The auditions brought us the addition of the Xs and the jokers. Tonight, we are presented to a whole new bootcamp stage! VOX is pulling all the stops to make the XF better but is it really succeeding at it? ... It's time to face the music!

Recap and videos after the JUMP ...


The acts crossed out are the acts we've seen performing.
  1. Andrew Steven Fischer
  2. Lucas Mohr
  3. Barne Heimbucher
  4. Aron Verfinger
  5. Vassili Lütke
  6. Christian Wittwer
  7. Arben Bozhlani
  8. Lavien Partawie
  9. Maximilian Bauer
  10. Richard Geldner 
  11. René Metzger

  1. Enya Maria Jost
  2. Melissa Heiduk
  3. Fabienne Bender
  4. Dana Weise
  5. Klementine Hendrichs
  6. Vanessa Zinnecker
  7. Arbesa Sinanaj
  8. Madeleine Apfel
  9. Jennifa I Gusti Bagus
  10. Lisa Aberer
  11. Anna Hodowaniec
  12. Alexandra Plattner
  13. Blen Baheru
  14. Emily Fröhling
  15. Chiara
  16. Alexia Drawhorn
  17. Loredana Giarraputo
  18. Melissa Simm
  19. Olivia Barbera
  20. Tracy Hosea
  1. JJ Jobbagy
  2. Anke Fiedler
  3. Janine Smith
  4. Björn Paulsen
  5. Colin Rich 
  6. Abdul-Hadi Arslan
  7. Sascha Miskovic
  8. Willy Hubbard
  9. Thierry Tzoumpe
  10. Koral Erbey
  11. Nicholas Gordon
  12. Oliver Heitmann

  1. Rune
  2. Mrs. Greenbird
  3. In My Days
  4. Swing Kids
  5. Josephine 
  6. YeoMan
  7. Die Mayers
  8. Binki sagt Buh!
  9. The Boptown Cats
  10. Swave
  11. aVid*
  12. Crow 7
I've no idea how this stage worked, apparently, two contestants sang the same song, one had a red X, the other one had a blue one. Then the judges voted, either with a red X or with a blue one. The one with the most Xs advances to the Judges Houses. In case of a tie, they've get to sing 30 seconds acapella, so the judges can decide. Too easy, right?

Richard Geldner vs  Arben Bozhlani - For Richard, this is the second time singing in German. He's surprisingly better than the first time around. His tone sounds a lot more interesting and he really connected with the lyrics. Arben on the other hand, totally bombed at his audition. Two lines in, he completely forgot the lyrics and started to turn green. It was painful to watch. Moses and HP vote for Richard, while Sandra, to everyone's shocker voted for Arben. In the end, Sarah decides to send Richard through. - VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2

Colin Rich vs Siham Aboud (27) - "Impossible" by Daniel Merriweather - I remember Colin being incredibly old fashioned but thankfully, this is a much more current song. His got soul and his voice really shone with this tune. He also looks better without the glasses, way younger. We've never seen Siham before but from what I've heard we weren't missing much. There's a smooth nice tone underneath but there were so many mistakes in that performance. She was very forgettable. All the judges vote to send Colin through. - VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

Sascha Miskovic vs Koral Erbey - "High and Dry" by Radiohead - Sascha was more surprising at his audition, with Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" but this performance was still quite beautiful. He's got a relaxed and soothing style and his tone is rather interesting. Koral's performance was a major improvement over his audition. His voice wasn't completely flat as it was in the past and his tone really shone through. He also hit the big notes perfectly. A very impressive performance. The judges better keep him. The judges have a hard decision ahead. Sandra gives Sascha and X, while Moses and HP go for Koral. Sarah is once again left to decide, she votes for Sascha. It's a tie. Sarah tells them that they'll be singing one more time acapella. Koral sings Amanda Marshall's "Let it Rain" and his voice doesn't sound as musical as it did before though he was on pitch. Sascha sings "Blinded By The Days" an original. Good song though I'm not a fan of the melody, it sounded weird for a reason, his voice wasn't at is best either. HP changes his vote, so Sascha goes through while Koral is sent home. - VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

Lisa Aberer vs Arbesa Sinanaj - "Fields of Gold" by Sting - I called Lisa bland during her audition but this has to be one of my favourite performances so far. She did a gorgeous interpretation of this song with her soulful jazzy tone. I really want to see her again. Arbesa is a solid singer but her voice sounded pitchy multiple times and that was also the case at her audition. She looks extremely nervous and that makes her voice shaky. This was better though, much better, and it's undeniable that she's talented. Sandra gives the first X to Arbesa, with Sarah, Moses and HP giving it to Lisa. That means Lisa is moving on to the next round! -  VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

Swing Kids vs Mrs. Greenbird - "Your're The One That I Want" - Swing Kids was my favourite group during the audition but I also really liked Mrs Greenbird, so I'm quite pissed they are paired together. Swing Kids's take on the song is quite different, very swing-y indeed. The arrangement really worked here. Mrs Greenbird's version is rather unique too. She sounds a lot like Julia Stone tonight, I quite love it. If I had to pick one of them, I think I'll go with Mrs Greenbird. Their version of the song was fantastic. HP gives a blue X and so do Sarah and Sandra. Mrs Greenbird is already going through but Moses also gives them an X. -  VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

Lucas Mohr vs Aron Verfinger - "Cello" by Udo Lindenberg & Clueso - I really enjoyed Lucas's audition but unfortunately, this wasn't the right song for him. He's tone is really good but he sounded a little lost, despite I enjoyed it. The song felt much better on Aron but he doesn't have an unique tone as Lucas does. That said, his performance was much more interesting for some reason, probably because the song fit him better. Moses gives Aron the first X and so does HP. Sarah gives it to Lucas. Sandra is left to decide and she gives her X to Aron. That means Lucas is out of the competition. Oh well. -  VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

Thomas Bobert (22) vs Lavien Partawie - "The Scientist" by Coldplay - He starts very decently but then starts forgetting the lyrics and the performance is a complete mess. We already know Lavien will be going through even before he sings. I remember liking him but his voice sounds completely annoying tonight and there was an excessive amount of vibrato in his performance. I still maintain what I said before, he's really interesting. The judges all give Lavien an X. -  VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

The Boptown Cats vs Rune - "Dance With Somebody" by Mando Diao - This song is awful for either of the bands. I've no idea why the judges picked it. The Boptown Cats's version was rather original. They performed a rockabilly version of the song and surprisingly, it worked. They can definitely arrange a song to fit their style plus they look as if they were having so much fun! Rune's version was also very good. I hated them on their audition but this was much more superior to it, the lead also has a phenomenal voice, which he didn't showcase well before. I still feel the screams were unnecessary. It wasn't even pleasant. The judges all pick Rune to move on. -  VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

Swave vs Black Tequila - "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley - They are both new to me. I couldn't find Swave's audition and Black Tequila wasn't featured before. Swave sounded shouty to me but the lead's vocal was strong. Black Tequila's performance was weird, it was like Rune meets an orchestra. The screams and the violin really didn't work. HP, Sarah and Sanadra go for Swave, while Moses gives his X to Black Tequila.  -  VIDEO

Galina Moiseenkova (26) vs JJ Jobbagy - "Drops of Jupiter" by Train - Galina's been living in Germany since 2011. That's why her pronunciation is so bad. She's a decent singer but there's nothing interesting about her. JJ's a much better performer and has a better voice. He did forgot all the lyrics and looked extremely lost but he kept singing. Backstage, Galina says it seems he already decided not to remember the lyrics, cause he didn't sang any of them right but she does love his voice. I'm not sure he deserves to move on after that. HP, Moses and Sarah give him an X despite he barley remember a word, that's gotta suck for Galina and is also a little unfair. -  VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

Alexia Drawhorn vs Enya Maria Jost - "Perfect World" by Gossip - None of them has the voice to take on this song but if any of the girls is gonna sound half decent on it, it's Alexia. Unfortunately, she forgets the lyrics and her performance is kind of a trainwreck. The lines she did sang sounded great though, I really like her voice. Enya basically got through cause her performance was hilarious but tonight, she's giving Alexia a run for her money. She's actually sounding quite terrific on this huge song and though her voice sounds unpleasant at times and she can be a bit exaggerated while performing, she was indeed better than Alexia. Sarah and HP pick Enya, while Sandra and Moses goes for Alexia. Another tie. Enya sings "Teenage Dirtbag" and sounds like a dying cat until she started hitting the bigger notes and the performance gets really better. Alexia sings "Praise on the Inside" and does wonderful with it. She does have a gorgeous soulful tone and a really powerful voice. Sarah ultimately changes her vote and Alexia goes through. -  VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

Vanessa Zinnecker vs Fabienne Bender - "Himmel auf" by Silbermond- Vanessa forgets the lyrics instantly and has to stop singing. The judges give her a second chance to start and they let her read the lyrics. Better but she's still messing up. The song seems really hard on the other hand so it wasn't really her fault it was a trainwreck. Fabienne manages to remember the lyrics but her voice doesn't sound special at all. The problem is the song, which is honestly awful. The bigger notes sounded better on Vanessa but Fabienne managed to remember the lyrics, so who'll the judges pick? They give the edge to Fabienne and it's understandable cause Vanessa messed up badly. -  VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

Aciel Martinez Pol (22) vs Christian Wittwer - "Payphone" - Aciel is off to a bad start. He begins to sing but then has to stop. He's all over the place and never really remembers the lyrics. Christian had this won, unelss he also is a mess. Surprisingly, he also starts singing, then has to stop. He's also a mess, even worse than Aciel, he had to stop 3 times. He then says that isn't his song, and he begins singing a different song in German, which is equally awful. Both contestants deserve to go home and that's exactly what happens. I guess the boys will be having just 5 acts. -  VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

Anke Fiedler vs Janine Smith - "Perfect World" - This is a great song for Anke, unfortunately, what she did with it was more than dissapointing. She was very pitchy and was off tune most of the time. The big notes sounded great but it was quite mediocre. Janine isn't much better either but at least she sounds more consistent throughout the performance. Her bigger notes are shorter and weaker though and there's really nothing interesting to her voice. Moses goes with Janine, while HP goes for Anke. Unfortunately, Sarah and Sandra both go for Janine too, which seals Anke's fate. -  VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

Andrew Steven Fischer vs Maximilian Bauer - "Eiserner Steg" - Andrew gave one of the best auditions while Maximilian only got through cause he won HP's Joker, so I'd bet Andrew'll win this one. This is a very pretty song and Andrew is doing beautifully with it. His tone is terrific, they'd be stupid to let him go. Maximilian's version of the song is completely different and not in a good way. There's no musicality in his version, it's just a weird deep tone. Just an awful cover. The judges seem to agree with me, well all of them but HP, after all, it'd be stupid for him not to vote for his own wildcard. VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

Binki sagt Buh! vs Josephine - "Gewinner" - I don't like this song much, it sounds old. Not really a fan of Binki sagt Buh! either, they aren't very interesting and the lead's voice is just average. They didn't do anything different with the song either. I enjoyed Josephine's version much more,  mainly beacuse the singer had a much stronger voice. Still don't like the song but they at least make it sound better. Moses, Sandra and Sarah gave their vote to Josephine while HP decided to go for Binki sagt Buh! VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

Oliver Heitmann vs Björn Paulsen - "Junimond" - Oliver sounds boring, it even seems he's boring himself. Sharah looks at her nails, HP looks at his notes. SARAH YAWNS. That says it all. I really liked Björn's audition but I think the problem is the song choice, cause he also sounds a little boring. At least he have it more dynamics than Oliver, adding some big notes here and there. He's the clear winner and all the judges agree with that. VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

Melissa Heiduk vs Emily Fröhling - "Chasing Pavements" - Good tone though her voice is a bit soft for me, at least at the start. She gains some confidence as it progresses, she even gets Moses a bit teary. It wasn't that great honestly but she did sound very good. I like Emily's version a lot more, specially her gorgeous tone. Her voice is more powerful and despite she's almost 6 years younger than Melissa, she really emoted the song perfectly. Moses was shown tearing again. Stop it! HP gives his X to Melissa, with Sarah picking Emily. Sandra also thinks Melissa did better. Moses is left to decide, she almos cried with both girls, but ultimately, he goes with Melissa. I personally think Emily did a lot better. VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

In My Days vs aVid* - "Baby One More Time" - Why do covers of this song all sound the same? That said, I found myself enjoying In My Days version a lot, moving my head and even singing a little. However, I liked aVid*'s version much more, to my surprise. They did something different with it and I thought the lead's voice was better than In My Day's. The judges all agree that aVid' was better, sending them through to the next round. VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

Micha Scheffler (29) vs Willy Hubbard - "Last Request" - Micha sounded really great until he forgot the lyrics, Willy sounded good too but I prefer Micha's tone. To my surprise, he also forgot the lyrics, I bet Micha was relived. All of them but Moses pick Willy though.  VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2

Felicitas Paula Kadelke (20) vs Anna Hodowaniec - "Next To Me" - Both girls are reading the lyrics, which is actually very unfair. Felicitas sounds great though, I wonder why we didn't see her before. However, Anna is much more superior. She's got a crazy voice and she hit some impressive big notes, though she was off on one. We see Klementine backstage saying she gave her goosebums all over her body. It's an easy decision for the judges, with all picking Anna. VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

René Metzger vs Barne Heimbucher - "Dedication To My Ex" - I don't like René's voice much, it's way too femenine He did a good job with the song but I wasn't impressed. I prefer Barne's version just cause I like his tone more and his attitude is great but his falsetto sounded a bit weird. I hate this song, that's it. The judges all give the edge to Barne and I'm glad they did! VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

Tula Troubles vs Die Mayers - "Little Talks" - I loved Die Mayers during their audition but for some reason their performance wasn't as outstanding tonight. I still love their folky vibe and her gorgeous tone. Tula Troubles was actually quite impressive but their performance was a little messy. It was definitely the wrong song for both of them. Moses goes with Tula Troubles, while the rest of the judges decide to send Die Mayers through. VIDEO

Loredana Giarraputo vs Klementine Hendrichs - "Born To Die" - This is a great song for Klementine, unfortunately, I don't think it fit Loredana as much. She sounded weak and her tone wasn't special enough to sell this performance to me. Yes, it was nice but it could've been better. It improved a lot towards the end, but was it enough? Klementine lost her voice, was reading the lyrics and also forgot the lyrics once or twice, and yet, I still prefered her version to Loredana's. Her tone couldn't properly shine but the raspiness her sore throat added to the performance made it interesting. Thankfully, they decide to give her another chance, and both girls are sent through to the next round! VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2

Top 24

  1. Richard Geldner
  2. Aron Verfinger
  3. Lavien Partawie
  4. Andrew Steven Fischer 
  5. Barne Heimbucher

  1. Lisa Aberer
  2. Alexia Drawhorn
  3. Fabienne Bender
  4. Melissa Heiduk
  5. Anna Hodowaniec 
  6. Klementine Hendrichs
  1. Colin Rich
  2. Sascha Miskovic
  3. JJ Jobbagy
  4. Janine Smith
  5. Björn Paulsen
  6. Willy Hubbard 

  1. Mrs Greenbird
  2. Rune
  3. Swave
  4. Josephine 
  5. aVid*
  6. Die Mayers
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