The Voice of Denmark is back for a second shorter season. Lene Nystrøm, Sharin Foo and L.O.C. are returning to the judging panel, with Steen Jørgensen leaving and being replaced by Danish singer Xander. An interesting fact, Xander is Anne Linnet's son, who'll be joining the Danish XF next year. Host Morten Resen is also out, with Felix Smith, who has hosted the Danish Melodi Grand Prix on three occasions, 2009, 2010 and 2011; stepping in. But don't be tricked, just because the season will be shorter it doesn't mean that the talent will be worse, in fact, I'm sure that we'll get an even more talented bunch of contestants this time around. It's Denmark after all! ... This is The Voice!

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Contestants biographies from the official site in italics.

Auditions 1

Christian Krogh Sørensen - 29 - "Man In the Mirror"His family means everything to him. Christian has been singing since he was 5 and currently produces his own music- Lene and Xander turned really soon for him. The truth is that he's quite bland and I think the judges felt the same. I bet they regreted turning around without letting him sing a little more. He hit some sweet notes but he didn't fully convince me. Sharin also turns around in the end. 3/4 - Team Lene

Malene Pedersen - 22 - "Not Ready To Make Nice" - When she was younger, musical theater caught her atention but later she was caught by the singer/songwriter genre and began writing music. One of her biggest inspirations is Tina Dico, with whom she was able to sing once. - Talking about awful performances. Malene's really shaky at the beginning but the performance does get a little better, though she's still really pitchy. It sounds as if she's running out of breath. Xander was really doubty about pushing his button but in the end he does. Why? I've no idea cause Malene may have been really nervous but her performance was still really awful. 1/4 - Team Xander

Kamille Bjerregård Schjøter - 18 - "A Song For You" - Kamille studies biotechnology at the Espergærde Gymnasium but her free time is filled with music. Since she was 8, singing had a major impact on her life. -  I love this from the get go and so do the judges, who turn immediately for her. That first note was spectacular and it only improved as it progressed. Her performance was both emotional and vocally stunning. She's an incredible singer with a beautiful jazzy tone. The song sounded old fashioned on paper but what she did with it made it rather current. It'll be hard to top this audition!  4/4 - Team Xander

Louise Bjerre Bojsen - 23 - "You've Changed" - Louise is originally from Vejle but now lives in a 45 sqm apartment in Valby. She loves music but it's hard for her to practice at her homeLouise has many years of experience, having previously performed with a band and in a show-choir for 4 years. - I really like this Sia song and I do think Louise did really good with it, despite she sounded quite off many times. She was obviously very nervous, which probably affected her voice but there was a nice tone overall and the performance was cool and interesting. It was different at least. Sharin turns first, then LOC follows but Louise goes with the one who turned first, Sharin.  2/4 - Team Sharin

Jacob Wredstrøm - 19 - "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" - Jacob has his own home studio, in which he spends most of his time. -  Another bland singer. He's an ok vocalist and his guitar playing skills are good but there's nothing interesting about him. What's wrong with the guys tonight? Maybe if he can find more alternative songs it could work but I don't see it. LOC apparently likes to battle with Sharin cause as soon as she pushes her button he turns, but once again, Sharin wins.  2/4 - Team Sharin

Izabella Dzuibek - 23 - "Almost Lover"Izabella has been singing since she was little and received singing lessons in her spare time. Izabella has Polish roots but was born and raised in Melbourne and then she moved to Copenhagen when she was 20. - Great song choice. It's unexpected and really clever, cause it's not a common song to audition with. Izabella's tone is gorgeous, not the most original, but she proved she can be interesting by singing this type of songs. It was a very sincere performance, I didn't find anything wrong about it.  2/4 - Team Xander

Nanna Larsen - 40 - "Somewhere It Snows In April" -  Nanna has sung semi-professionally for 20 years and has released 2 solo albums. She also participated in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix in 2004 and has released a total of 8 singles over the years- Nanna's definitely the best contestant of the night. She's not only the most mature but she's also the most professional sounding. She knows her voice and also knows how to use it. After all, she's been doing this for 20 years. I loved how this song fits her voice, her tone was extremely heavenly. A really beautiful performance, I'd be shocked if she doesn't make it far. 4/4 - Team Sharin

Anders Gøttsch - 34 - "Crazy Love" -  Anders won "Scenen er din" (Danish version of Star Search) in 2004. Today he plays in a trio called "Trio Nielsand in a band called "Dukebox". He also plays as a soloist in churches and cafes. - Anders's is much better than I expected him to be. He's got a James Morrision quality to his voice that it's really pleasant. I'm not a fan of his song choice but I admit that it allowed him to show off his voice, which by the way is quite great. There's potential there. My only worry is that he may be to old to actually improve at all.  4/4 - Team LOC

Auditions 2

Emilie Päevatalu - 24 - "You Know I'm No Good" - Emilie has sung most of her life and has always dreamt going the musical route. - Emilie's got a really cool jazzy tone. The performance start was rather abrupt and it made me wonder if she had forgot the lyrics but apart from those minimal seconds, she sounded terrific. Her voice has a lot of attitude, the potential with her is really great. Plus I'm glad she's in LOC's team, she doesn't have to compete with the previous episode girls now. 3/4 - Team LOC

Michelle Nørlev Larsen - 20 - "Safe & Sound" - She has been singing since she was very small and also plays the guitar. Michelle has previously auditioned for the XF. -  Despite everything you can say against Taylor Swift, you've to admit that this is a beautiful song. Michelle did an equally gorgeous work with it. Her tone is pure and despite the performance didn't have any wow moments, it was enough to impress me. However, only Lene turned around for her, which actually surprised me cause she did much better than acts who got more judges to turn around.  1/4 - Team Lene

Søren Jørgensen - 24 - "Diggin' On James Brown"He is an entertainer and takes pride in doing things his own way. Sean has both sung in musicals and bands and in 2010 he was part of the Dutch version of Popstars, in which he placed 10th out of 14. - This was rather surprising. His voice is really soulful and his song choice was unexpected but it actually fit him perfectly. He's a great performer, I'd to rewatch this performance several times, it was immensely interesting. Xander was almost in a trance while looking at him, it was quite hilarious.  1/4 - Team Xander

Emilie Roskjær Toft - 21 - "Who You Are" - Emilie started singing in church choirs when she was 4 and has been singing ever since. She's mother to a little boy. - I'm on the fence with Emilie. She's got a gorgeous unique tone and her voice has a lot of power but she didn't really stay on pitch during the performance and there were many bum notes. She's interesting but being off tune isn't something pleasant. She needs some lessons to be a contender. Otherwise, I liked it. 1/4 - Team Lene

Christoffer Stjerne - 29 - "Whole Lotta Love" - Christopher started as a drummer in a band and eventually, took over the role as the lead singer and guitarist. Since then, the band, called "The Army", has played numerous concerts in Denmark and the U.S. - He's a rocker, and as such, he needed to go with the obvious song choice. The performance was really predictable but that doesn't mean that it wasn't a good one. His voice has an interesting tone and his range is huge but I just wasn't interested. He sang the heck out of that song but it wasn't anything I've not seen before. He needs to do better with his song picks. They all turn for him either way, with only LOC not pushing his button.  3/4 - Team Sharin

Anna Hansen - 26 - "The Edge of Glory" - Anna started getting classical singing lessons when she was 15 and moved to Copenhagen in 2008 to attend the Complete Vocal Institute. Today, she's a singing teacher there and in April 2012 played the main role in the musical theatre performance "Showtime". - Good singer, awful song choice. That happens to be the case tonight. She was on tune the whole song but it just wasn't remarkable at all. It improved a lot towards the end, when she sang without the music and her tone really shone. She should have sang the whole song like that, that would've been more interesting.  2/4 - Team LOC

Jean Paul Espinosa - 34 - "Chariot" - Jean Paul was born in Chile and raised in Marseilles, France. Today he lives at Vesterbro in Copenhagen, where he makes a living as a musician and pedagogue- I could barley understand what he was saying but it really didn't matter cause he's a great singer. His tone is very similar to Gavin's and so was his cover of the song, that's why it sounded a little karaoke. He's the best male contestant thus far though and if he keeps doing performances like this, he'll get far. 3/4 - Team Lene

Auditions 3

Sofus Jensen - 24 - "Living in America"He's an account manager. Sofus has sung in a band for more than 6 years.  - He's a good rock singer but I felt his performance was way too much. He oversang that song and everything he did was over the top. He has a great range but I really didn't enjoy the performance and I bet most of the judges wouldn't have either if they had been looking at him. 1/4 - Team Xander

Tommy Jensen - 31 - "You're Beautiful" - Tommy is a trained educator and is currently working in an after school care program where he teaches music. - There's a nice quality to Tommy's voice but he's take on this James Blunt's hit lacked something and it felt incredibly mediocre to me. I like his tone but that performance wasn't enough for me. 1/4 - Team Lene

Dianna Lindharth - 25 - "Is Your Love Big Enough?" - Dianna is a single mother who lives in Copenhagen with her 17 months son Elias. -  I love this song! Dianna obviously didn't do as good with it as Lianne does but I truly enjoyed her performance. Her voice had soul and despite many technical issues, I really appreciated her jazzy tone, so I would have turned on the potential er voice has. Sharin turns for her in the very end and Dianna is rather excited.  1/4 - Team Sharin

Johannes Hübertz - 35 - "Too Close" - John is originally from Vejle, but now lives in Hvalsø with his wife and two children. He works on Fårevejle School as a teacher and on the weekends he plays music with a festival orchestra. - I think he picked a song too big for his voice. He couldn't hit most of the bigger notes and sounded rather sore. I liked his raspy gravelly tone on the lower ones but I felt he could've done better, considering how fitting this song seemed for him. All the judges but Xander turn for him in the end, with Johannes ultimately going with LOC.  3/4 - Team LOC

Tifanie Haick - 22 - "Everybody Hurts" - Tifanie's been singing only for a few years but her passion is what got her to audition for The Voice -  She's one of the few singers who got semi-montaged. Her audition was shown for about 30 seconds but from that, I really liked her sweet tone. She could've picked a more exciting song but her performance felt very subtle and rather cute.  1/4 - Team Sharin

Winnie Doktor - 23 - "Min klub først"Winnie has not done so much for her voice as she wanted but she has been taking lessons and among other, also sings in a jazz band. - I loved the simplicity of this performance, she didn't do anything more than needed and yet it sounded incredibly beautiful, she definitely picked a tailor made song for her voice. I guess most of the judges couldn't handle such a gorgeous audition because only LOC turned for her.  1/4 - Team LOC

Susan Dervishi - 22 - "Kl. 10" -  Despite this being one of my favourite songs, I don't think Susan did justice to it. Medina's voice is rather intense and Susan's just paled in comparisons. She hit loads of bum notes and I didn't find her thin vibrato pleasant at all. One of the weakest I've seen to be honest.  1/4 - Team Xander

Louise Venø Schouw - 29 - "We Found Love" - Louise has been singing in cover bands since high school and is currently the lead singer of a 12-man big soul band. She lives with her ​​husband with whom she has 2 girls. - This is one of my favourite auditions so far. It's even as good as Kamille's. Her tone is really gorgeous, I particularly enjoyed the slowed-down parts a lot more but she also held her own surprisingly well during the faster upbeat lines. Honestly, I loved everything she did with that song, hopefully she survives the battle rounds.  2/4 - Team Lene

Mads Lumholt - 40 - "Stop This Train"Mads is half Greenlandic and loves nature and the spiritual power in Greenland, which he visits about 4 times a year. He was also a contestant in the All Stars 2010 on his second cousin's, Julie Bertelsen, team. - He was off at the beginning, well, he was off most of the performance, but his tone is indeed very pretty. His song choice wasn't very exciting but it did fit his voice, though he could've find many other songs to do that. He was still interesting, maybe with a different song I'll enjoy him more.  2/4 - Team Sharin

Tanja Fossdal - 32 - "Titanium"She loves versatility in everyday life and prioritizes travelling. -  She looks a little like Lene doesn't she? This song is hard to sing live but Tanja stood up to the challenge and delivered it like a pro. Her voice could've been stronger but she took some liberties with the melody that I liked a lot and her high notes were surprisingly good. Tanja got even better after LOC and Sharin turned, that final line was golden, and it also got Lene to turn. 3/4 - Team LOC

Auditions 4

Josias Juliussen - 27 - "Starships" - Music has always been a big part of his life but after high school he decided not to purse his career because he thought there were so many who were better than him. Instead, he began to study but the desire to sing was always stronger.  - I wonder why he thought this was a good song choice and if he was going to sing this song, at least he could've learned the lyrics. The first lines were all mumbled and I couldn't understand a single word of what he was saying. The chorus sounded really good though but the rap was an absolute mess. 2/4 - Team Xander

Søs Haals  - 24 - "Wonderwall" - She has been singing since she was quite small, but it was not until high school since her interest really grown. In 2010, she was a contestant in Allstars with Niarn as her choirmaster. -  Her voice is not what I was expecting. There's an unique quality about it and her rendition of this song felt rather current and not old fashioned at all. I wish she had picked a current song to start with but what she did with this was very nice. She also surprised me with her big notes towards the end, very good . 4/4 - Team Lene

Mette Berg Olesen - 18 - "The Only Exception" - She loves and worships musicMette will graduate from Viborg High School this year and after that, she plans to take a sabbatical. -  Mette's got a lovely tone and quite a quirky voice. She probably didn't pick the most suiting song for her unique voice but she did well enough with it. I see a lot of potential in her husky voice, especially if she picks more indie songs like this one, which will set her apart from the other contestants. 1/4 - Team Sharin

Evi Jakobsen - 27 - "Nothing Compares 2 U" - Originally from the Faroe Islands, Evi is a mother of 3. She's been singing since the age of 2 and has played guitar since she was 15. - Nice rendition of this song. I'm getting a little tired of this covers but Evi's was very pretty. It reminded me to Bo Bruce's with a little less vibrato, though I really liked the little vibrato it had,  I actually wanted more. She could have gave the song more dynamics though cause it seemed it just stayed on a single note and didn't get anywhere.  2/4 - Team LOC

Andreas Odbjerg - 24 - "Musicology" - Since 19, he has been the lead singer of the band WE ARE, which are about to release their first album, and has played over 120 concerts over the past 5 years. He is also the lead singer of a trio named Bobby Johnson -  Despite starting weak, Andreas has to be one of the most interesting performers this show has. He moved in a rather quirky way, very weird indeed, but that made his whole audition even better. His tone is great but this was a bad song for him. Xander will have a hard time coaching him however, it seems it'll be hard to find the right song for  him. 2/4 - Team Xander

Celine Broadbent - 24 - "Sunday Morning" - Celine has performed and sung since high school and has lived in Los Angeles for 1.5 years. Today she works as a shop manager and is also a mother of a 2 y/o daughter. - Celine's audition was very cute but not very exciting. The problem is that she doesn't have a strong or powerful voice, her strength is her tone, so she should have picked a song more suitable to showcase it. This one made her just decent and I think she could've done much better indeed. 1/4 - Team Lene

Myanoa Schneider - 42 - "Move Over" - She has always sung and for the past 6 years she has been very focused on music. She sings about 10-15 concerts a year.  - I appreciate all the energy she put into her performance but her voice was too much for me.  There was a lot of screaming and while it sounded good, I couldn't stop thinking how intense it was, probably in a bad way. She's a great rock singer though, that's for sure.  1/4 - Team LOC

Anja Wedel - 31 - "Right Through You" - Anja started singing in school when she was 10 and then sang in the girls choir until she was 16. Since then, Anja sung in various bands, both covers and originals-  She¡s got a rather interesting voice. It seems she's attempting to become a rocker but yet, she fails at it. Her look is about right but her voice doesn't have enough grit to do so. I enjoyed it though, she could do some cool things with that voice. Lene hit her button right after she was done singing, so now her team has an extra member.  1/4 - Team Lene

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