With the auditions already over and the liveshows only days away, I decided it was about time that we took a deeper look at this year battles round. Favourites crumbled, bad decisions were made and new favourites surged but did your favourite survived? ... This is The Voice!

Recap after the JUMP ...

Team Sharin

Christoffer Stjerne vs Louise Bjerre - "We Are Young" (Fun) - I didn't like this battle much. It was a bad song choice for both of them. Louise sounded very bland and most of the time was out of tune. Christoffer did better and despite he sounded off on the higher notes, his overall performance was more consistent than Louise's. They sounded awful together, their voices didn't blend at all. Based on that, I'd give Christoffer the win, though I'd have preferred Louise to win this. Winner: Christoffer.  - VIDEO

Mette Berg vs Tifanie Haick - "My Delirium" (Ladyhawke) - I don't remember Tifanie and that's because her audition was the only one that got montaged. That already tells you a lot about her fate. Mette's voice's got an original sound but Sharin didn't pick the best song to showcase it. Neither of them sounds good on this song actually. Tifanie's voice is higher than Mette's and I found it unpleasant at times. But they both were on pitch during their performance. I'd go for Mette though. Winner: Mette  - VIDEO

Dianna Lindharth vs Jakob Wredtstrøm - "Animal" (Miike Snow) - Jakob doesn't sound so generic here, in fact, his performance is rather interesting. Unfortunately for him, Dianna's version of the song is much better. Her voice is unique and different and she sounds really consistent here, much more than in her audition. She overshadowed Jakob if you ask me, I love what she did here and I give props to Sharin for picking such a great song for them. I think I've a new favourite. Winner: Dianna - VIDEO

Mads Lumholdt vs Nanna Larsen - "Don't Dream It's Over" (Crowded House)
- Nanna's audition was one of my favourites. I really can't remember Mads's. I love her voice, it's subtle and sweet and her tone is really pretty. Mads's was more over the top and some things he did with it didn't sound natural at all. Their voices didn't blend well together either, Mads's was too loud and I could barely listen Nanna, he should have toned it down a little. It's obvious who I preferred and I really think she can go far in this competition. Winner: Nanna - VIDEO 

Team LOC

Johannes Hubertz vs Myanoa Schneider - "It's Man's World" (James Brown) - Great improvement for both of them. Myanoa really toned it down tonight and her voice sounded lovely and original. Johannes was quite good as well but I still feel his voice isn't as powerful as he makes it sound, I think he forces it a bit too much. Myanoa's range is more natural and despite Johannes was good on his performance, I'd give the edge to Myanoa. Winner: Johannes - VIDEO

Tanja Fossdal vs Evi Jacobsen - "Primadonna" (Marina and The Diamonds) - Tanja's audition was one of the best of the series, Evi's was good too but it didn't stood out much. Good song for them, I think it was more suitable for Tanja and her voice sounded prettier. Her voice is easier to listen than Evi's, whose voice can sound a bit painful at times. Tanja's very sweet and she sounded a lot more consistent. Winner: Tanja. - VIDEO

Anders Gøttsch vs Anna Hansen - "Rumour Has It" (Adele) - Anders sounded awful at the beginning. He was mumbling the words and what he was saying was barely audible. I didn't like some of the things he did with the melody either but he did hit some cool notes and I really like his raspy tone. Anna was a major disappointment, her gestures were too exaggerated, she looked like a girl singing in a school talent show to me. Her voice has potential but she didn't show it here. It was a bad song choice from LOC indeed. Winner: Anders.  - VIDEO

Winnie Doktor vs Emelie Paevatalu
- "Easy Please Me" (Katy B) -
Yet another weird song choice. I've criticized Lene for her picking abilities but LOC isn't any better. This song doesn't sound good on anyone but Katy and even the acoustic version of this song doesn't sound nearly as good as the studio. Winnie and Emelie did fairly well with what they were given but it didn't gave them the chance to properly shine. They both sounded very similar but Emelie sounded more confident to me and more similar to Katy, which I think gave her the edge tonight. Winner: Emelie.  - VIDEO

Team Lene

Celine Broadbent vs Jean Paul Espinosa - "Broking Strings" (James Morrison) - Odd pairing. This song tends to give the male contestant and advantage, so it's a bit unfair for Celine. It didn't do her any favours either cause her voice isn't really strong and she just sounded plain for most of the performance. Jean Paul was much better, mainly cause his voice is stronger but he seems to have a recurring problem with his pronunciation. I couldn't understand his audition and I couldn't tonight either. He was the better singer though and Lene thinks the same, so she picks Jean Paul. - VIDEO

Anja Wedel vs Louise Schouw vs Emelie Sarah Toft - "How We Do" (Rita Ora) - Too many people on that stage. Lene picked an awful song, it didn't fit any of their voices so the battle was a complete mess. Anja was clearly the worst, despite some nice moments her voice was really unpleasant, so we can already count her out. The real battle was between Louise and Emelie. Emelie started really great, while Louise was weak. However, towards the end, Emelie started singing off tune and Louise kept getting better. Considering her audition was also one of my favourites, I'll give the win to her. Lene also picks Louise as the winner.  - VIDEO

Michelle Isabelle Larsen vs Christian Krogh Sørensen - "Good Time" (Owl City) - Lene is yet to pick a good song for her acts. None of her song choices have fitted her acts, she just picked songs she liked without even paying attention to who was singing them. Michelle and Christian sounded awful on this, none was on pitch and they didn't do anything interesting with it. Christian sounded a bit better than Michelle, so I'd go with him, but this is picking who was less worse. Lene picks Christian as the winner.  - VIDEO

Søs Haals vs Tommy Jensen - "Simply Amazing" (Trey Songz) -
So Lene couldn't pick a single good song for her acts. Way to go Lene! The song fitted Tommy's voice a lot more than Søs's, and overall, he sounded more consistent than she did. I also really liked his tone, much more than Christian's or Jean Paul's. But since Lene already has two guys, it wouldn't be unexpected if she picked Søs. - VIDEO

Team Xander

Sofus Jensen vs Andreas Odbjerg - "The Seed (2.0)" (The Roots) - Probably not the song I'd have chosen for them but it was actually quite fitting. I really enjoy watching Andreas perform, the way he moves is extremely weird but totally magnetic. While I think Sofus has a better tone, his style is so uptight. I think I'll never take him seriously. I'd like to mash up this two, we'd have a cool mix. Unfortunately we can't and Xander goes for Andreas.  - VIDEO

Susan Dervishi vs Izabel Dzuibek - "Impossible" (Shontelle) - I found Susan's performance a lot better tonight but I still have issues with her. Her enunciation isn't good and she has some pronunciation issues but I liked her tone tonight. However, I think Izabel was better. Her voice is clear and it's got a very soulish sound, plus I find her more interesting than Susan. She forgot the lyrics for a second at the start but she recovered very quickly. I'd pick her. Xander disagrees though and goes for Susan. - VIDEO

Josias Juliussen vs Malene Pedersen - "Find Your Love" (Drake) - Their auditions were the worst, so I find this pairing more than fitting. Being honest, they've both improved greatly, Malene a lot more than Josias. The reason I prefer her to Josias is that I liked her audition more. Josias hit some impressive big notes and his voice didn't crack a single time, while Malene's did but it gave her an interesting vibe. I'd pick Malene. Xander picks Josias but I totally understand his decision, cause he was very good as well. - VIDEO

Kamille B. Schjøter vs Søren Jørgensen - "Vårvise" (Sebastian & Sissel) -
Beautiful performance, though I wished they had sang in English. Kamille's voice is the most outstanding this year and this performance felt short from the expectations I had for her, probably because I didn't like the song much and it didn't let her do anything interesting with her voice because of it's one-note melody. Søren's voice accompanied Kamille's perfectly and what he did was good but Kamille is a total star and it's a very obvious decision for Xander. Winner: Kamille.  - VIDEO


Team Lene
  1. Louise Schouw (4th)
  2. Jean Paul Espinosa
  3. Søs Haals 
  4. Christian Krogh Sørensen

Team LOC
  1. Johannes Hubertz (3rd)
  2. Tanja Fossdal
  3. Emelie Paevatalu
  4. Anders Gøttsch
 Team Xander
  1. Kamille B. Schjøter (1st)
  2. Andreas Odbjerg
  3. Josias Juliussen
  4. Susan Dervishi

Team Sharin
  1. Nanna Larsen (2nd)
  2. Dianna Lindharth
  3. Christoffer Stjerne
  4. Mette Berg

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