64 contestants moved on but after the battles end only 5 per team will move on to the next round (I think that's right, this show is so confusing this year!) With the addition of a new twist, the steal, the losing battle contestants will have another shot to make it into the liveshows. Who'll crumble under the pressure? Who'll emerge victorious? ... This is The Voice!

Recap after the JUMP ...

Liz Davis vs Nicole Johnson - "Baggage Claim" - Team Blake - Liz was extremely thankful Michael Buble is her mentor, she thinks he has one of the most beautiful voices. Blake feels he filled his team up of country singers, so he's got to start making some cuts. "My goal every year is to find that great country singer" He wants to see some attitude when they perform their song. Blake thinks that Liz has reached a point in her life when this needs to happen now if it's ever going to. This pairing made a lot of sense, considering how similar both of them sound. Country music isn't really my thing but if I had to pick one of them, I'd probably go for Liz. She's a more developed artist and her voice is more mature, plus I found Nicole's voice a little annoying, her tone is too piercing for me. Nicole is more ready than her, so this is a very easy decision for Blake, he picks Liz. No one steals Nicole.

Kayla Nevarez vs Alessandra Guercio - "Wide Awake" - Team Adam - Adam says that when people sing together you want them to connect with each other, he paired them together cause he wanted to give an incredible performance. He thinks Kayla's strength is in her power, while Alexandra's is in her precision. Kayla is one of my favourites. Her voice is really something special, she's got a gorgeous tone and a very sweet voice. I loved what she did at the very end. Alessandra on the other hand is way too rehearsed, her every move looks planned. Adam felt insecurity in Alessandra. He tells Kayla to remember to be humble. He picks Kayla as the winner. Alessandra is stolen by Christina. She says she just wants to support her and that no woman should feel unconfident about herself.

Mycle Wastman vs Ben Taub - "Too Close" - Team Cee Lo - I didn't think they were gonna montage Mycle and I actually would've liked to see this battle, after all I love this song. Mycle is the clear winner of this battle.

Michelle Brooks-Thompson vs Adanna Duru - "Crazy in Love" - Team Adam - Both are soul singers so this made a lot of sense. Adanna's voice sounded a little weak for what I heard, while Michelle sounded like the typical powerhouse vocalist. Adam picks Michelle.

Laura Vivas vs Beat Frequency - "Poker Face" - Team Christina - Laura is a strong singer and though I liked the duo's audition, I think she won this one. Christina goes for Laura though I was actually expecting her to go for Beat Frequency.

MacKenzie Bourg vs Emily Earle - "Good Time" - Team Cee Lo - Emily started playing in coffee shops when she was a senior. When high school ended she decided to move to New York and when she saved enough money she moved to Nashville. Cee Lo paired them together cause he likes the youthfulness and energy they bring. Emily feels this song is totally out of her comfort zone. MacKenzie says he always plays an instrument, that's who he is apparently. Cee Lo wants him to perform without his guitar. He's clearly uncomfortable without it but he hid it pretty well. I like his voice but he did some weird things with his voice that sounded unpleasant. The songs didn't do any favours to Emily, and despite she did sound well with it, her distinctive americana style couldn't really be appreciated. There wasn't enough chemistry between the two of them either, bad pairing Cee Lo. He thinks MacKenzie could do a lot more things variety wise, so he picks him as the winner despite his mixed emotions about who to pick. Emily isn't stolen.

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