64 contestants moved on but after the battles end only 5 per team will move on to the next round (I think that's right, this show is so confusing this year!) With the addition of a new twist, the steal, the losing battle contestants will have another shot to make it into the liveshows. Adam will be joined by Mary J Blige, Blake by Michael Buble, Ceel by Rob Thomas and Christina will get the help of Billie Joe Armstrong. Who'll crumble under the pressure? Who'll emerge victorious? ... This is The Voice!

Recap after the JUMP ...

First of all, this is how the steal will work. When a contestant isn't chosen as the battle winner, the other three coaches will have the chance to steal them. If more than to coaches want the contestant, it's up to him/she to decide who to pick, as in the auditions. If no one wants to steal the battle loser, the contestant is eliminated. Each judge has two steals. When the battles come to an end, each team of 16 which will be down to 10, will have to face the "knockout" challenge, in which the remaining members will be paired once more but this time they'll alone. Then the judges will pick a duel winner, who'll move on to the liveshows. In the end, each team will be down to 5 contestants.

Terry McDermott vs Casey Muesiggman - "Carry On Wayward Son" - Team Blake - Terry feels incrediblly lucky to be instructed by two talented and experienced guys. Blake says he paired them together cause they both have loud, powerful singers with great pitch and both auditioned with rock songs. The big notes will give the edge to one of them. Michael wants Casey to change his techinque, he wants him to be a rocker and not a country singer. I really don't care about any of them but if I had to chose one, I'd go with Terry. He's just a better singer, he's got a bigger range, a more interesting tone and a incrediblly powerful voice. Casey did well enough with this rock song, I give him props for that, considering he's a country singer.  Terry definitely had the edge though. "Someday this will make sense but I think this battle comes down to Terry knows what his voice is a little bit more. He's the winner of this battle". Nobody tries to steal Casey, he's going home.

Bryan Keith vs Collin McLoughlin - "Santeria" - Team Adam - Adam thinks they are gonna put a great performance, so that's why he put them together. Bryan thinks the song fits his voice really well. Collin says he's been an underdog his entire life. "You've maybe the best pitch I've ever heard, that's a blessing and a curse because you also want to have the imperfections", Adam tells Collin. To be honest, I don't even remember Collin's audition but tonight, he totally impressed me. Adam was right, he's pitch is incredible. I also loved his tone, it was very soulful yet incrediblly reggae-ish. With that said, Bryan also sounded awesome and he gave one of my favourite auditions. He's a star, that raspy voice is unique, Adam can't lose him though I hope Collin is stolen. Adam says it comes down to the pearson who interpreted the song in a way that makes him wanna take him forward. He picks Bryan. Blake and Cee Lo want to steal Collin but he goes with Blake. Cee Lo thinks he could do something stranger with Diego so he ultimately picks him.

JR Aquino vs Diego Val - "Jessie's Girl" - Team Cee Lo - Cee Lo picked this song cause it's a classic and thinks their personalities will work with it. JR thinks he has the upper hand when it comes to covers cause he has the experience to learn songs fast. During rehearsals, JR seems to actually have the upper hand as he previously thought, with Diego struggling a lot to learn the lyrics. The song didn't do any favours to any of them. JR sounded really good but for some reason it was a little generic to me. He didn't seem to have any connection to the lyrics either. Diego's voice sounded weaker but his tone was more interesting and that high note at the end was really cool. Cee Lo feels like he can do something stranger with Diego, so he picks him. No one steals JR, I guess it's back to YouTube for him.

De'Borah vs Nelly's Echo - "Message in a Bottle" - Team Christina - Christina paired them together cause they are both unique characters, coming from different backgrounds, but backgrounds of struggle. Nelly thinks he can connect to the song cause he's a castaway. De'Borah says that she doesn't know most of the popular songs since she was raised in church. Billie thinks that even the mistakes De'Borah is making sound amazing. Nelly's voice sounded a little strange to me, it was way too forced and it went shrill at times. De'Borah's wasn't very strong either at first. They both got better towards the middle but to me De'Borah's soulful voice won this one, specially what she did with her voice at the end, which was crazy good. Christina says De'Borah reminded her to Lauryn Hill, while she felt Nelly could've restrained some things a little more. Eventually, she picks De'Borah as the winner. The other coaches pass on Nelly.

2Steel Girls vs Gracia Harrison - "Sin Wagon" - Team Blake - It's country yodeler vs country duo! Blake picked this song cause he wants to learn the most he can about the acts. Gracia  thinks this song suits her voice but she thinks going against two voices is a disadvantage. During rehearsals, Blake thinks that 2Steel Girls's vibrato isn't as country as it should be. He thinks they don't mesh together. This song is quite fast paced, so I guess it must have been hard for them. I think Blake could've picked a better song for them but they did sound good on it. I liked Gracia's tone a lot but I also enjoyed 2Steel Girls's voices. However, in the end, it didn't go anywhere for me. Blake says this decision is the toughest one in a while, he thinks Gracia brought way more confidence to the performance, so he declares her the winner. 2Steel Girls aren't stolen.

Amanda Brown vs Trevin Hunte - "Vision of Love" - Team Cee Lo - Cee Lo picked this song cause he thinks they represent the dynamic of Mariah Carey, power and control. He says he was blown away by Amanda's range. He says he was biased towards Trevin but Amanda is neck to neck with him now. Cee Lo regrets pairing the two together, he says he's mad. They both have a huge range but I preferred Amanda in this performance. She did felt a lot more comfortable with the song and her soulful voice did wonders with the bigger notes. Trevin was also incredible but I find his upper register a little to thin. Adam announces straight away that he's going to steal whoever Cee Lo doesn't pick. Cee Lo says he paired Amanda with Trevin cause he didn't realize how accomplished she was. He proceeds to pick Trevin with the other three all fighting for Amanda. She goes for Adam. "I know how to steal. I'm a good theft", he says.

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