64 contestants moved on but after the battles end only 5 per team will move on to the next round (I think that's right, this show is so confusing this year!) With the addition of a new twist, the steal, the losing battle contestants will have another shot to make it into the liveshows. Who'll crumble under the pressure? Who'll emerge victorious? ... This is The Voice!

Recap after the JUMP ...

Adriana Louise vs Jordan Pruitt - "Hot n Cold" - Team Christina - Xtina thinks they are classic born to do it pop stars. She thinks this song is a great fit for them. Christina wants them to be more aggressive with the song, she says it's kind of a cutesy melody right now. Jordan feels this opportunity is her second chance. This was a pretty entertaining battle. Both of them are on a same playing field. While Jordan's tone is a lot more interesting than Adriana's, Adriana is a much more intense performer, I really like the way she attacks those notes but it was a little too much at times. I actually enjoyed Jordan's version a lot more, those ad libs she added and some of the liberties she took with the melody were really pretty. Unfortunately, Christina predictably picks Adriana as the battle winner and no one steals Jordan. (Insert sad face here) Blake says if he had a steal he would've stolen her.

Michaela Paige vs Kelly Crapa - "I Hate Myself For Loving You" - Team Blake - It's the battle of the fodders! We barley saw both of this girls before, so I couldn't care less who wins this battle cause we all know the winner won't get very far. Kelly volunteers by singing at charity events. Michaela hosts her own radio show  and looks and sounds like a Pink rip off. Blake says he's been looking forward to see them. He thinks the song he picked is a good mix for both of them. Don't like this song for any of them. It's too big for Kelly but despite that, she did impressively well with it. I really loved the country grit to her voice. Michaela has a big set of pipes but her style is distracting, she needs to tone it down. I think I'd pick Kelly. Blake says that when you are in the mid teens a year can make a huge difference and that Michaela had a little more edge, so he picks her. Kelly isn't stolen.

Avery Wilson vs Chevonne - "Titanium" - Team Cee Lo - Cee Lo paired them together cause he felt a dramatic quality in their voices . He thinks they'll work great with each other. He says this song is a challenge because the high notes are so killer and it takes real skill to execute them. Chevonne kills it during rehearsals, Avery totally tanks. Cee Lo picked a fantastic song but the problem with it is that it's extremely hard to sing live. Chevonne's range is impressive, she hit those high notes flawlessly and was on pitch for most of the performance. Avery was surprisingly great on this too. He's been one of my favourite from the get go so I was pleased he delivered as he did. Those dance moves at the end were pretty cool too. I'd definitely go for Avery. Cee Lo thinks that despite Avery did less than Chevonne, it was all in the right places, as opposed to Chevonne doing so much stage wise, which made the performance suffer. Cee Lo picks Avery as the winner. Christina uses the last steal on Chevonne.

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