a lot better than Maya did. There was something off about her, her tone is outstanding though and I'd give Maya another chance just for it alone. Kiyomi stepped up though and she's definitely refreshing to see, so I'm not sure who I would pick out of this two. Based on this performance, Kiyomi. All the judges seem to agree, while Maya looks really worried. "Please, give me a chance. I'll prove it to you, I can do better than this. You know I can Joel" Maya urges to her coach. "I know you can and I believe you. It's tough" He takes a timeout. "I think it's tough because I love you both so much. Kiyomi I think you discovered something that you didn't even know from the audition till tonight. Maya, you have the fight and I know you want it really bad, I believe in you so much but tonight it was Kiyomi, you've won the battle".  As the judges are given five seconds to save Maya, a disappointed singer says "It's not gonna happen". It's sad to watch, Seal should've gave her another chance. I'll miss that tone. - VIDEO

Shawne Kirke vs Sarah Martin - "Love Rears Its Ugly Head" - Team Seal - "Shawne wants to be a normal guy, he wants to be a rock star, he doesn't want to be the guy with those things" Seal says "Remember this is a battle, you are gonna use the fact that you are sitting in a chair and that you are not mobile, you are gonna use that to your advantage". Connie suggest Sarah is careful not to sound arrogant. Seal suggests to her that she takes advantage of the fact Shawne is sitting. "It's not nasty, it's a battle, don't make yourself small because he's sitting down. And if she starts moving around, you don't let her get away with that" their coach adds. Seal greets both his contestants, "let yourself be great" he tells them. This is an amazing pick for Shawne, not so much for Sarah though. I enjoyed his voice a lot more, his tone is incredible, the raspiness is phenomenal to listen to. She's got a lot of swag but on this song, her tone didn't shine as his did, that's why Shawne is my pick. "The performances by both of you was so good that it really came down to a slight hair. Everyone else liked your performance so I'm hoping however has a save left can save you because on this instance I'm gonna go with Shawne" their coach says. Darren informs us she doesn't land one though.  - VIDEO

Bec & Sebastian vs James Walker - "Semi-Charmed Life" - Team Ricky - "As a duo, I think they've got their work cut out for them because they have to find a level in which they work perfectly and if they are tight enough it could be a disaster" James thinks. Thankfully for him, they are inexperienced and not particularly good. Bec starts crying when Ricky gives them their song. Oh look at this. This is our first cannon fodder battle! They aren't technically showing us a short snippet but we don't get to see their mentoring session. Being honest, I wouldn't pick any of them but if I was forced to pick one, James would be my pick. His tone is great and if he learns how to use it, he could be one to watch. The twins have improved but they aren't there yet. "Seems to me that what you just did there had more life than that performance" Seal tells Delta after she adorably sings a part of the song. Ouch. "I like the two of you. James is though to be next to this two fireballs but you hold down and defended your style. You guys are just so cool and so awesome. But I've to make a decision and I'm gonna go with James" their coach says. - VIDEO

Lyric McFarland vs Emma Pask - "What a Wonderful World" - Team Joel - This is an interesting battle. RnB diva vs Jazz protegee. "Emma is an accomplished jazz singer who is one of the best in Australia so the challenge for Lyric is delivering" Joel says. "Emma has something that not many people have. She's gonna do her scat thing, I'm gonna do my RnB thing and it's gonna be on" Lyric says. "There was this dynamic shifting all through the workshop were the strength was here and then it was there, which is exactly what a battle is" Emma adds. "You have a gift, don't question it" Joel tells Emma. "She had all 4 people turn so I feel you are my only hope", "Don't hand it to her, fight for it" he tells her. Flawless battle. This has to be the best we've seen so far. Each of them brought it their all and it wasn't never too obvious who was winning. Lyric did a wonderful job not over singing it, adding power only when needed. Emma's scatting was a high point of the performance, I melted every time she did it. The big notes they hit together were incredible as well. Both this ladies better get through. If there ever was a need for a save, it's now. "I believe that you both belong on this show. Lyric I love your whole swag but Emma you have a perfect voice. I always say with the battles I'm gonna stick with what my heart tells me and tonight it's telling me Lyric" Joel says. OMG! Ricky saves Emma at the last second. Thank god. I've a huge smile right now. Ricky earned a lot of points tonight. Emma deserves it, I'm gonna be following her closely. - VIDEO

Kaity Dunstan vs Nick Kingswell - "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" - Team Ricky - Talk about fodder. They don't even get an introduction. "Kaity is a tough opponent, she's not gonna hold anything back" he says. "I really need to be careful not overdoing it and becoming intimidated by how good Nick actually is" she reflects. Nick's take on the song was interesting but Kaity's seemed out of this planet. It was so different, almost too different. I'd take her quirkiness everyday over Nick though. I actually think Kaity is an amazing refreshing artist. She's my pick. It may be too much for the coaches though. "Nick, I've been such a big fan since I saw you in the audition. Kaity you know that I love your spirit, your strenght, you've character on stage, don't ever lose that because I don't think there's anything like you right now but I'm gonna have to go with Nick". Aw, I really wanted to see her again! She needs to take Seal's advice in the future, sometimes, you just got to sing the melody. - VIDEO

Jenna Dearness-Dark vs Jackie Sannia - "My Immortal" - Team Delta - Delta picked this song to take both of them out of their comfort zones. "I've been in their shoes so I know what I need to see in both of them, I need to see a quality that says that they can do this" their coach says. Jenna thinks Jackie is more comfortable cause the song is closer to what Jackie does than to what she does. "It so rare for someone to have a voice classically trained that clear and full of life. She's so good I just don't feel that I could possibly stand next to her" Jackie says. While Jackie did a good job with the song, Jenna's tone was haunting. It was so sweet and perfect. Jackie sounded more comfortable with the song but there was something about Jenna's voice that captivated me. I'd totally pick her. I think Delta can do something very interesting with her. "I'm so proud of you Jenna for really stepping into that song I know you can sing a beautiful operatic song any day and absolutely nail it. Jackie, I think there's something inside you that if you find a way to tap into that a such a young age I think you are a force to be reckoned with. I think the person that's ready to take on that next step is Jackie" (Delta) Wow, didn't see that one coming. Jackie is great though, Delta will find that something inside of her. Seal doesn't save her. - VIDEO

Hannah Darling vs Danni Hodson - "Some Nights" - Team Ricky - Big voice vs big personality. Joel isn't impressed during the rehearsals. "Guys, I'm a little frustrated already with you. You are both great signers and you are intimidated by this song" he says. Danni says she's out of her comfort song with this song. "It's an anthem so I think I've to find my voice in the song but it's definitely gonna be a challenge for me" Hannah says. Danni's a great singer and her voice's got a lot of range but I'm enamored by Hannah's artistry. None sounded good on this song, which was a awful pick by Joel, but if I had to pick one, it'd be Hannah, obviously. Her tone is much more interesting, though Danni's voice sounded sweeter than usual tonight. "I was a little disappointed. There was just this thing that we need to see and we saw it towards the end as it got closer to the finish line you both really started fighting. Tonight, I'm going to go with Danni" (Joel). Damn, Hannah was one of my faves. Seal rushes to the stage to hug Hannah. Yay! He then saves her! She's crying a lot more now than she already was. Great pick for Seal, she's a shining star and deserves another chance. "Everyone must go home a winner regardless what stage they get through and I think it was important for her not to be hurting on stage at that point, that's what this show is about, we won't the opportunity to work with those great diamonds in the rough" he says. - VIDEO

Part 3

Mitchelle Martinez vs Simone Stacey - "Battlefield" - Team Seal - Ryan wrote this song. "So that's gonna be really interesting to see his reaction" Seal says. "It's like fighting someone you connect with in a ridiculous level. And then all of a sudden you've got to be responsible for taking away their dream" Mitchelle says. Seal doesn't want them to be too polite with each other. Simone was one of my favorite voices during the auditions and she's still today. The song wasn't the best pick for her but she managed well enough with it. Mitchelle was more at ease with the song, it was a lot more fitting and her huge notes and powerful pipes triumphed over Simone's sweeter take. I hate to say this but she won this battle, which was a great one by the way. "First of all I want to say that it was a real pleasure coaching both of you, there wasn't a whole lot of coaching because you are both very accomplished singers. That said, I think that Mitchelle kinda put her money were her mouth is tonight and that's what everyone responded too. I'm gonna have to go with you Mitchelle" their coach says. Delta opts not to save Simone. - VIDEO

Chris Sheehy vs Danny Ross - "Are You Gonna Go My Way" - Team Joel - Joel informs them they'll be singing with their guitars. Chris is excited about it. Danny, not so much. "I've been looking forward to not singing with my guitar, I've been looking forward to swimming naked, you know" he says. "Were Chris beats Danny is in his near perfect musicianship, were Danny beats Chris, delivery" their coach says. Joel feels they've got more swagger without their guitars. Chris really wants to play it. Joel ultimately decides, Chris will play guitar, Danny won't. Chris isn't happy about this for some reason. "I think that was a bit of a rush decision. I want me and Danny to be equally paired" he says. The guy has a big attitude, Joel doesn't look to pleased by it. He tells Chris it's his decision. Chris ultimately went with the guitar. Good decision, he looks really comfortable with it. His voice is phenomenal and even if he's stage presence is non existent, he sold that performance. Danny's unique tone isn't working on this song but he's a fantastic performer, his energy is remarkable, I couldn't stop looking at him. But this is The Voice and ultimately, Chris has the better one. He's my pick. "It's a tough call. I thought you both did your best performance. I was really impressed with you tonight Chris. We had a rough time at rehearsals but you came right at it with the right attitude and you came to work. I really respect that. Danny, I love your attitude. You just want to be here, you just want to sing songs and I love that about you", Joel says, "The person I'm going to take through is Danny". Wow. That's surprising. I liked Danny's audition but Chris is a star, Joel made a bad move here. Delta doesn't save him. "I'm sorry but I've to think about what my team already is and I know there's a couple people in your way in my team and that's purely the only reason" she says.  - VIDEO

Karen Andrews vs Sione Felila - "People Get Ready" - Team Ricky - Interesting pairing. It's the battle of the soul singers. Ricky picked this song because of their spiritual quest and their spiritual journey. "I'm very familiar with gospel music because I grew up in church. It's about heart and it's about soul but in that there's a lot of preparation as well" Karen says. Sione is scared about Karen's alter ego. Karen about his tone. I don't see this worry. She's got a terrific tone as well. Even better than Sione's if you ask me. Goosebumps from start to end, that's what she made me feel. I gave him some credit cause he did phenomenal too but Karen's hypnotizing. It'll be a mistake to let her go. She was in the zone tonight, she's the potential winner if you ask me. Awesome battle, mind blowing. "You are very talented. Sione, you took us to places, you made us feel, you were in touch with each and every one of us. Miss Murphy, your power, your honesty, your serenity yet your strength every time you open your mouth, when you look at us, it's simply visceral and because of that, I wanna follow this path with you" Ricky says. Sione isn't saved.  - VIDEO

Ben Goldstein vs Mitchell Steele - "Give Me Love" - Team Delta - Ben's never heard this song before. Seriously dude? "The two of you have big hearts so I just think this song will be a great song for the two of you" she says. Mitchell feels that the difference between the two of them is that he's got a country voice whereas he's got a middle eastern vibe. Ben feels his voice's got more flaws than Mitchell's. "When I sing this song I think of love itself and I always give a lot of love. Hopefully that's gonna pull me over line in this battle" Ben says. Mitchell's got a cold. Delta says he can still sing through it, he just got to learn how to do it. Poor guy, his delivery is a mess. It's obvious he's sick because he sounds dreadful. Unfortunately, you can't afford getting sick on a battle. Ben nailed all his parts with his pitch perfect sweet tone. The performance was barely decent but Ben was the clear winner. "You are both so even" Delta says before taking a time out. Ryan thinks Ben is more ready. "Mitchell you grabbed the last moment with both your hands, that was fantastic. Ben, you have this energy on stage which is so in control and so hard to look away from. The winner of this battle is Ben". - VIDEO

Oscar Chavez vs Tim Morrison - "Lanterns" - Team Delta - Short battle treatment. The two of them sound pretty similar but I felt I was siding with Tim more. I think his voice could be a lot more commercial than Oscar's and his range is crazy good. I'm not sure who'll Delta pick. That was very even but Tim stole it to me. "I love watching you Tim. You really work hard at the song and I command you for that. Oscar your voice is so amazing. I adore you Oscar to pieces but I'm gonna be taking you Tim" (Delta)  - VIDEO

Lauren Dawes vs Jac Stone  - "You Don't Know Me" - Team Ricky - "The song is a perfect song for them. It allows both of them to most importantly tell the story" Seal says. He feels Jac tells the story a bit more with her eyes, there's a sadness in them. "I feel that is something that I have, being able to just connect with the song and connect to the song through that" Jac says. "Hearing Seal comment on Jac, I was kinda like 'hey!'. That's great but it just rises me to that challenge as well, finding my thing that he's gonna love about me" Seal says. He wants Lauren to be a goddess. "I wanna be able not to take my eyes off of you" he says. While both ladies looked stunning, that dress that Jac was wearing was breathtaking. Why wasn't Lauren given such a dress? That aside, beautiful vocals from both of them and perfect song. Their tone was lovely, Seal made a wrong move pairing this two, he should have taken both of them through. That was heart melting. I've no idea how he's going to decide between these two. "This is the one that I was least looking forward to because you are both such great talents and you both need to go through to as far as you can take it for different reasons. I make a big mistake each year and my mistake this year was putting you two together" Seal says before taking a time out. Connie feels Lauren really stepped it up but at the same time, Jac's tone gets her every time. "You both need to go through. However, it's called The Voice and it's about the ability to tell a story for that reason it really pains me but I have to go with you Jac".  He urges Delta to save her. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen. "I felt on that performance that it was your song choice, I don't feel as an artist at the moment I want to move forward but I think you are absolutely beautiful and I wish you nothing but the best" Delta says. She should have saved her. Poor Delta, she's got a lot of pressure right now. Let's see if she actually saves someone worthy or wastes her save like Joel did. - VIDEO

Juliane Di Sisto vs Simon Meli - "Hard To Handle" - Team Ricky - "Simon and Juliane are very powerful in the wrong way and I believe that they both could be explosive on stage" Ricky says. Simon loves the song. Juliane is worried because he knows it better than she does but at the same time she thinks it could be his undoing. Before their battle, we see a preview of tomorrow's ep, previewing Delta's save. So guess she won't be using it on any of these two. Fun performance, very entertaining. I wasn't feeling Simon's rocker feel on it though. He brought it but his voice lacked grit sometimes and while he really gave it his all towards the end, Juliane gave it her all from the get go. Her powerful voice really shone on it. I'd give the win to her. "Entertaining, he's got it down.Juliane, it's like a man song but you made it so sexy. I'm so lucky to work with the two of you. Bro, you defend what you represent with such power and integrity, I can see the miles in the road in every sentence that you throw at us and in every movement and because of that, I'm gonna have to go with you Simon" (Ricky) Oh well, he's a fine pick. Juliane brought a lot of sass to me, I would've liked to see her again.  - VIDEO

Part 4

Ryan Sanders vs Nicholas Roy - "You Found  Me" - Team Seal - "I thought they had a similar thing. Ryan has a confidence issue and that affects his belief system. Nick has another confidence issue and it bothers me" Seal says of his acts. During rehearsals, Nick gets some alone time with Seal. "This is not the time to be small, you gotta let go. What is it that holds you back?" Seal asks him. "This is a song that doesn't really favour either of them unfairly, it's right in their wheelhouse, equal opportunities to shine, let's just hope that they do that" their coach says. I had high hopes for this two but honestly, the battle was disappointing. None seemed to really want it and the results were only decent. Nick did good enough, he's a great singer but has serious confidence issues on stage. Ryan does as well but he's a lot younger than Nick and can have time to overcome them. I'd go with Ryan, his audition was amazing and there's a lot of raw potential in his raspy tone. If Seal is smart, he'll pick him. "It's really tough because with you Nick, you are a producer, you understand the industry but I'm concerned. But then I'm concerned with you Ryan, it's really tough and I know there's a save left but I've gotta go with my gut and my gut tells me Nick, there's something that you've got so I'm gonna have to go with you tonight" (Seal) Disappointed, Seal would've been a great coach for him. Delta doesn't save Ryan. I agree he's not ready yet but he could've been coached, hopefully we'll see him again. - VIDEO

Sophie Phillis vs Nathan Allgood - "Stay" - Team Delta - "I paired them together because I felt like I wanted to see a strong male vocal and a strong female vocal with sensibility still battle it out" Delta says "Ryan and I spoke about that if there was any song that we'd give them that we would wanna sing it would be this song. It's got pain in it but it's got love in it. It gives you the opportunity to show your vocal chops". Delta asks Sophie what she's thinking about while singing, she says it brings out a past relationship. "What you are feeling now is something you need to bring into your songs, if you can break through that, that's when magic happens" Delta tells her. This is an awesome battle. It's a shame there are no more saves cause the loser of this battle definitely deserved to get one. Sophie's got a very professional sound, she's a perfectionist and her crystal clear tone is lovely to listen to. Nathan's got an incredibly refined sound as well. He reminds me to Stan Walker at times, his soulful tone is amazing. That said, he made a few mistakes while Sophie was absolutely perfect. I'd go with her. "Nathan, I know you can do more than that even though I'm so proud, you still gave me goosebumps. Sophie, I wasn't even expecting how hard you'd worked and what you just did out there, you just gave it so much, you just showed everybody how amazing you are. But in this competition, I need to go with Nathan" Delta says. Eh? I don't really get this. Poor Sophie, she should've made it. - VIDEO

Jessika Smarges vs Kathy Hinch - "Titanium" - Team Joel - They expected to be paired together. "I want to see in this battle some strength, some fierceness, cause that's what it takes to make it" Joel says. Both struggled with the high notes during the mentoring session. Bad song choice if you ask me. They're both struggling to do this song justice. Kathy sounds ok but she was pitchy a few times. Jessika would've been better with a more soulful song but she did hit all the right notes though she also struggled with the melody. I found Jessika's voice more pleasant, so she's my pick. "You both worked really hard and I'm really proud of you. I was completely surprised by you Jessika, you brought it tonight. Kathy, you came out and it was two different performances and that's what I wanted. There wasn't one second you broke. I'm completely divided, I'm gonna make a decision based on what I think for my team going forward to the future. The person I'm taking through is Kathy" (Joel) Joel intimidates Delta to save Jessika, she doesn't, which was the right call. - VIDEO

Luke Mansini vs Josh Kyle - "Hearts a Mess" - Team Delta - "I chose Gotye because the lyric in that song is saying I'm desperate to connect. The two of them what they need to do is solely walk out there and connect with the audience" Delta says. Josh is worried that it's really easy for Luke to connect. "When he is singing (Luke), I've goosebumps. When you are singing, I've no goosebumps" Ryan tells Josh during rehearsals. Josh might be a very accomplished singer but Ryan was right, he lacks that honesty Luke so effortlessly has. A voice so pure and amazing as Luke's is hard to find and despite Josh is a great singer, I just felt Luke the better. Josh's scat was cool tough. "I feel like there's so much more work to do with you Luke. I really wanna push you further and further Josh and I wanna take you to the next level" (Delta). Oh, I'm sad for Luke. Josh isn't bad though. - VIDEO

Nick Stenmark vs Adam Garret  - "Don't You Worry Child" - Team Joel - "Being a bloke, it's not very common to get emotion and talk about feelings, especially when it comes to you and your dad" Adam says. Ben thinks that the one who nails being both masculine and vulnerable will win the battle. I love Nick's tone, I thought he schooled Adam the whole battle. I don't really like Adam's sound. It seemed Nick forgot his lyrics once but I'm not sure that's what happened. He won the battle if you ask me. "I've gotta say guys, you did everything that you could've done. Adam, I think you are a really hard worker and you made a statement tonight. Nick I think you are a true artist, I think you are special. I believe tonight that Adam you won the battle and it's for that reason that I'm gonna take you" Joel says. Eh, that was a mistake. - VIDEO
Mitchell Anderson vs Steve Clisby - "Walking in Memphis" - Team Seal - "Very little to tell them. Whatever you tell them is kind of redundant" Seal says. He wants them both to play piano to embellish the performance. We get a few seconds of Seal's awesome singing. Steve says he usually memorizes things, "that's the way I like to do things, the hard way" he says. I love Mitchell's raspy voice, he's a throwback soul singer. Steve is also a pro but he lacks the grit Mitchell has. Both of them are awesome performers though, Delta may very well use her save on one of these two. "It's so hard, I respect you both so much and I'm so humbled by both of you. Then I have to think about what's gonna be the deciding factor. It's ultimately what can I do as a coach for you. I'm so humbled by you Steve but I think as a coach with Mitchell I can get in there so I'll have to go with you Mitchell" Seal says. With all the pressure on her, Delta uses her save on Steve! Good move, I still think she should have used it on Lauren. - VIDEO

Imogen Brough vs Katie Carr - "She Wolf" - Team Ricky - "Two different kind of voices. Katie, music teacher, technical to perfection. Imogen, primal, raw yet fearless and she's not afraid of making mistakes" Ricky says. Katie wasn't expecting this song. Ricky feels Imogen needs to work on her technique cause she can be very weak, while Katie needs to open up. I don't get what Ricky was saying during the rehearsals cause the Imogen I heard tonight sounded amazing. Her voice might be raw but to me, she sounded way better than Katie did. There was depth in her voice. Katie sang perfectly but I wasn't feeling it as much as I felt Imogen. That's my pick. "I'm a very lucky coach. Imogen, you are primal, your voice is coming from so deep within and yes you were pitchy. I've so much respect for you Katie, you never miss a spot. You were at all moments there with us, with perfection, your dynamic it was just beautiful. I'm very proud of what you did Katie but I've to make a decision based on what kicked me in the chest, what gave me goosebumps, I'm gonna go with Imogen" their coach says. Katie probably feels awful. Why tell her she was way better only to send her home? I agree with the decision though. - VIDEO

Now that we've seen all the battles, which was the best battle to you?

Best Battle: Lyric McFarland vs Emma Pask

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