With Allen Sta Maria's elimination last week, only 3 contestants remain and after tonight, one of the will be crowned the winner of the 1st season of the XF Philippines. Will it be the clear frontrunner throughout the competition, KZ Tandingan? Or teen heartthrob Gabriel Maturan? Or could dark horse Daddy's Home take the prize? ... It's time to face the muisc!

Recap after the JUMP ...

Gabriel Maturan


"I Believe" (Fantasia) - The little swag he had last week was taken away by this cheesy predictable song and despite I hate his song choice, I can't say he did a bad job with it. It started quite soft, I could barely listen his voice, but once he got to the chorus, it started getting better. He pulled some impressive notes, which I never thought he could tackle, but despite that, I still found this performance quite boring.

"The Man Who Can't Be Moved" (The Script) with Bamboo Mañalac - Bamboo's voice was pretty good but I was surprised Gabriel held strong against him. You'd think that an accomplished singer, who was a member of popular Filipino bands Rivermaya and Bamboo, as Bamboo will outsing a 19 y/o kid but surprisingly, Gabriel sounded amazing on this performance, heck he was even better than Bamboo. Props to him, this was his best performance of the competition.

"Go the Distance" (Roger Bart) with Martin Nievera - Cute performance but as it happened with Daddy's Home, it also sounded like something taken from a Disney's soundtrack, probably because it was indeed a Disney tune, from the movie Hercules. They sounded pretty well together but this was both dull and old fashioned. Sorry Gabriel, there's no way you could possibly win after this.

Daddy's Home


"Gaya ng Dati" (Gary Valenciano) - They really have no chance of winning and after this, if there ever was a possibility for them to end up second, it's just vanished. For some reason, I thought this was the Filipino take on a Disney song. Their vocal dynamics were pretty interesting but this just isn't a good song cause there's nothing current about it. And white suits? Really?

"Through the Fire" (Chaka Khan)  with Nina - Despite I've never heard of Nina before, I think I'm a fan now. This wasn't Daddy's Home performance, it was Nina's, with the guys being their backing singers. Her tone is fantastic, very sweet. They really improved towards the end, delivering some phenomenal notes and harmonies as they did in their first weeks of the competition.Great performance, I seriously loved that, however, I think it was a little too late for them to win.

"Man in the Mirror" (Michael Jackson) with Gary Valenciano - Compared to the previous duet, this fell short in comparison. Their voices sounded good but after what they did before, they just sounded weak and flat. Gary is an awful performer too, how is he even famous?

KZ Tandingan


"Superstar" (The Carpenters) - I left this one for last cause I knew it'd be a showstopper and I'm glad KZ didn't disappoint me. While it wasn't as outstanding as "In The End" was, she sang the song with conviction, her unique tone shone and she pulled some crazy notes. I think it stayed on the slow side a little too long but once she got it moving, she really delivered.

"The Way We Were" (Barbra Streisand) with Rico J. Puno - Why does she have to duet with such an old guy? Apparently, he's mostly known because of his version of this song. The performance was very jazzy and despite KZ sounded awesome on  it, it felt like a bar act, one you probably won't pay attention to. The bar staging didn't help either.

"The Way You Look Tonight" (The Lettermen) with Charice - I've been bashing Charice for her mentoring skills since the season started but being honest, she did a terrific work with KZ. It probably was because KZ's artistry was more clear than the other girls but either way, she did great with her song choices mainly. This performance was rather beautiful, very simple but yet powerful. I love how their voices sounded together.

And the Winner is ...


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