64 contestants moved on but after the battles end only 5 per team will move on to the next round (I think that's right, this show is so confusing this year!) With the addition of a new twist, the steal, the losing battle contestants will have another shot to make it into the liveshows. Who'll crumble under the pressure? Who'll emerge victorious? ... This is The Voice!

Recap after the JUMP ...

Daniel Rosa vs Alexis Marceaux - "Whataya Want from Me" - Team Cee Lo - Cee Lo joke this song is the story of his life.He paired them together cause they have an indie vibe going and he thinks they can put an unique spin to the song. Alexis is worried that she's not gonna win this because Daniel's been here before (not really, he didn't get through) but Cee Lo assures her that he's not biased. Daniel has lots of confidence issues and doesn't want to sound bad so he's not willing to make big risks. Daniel's voice is really unique but I also think it's very polarizing, people will either love him or hate him. I love it but he was overthinking it a little, what he did sounded good but he didn't took any risks. Alexis isn't as unique as Daniel but her voice sounded rather beautiful and she hit every note perfectly. I'd go for Daniel cause I found him more interesting but I wouldn't be surprised if Cee Lo went for Alexis, cause she did great too. Cee Lo says he did see improvement in both of them. "I'm not classically trained but I'm flawed in a very fantastic way and I connected with Daniel". He can't believe it. No one steals Alexis.

Nicole Nelson vs Brandon Mahone - "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" - Team Adam - Adam calls this song one of the biggest duets of all time. He think they can make a good duet cause they compliment each other, Brandon is scared and Nicole is nurturing and loving. Adam tells Brandon he'll be upset if he doesn't start believing in himself even more. Mary can relate to his background. Adam thinks that with Nicole less is more. This is a boring dated song, Adam did an awful job by picking this song. They both sound good but I really don't care about any of them after this performance. I liked Nicole's audition and some of the things she did throughout the performance were impressive so I'll go for her based on that. Adam says he believes in both of them but he picks Nicole as the winner. The other judges don't steal Brandon.

Loren Allred vs Brian Scartocci - "Need You Now" - Team Adam - Don't care about any of them so I'm not pissed we missed this battle. I think this was the wrong song for both of them but I kinda preferred Loren, from that 10 seconds at least. Haha. Adam goes for Loren.

Cassadee Pope vs Ryan Jirovec - "Not Over You" - Team Blake - We are not seeing Cassadee's battle?! That does make me angry! The performance doesn't look very good though so them not showing the battle may be for the best. Cee Lo picks Cassadee. I'm worried she won't survive the knock out rounds though.

Joe Kirkland vs Samuel Mouton - "You Get What You Give" - Team Adam - I really enjoyed Samuel's battle so I'm a little angry we didn't see his battle too. He may be a bit of a one trick pony though. Adam picks Joe as the winner though.

Devyn DeLoera vs MarissaAnn - "Free Your Mind" - Team Christina - When MarissaAnn was a baby, she needed a liver transplant but thankfully her dad was a match. Christina says this a song they get to really attack aggressively. She thinks both have great voices and that the two of them tone wise may be able to be a good pairing. She thinks this song will gave them a playground of activity to really roar. Xtina wants to hear the rasp in their voices, not the squeaky clean version. I remember Devyn's audition to be incredibly annoying and we never really got to see MarissaAnn's but from what I saw tonight, the former is much more superior. MarissaAnn's voice has a more interesting tone and she actually hit the big notes perfectly. I still find the way Devyn moves around the stage annoying and exaggerated. To be honest, I don't care about their singing style but I preferred MarissaAnn here. Christina didn't though, cause she picks Devyn as the winner. Blake steals MarissaAnn, that was his last steal.

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