You might remember Nicole from her recent stint on The Voice of Sweden's inaugural season. She was one of Ola Salo's acts and got to the semi-finals thanks to her quirky style. With the help of her mentor, Nicole presents us her debut single, "Unseen Footage From A Forthcoming Funeral", which was composed by The Ark's frontman himself and released this past October 17.  But if you are expecting the indie goddess that wowed us with her heart wrenching performances, prepare yourself to be disappointed. That doesn't mean that this isn't a little gem, it's just something completely different from what you, and I, were expecting. It's a quick-paced alternative rock track, presented in a very Lana Del Rey-ish way, with a black and white music video with lots of footage, which sounds about right looking at the song's title. Nicole's range has always been impressive and here her voice's also got a sassy punk I've never seen on her before. Add to that the surprising catchiness of this song, and you could have a hit.

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