Soul singer Angel Tupai was sent packing after ending in the B2 last week with Samantha Jade, who was also in the B2 for the second time. Tonight, the remaining 7 contestants will be singing songs from the past 5 years, so we can finally expect some current songs from The Collective and Jason!  ... It's time to face the music!

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"You Make Me Feel..." - 9/10 - They have already bested YMS position, which I predicted they would. Now, I don't really know how much longer will they last. Sammi says that Fortunate are nerdy boys. Ronan disagrees. What they do on their intro proves otherwise though. Haha. Fortunate is gonna be dancing and singing this week but Ronan doesn't want it to affect their vocals, so he made them run the field while singing the song. I'm glad to say that it totally payed off. Their vocals were spot on and for the first time this season they managed to combine the dancing and the singing, without ruining their vocals. The performance was really impressive and it was definitely their best so far. For once, Ronan picked the right song for them and they delivered.

Jason Owen


"You Belong with Me" - 4,5/10 - The contestants describe Jason as a "true Aussie bloke". Mel thinks this song is gonna prove how current Jason can be. Or if you want to be more accurate, how awful he can be. I'd have never expected Jason to sing Taylor Swift. And it hurts me to say that he actually sounded alright with it. I still hate his tone and his annoying pronunciation but I felt he was actually on pitch tonight. However, he was boring and very forgettable and the styling was quite awful. I expect some girls to vote for him given that he's singing Taylor but he also performed very early on the show so his fate is very unpredictable right now.

Shiane Hawke


"Hometown Glory" - 5/10 - Shiane will be singing Adele this week, which she's really excited about. She's a huge Adele fan apparently. She says it's scary to be taking on her cause she's such a big hit right now. Nat picked a great song for Shiane but unfortunately, her voice didn't really stand out this week. She's been one of the weakest from the get go but she's always been good enough, tonight, she was just barely decent. She got off to a great start but the second she got to the chorus her annoying goaty tone began to pierce my ears. That chorus was too big for her voice. It's true that she sounds a lot like Adele but many other people do to and the truth is that Shiane isn't ready. She will in some years but not now. Her terrified face also threw me off a bit. I agreed with everything the judges said (but Nat obviously) tonight. It must be hard to give this girl a critique, every time they try to criticize her eyes begin to get teary. She needs to learn how to take critiques. Will this finally be the week she hits the B2?

Nathaniel Willemse


"Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)" - 7/10 - Nathaniel and Jason are really good mates. I'd have never guessed that one. Guy chose this song cause it's perfect for Nathaniel to show his sexy side. Not sure that's true Guy. This was an awful choice for him. His vocals were uneven and though I loved his tone during the first lines of the song but when the tempo got faster and he started jumping around the stage, he lost me a little. The problem is that the song really sucks and the verses aren't really good, nor the chorus, but that one at least allowed Nathaniel to show his voice a bit more. I'm worried about him, hopefully he can avoid the B2.

The Collective


"Lego House" - 7/10 - Apparently Zach is naked all the time. That's stooping low lads, a desperate attempt to get people to vote for them, bet it was all Ronan's idea. They will be singing a ballad this week. "Every girl wants a bit of romance, can they do romance?", Mel says. Will is taking the lead tonight. His voice sounds beautiful in the slow verses but when he gets to the fastest lines, he mumbles them a little and his voice sounds really weak. Still, he was the best thing about this performance was William, as usual. The other members were just ok. Trent hit a big note but it sounded screechy to me. The other three didn't do much, they looked like backing singers and Zach looked completely lost the few times the camera focused on him. Their harmonies weren't perfect and it was a little boring but besides that, this was their best performance in weeks. A step in the right direction.

Bella Ferraro


"Shake It Out" - 7,5/10 - She's described as very laid back by her fellow contestants. She literally rehearses in her pajamas. Nat says that she wanted Bella to sing this song from the very beginning but it hadn't fit the theme until now. (It did the first week) Mel's been wanting Bella to sing Florence for weeks but I bet this wasn't the song she wanted her to sing. Nat picked the wrong Florence song for Bella. This song is way too big for anyone, even for Florence, who doesn't sound perfect on this song live either.  Her voice sounded gorgeous on the verses but it kinda flunked during the chorus. I love Bella so I still liked this performance but I admit it wasn't her best. And what happened to the stage tonight? Nat always does a great job with it and tonight it looked tacky.

Samantha Jade


"Scream"  - 10/10 - "This is your week. People are gonna find that Samantha Jade edge", Guy says. She's given her Usher. Mel thinks this is Sammi's last chance to prove she can be edgy. She danced, she sang and she looked hot as hell tonight. Mel wanted edgy and Samantha gave her an absolute star. This was a total showstopper, I've no idea why she keeps ending in the B2 cause she's got everything it takes to be a worldwide act. Amazing performance, her best so far and by far the best of the night. As soon as she's done singing, Ronan, Guy and Nat give her a standing o, with Mel rushing on stage to hug her.

  1.  Samantha Jade 
  2. Fourtunate 
  3.  Bella Ferraro 
  4. Nathaniel Willemse 
  5.   The Collective
  6. Shiane Hawke 
  7.  Jason Owen
B2 Prediction: 

Nathaniel Willemse/Jason Owen/Shiane Hawke
(This was a hard week to predict, I've no idea who will it be, but I think it may be a combination of this three, wishing it's Jason and Shiane)


Either Jason or Shiane


Bottom 2:

Bella Ferraro

I guess I suck at predicting this, right? Well, Australian voters are the ones who suck. Jason and Shiane both safe? Are you fucking serious? I'm starting to believe they'll be the last acts standing and that'd really be a disgrace. I'm not surprised Fourtunate are in the B2, they performed first and despite they were great, they'd already been here. Bella totally shocked me. I never expected her to be here, hopefully the judges will save her.

Fourtunate - "Man In The Mirror" - The best thing about them are their harmonies so it's not a surprise that they did it a lot during this performance. They are great singers and definitely didn't deserve to be here but they sounded a little boring to me tonight, maybe because the song wasn't current nor had any dancing. They sounded fantastic though.

Bella Ferraro - "Tonight" - A very fitting song for a sing-off. Haha. I didn't like the song choice much though but I admit her voice sounded gorgeous on it. Her tone is just incredible and her voice is really mesmerizing. She's the most unique by far in this competition and if the judges let her go I wouldn't forgive them.

Guy: "This is tough because I think both of you guys did awesome last night and I'd also say I don't think neither of you should be in the B2. My decision is based on how special the performance is and I feel like in this industry you need to have something extremely special, that stands out, and both of you have had those performances. The act that I'm sending home is Fortunate."
Nat: "Fortunate, I hate that you guys are up there. Bella, I couldn't even string a sentence together when I was introducing you before cause I adore you, I feel like we are not done yet. Therefore, the act that I'm sending home is Fortunate."
Ronan: "We are not looking for a voice, we are looking for the XF. We are looking for an act that can dance, that can sing, that can own the stage. Bella, your voice is incredible but can you stand on stages with the Adeles of this world? I'm not so sure. Fortunate, you work so hard, Australia needs a band like you guys. Therefore the act that I'm sending home is Bella"
Mel: "Fortunate, I think you guys are already in your element, you are harmonizing great, you are already there. I do think Bella, have we seen the best of you yet? I think we saw it very, very early on. So for me, I am super torn. I have to go on with what I've always been  about in the very beginning, I want to follow somebody's journey and I wanna see them develop more, so the person I'm sending home is Fortunate"



Well, this was very predictable. (I don't know how I didn't get it right) Fortunate should be proud, they topped YMS place, and managed to survive most of their journey without ending in the B2. They were toast the moment they hit the bottom with Bella, which is one of the judges favourites, had they been in the bottom with say Shiane or Jason, I bet they would've survived.
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