Musical TV shows are extremely popular right now. There's Idol, The Voice, The X Factor and many many more. A very interesting show is The Glee Project. A Glee spin off, TGP is slowly becoming even better and more exciting than his bigger brother. It's a crossover between musical and reality show full of bright young talents. The winner gets a role in Glee, the others a chance for the world to see them. And I wanted you to see this year's fan favourite, Nellie Veitenheimer, who happens to be my own favourite too. 

Right from the start she amazed everyone with her deep intriguing tone and as the show progressed we got to see her artistic, introverted personality. People fell in love with her voice and she developed a huge online fan base. Nellie is not only a brilliant singer but also a great songwriter. 

Her original song "Left" was written and recorded before the show aired. It's the story of a heartbroken girl (yeah, I know, typical but you might wanna listen to it). It's both deep and poetic and (do I have to mention this?) very well sang.

I guess the show did give her the right push (she in fact auditioned for The XF US Season 1 and was told to come back the following year because she lacked confidence) and now she's trying to pursue a career, releasing her new single "Lights". The song reached #3 on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts, which is quite an achievement if you ask me. "Lights" has layers of meaning and opens like a present box every time with a different surprise. I had it on repeat for a week and was inspired to write some lyrics of mine because of it. I love to listen to it when in need for a love song. For me it's a song about finding yourself and fighting the world, seeing the lights and knowing that everything well be bright  and solved.

Buy "Lights" HERE

Not only Nellie has a YouTube Channel full of covers but you can also watch her TGP performances on YouTube; including fan favourite "Milkshake", which features her unexpected sexy side. Nellie also runs a tumblr which contains some of her poetry

I really like Nellie's artistic view of things, her down-to-earth, cool personality and of course her powerful, unusual, emotive voice. Definitely hope to hear more from her in future.
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