There were no major shockers during bootcamp, with most of the fan favourites making it through. Now the remaining 24 contestants will be joining their mentors at their houses. The Girls will be mentored by Andreas who'll be helped by Axwell from Swedish House Mafia, the  Boys by Ison with the support of Stor and Leona Lewis, the  Overs by Orup joined by Eric Gaad and the Groups will be coached by Marie who's getting help from EMD. Will the judges make the right decision? Will your faves move on to the liveshows? ... It's time to face the music!

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124 contestants have made it to bootcamp but only 24 will move on to the Judges Houses. Here's a list of the contestants we've seen during the auditions, divided into their categories.

  1. Isak Danielson
  2. Lukas Wallströmer
  3. Oscar Zia
  4. Malcolm Brandin
  5. Simon Issa
  6. Adam Kanyama

  1. Frida Sandén
  2. Sara Nutti
  3. Juliette Holmqvist
  4. Manda Nilsénius
  5. Sabina Ddumba
  6. Awa Santesson-Sey
  1. Freja Modin
  2. Benny Hult
  3. Sofia Emefors
  4. Kristin Amparo
  5. Alexander Holmgren
  6. Christine Zakrisson

  1. Njoy
  2. Fusion
  3. Natural Blondes
  4. JEM
  5. Hey Mary
  6. Sentiment Falls

Simon Issa - "Fuck You" - I like the fact that he sang the "Fuck You" version of the song though it might have been a little awkward for him to do that in front of three important people. Simon's voice is rather jazzy but he showed a lot of soul there. I'm not sure if there's much star potential there. He needs a makeover for sure.

Isak Danielson - "Bad Day" - He probably had my favourite audition but his bootcamp performance was far from stellar. He really needs to step it up tonight. Some bad notes aside, Isak delivered a very solid performance. His voice needs work but there're not many 14 y/o with such a powerful soulful voice. No matter how much improvement he needs, Ison can't let him go, his voice is too special to go to waste.

Adam Kanyama - Despite I'm Adam's fan, I can't help noting that he seems like he doesn't really want to be here, his got an "I'm too good for this" attitude. Maybe he doesn't but that's what it looks like to me. His raps are great though and I fully enjoy them. His flow is really cool too. (Yeah, I just learnt what that means. Haha) He's talented and deserves a place in the show.

Lukas Wallströmer - "Ain't No Sunshine" - He's a firecracker, he's probably the life and soul of the party. His performances are a little oversang but he's got such a huge voice that he can afford doing that. I loved his vibrato in this performance though it was indeed very shaky as Leona pointed out.

Oscar Zia - "Teenage Dream" - Oscar's a good singer but his performance was just weird. I was enjoying his vocals until he started moving, I've no idea what he was doing. I could see the teens voting for him though, he's not only cute but he's got the cheesy moves they love. He's like a Swedish Bieber who can actually sing.

Malcolm Brandin -He wrote his rap in Swedish cause he didn't know Leona was gonna be here. She says it's cool. He starts rapping but completely blacks out. It's a mess. Ison asks him to leave and come back when he's calmed down. His second try is much better, well, anything would've been better than the first try. It sounded really good, really good. He's got the attitude but what if this happens during the liveshows?


Freja Modin - I'm not sure how I feel about this song. For what I saw at her audition I was expecting a cool blond rocker but what I saw tonight left me a little disappointed, probably cause it didn't match my expectations cause honestly she did sound phenomenal. There was a lot of connection to the lyrics and most importantly she showed a different side, she's really versatile and that could be a good asset come the liveshows.

Alexander Holmgren - "Free Fallin" - His performance was missing the grit and rawness his audition had but that doesn't mean it wasn't as good as his former performance. This was a more vulnerable side of Alexander and one I really like. By the way, what's going on with the Overs tonight? Are they all singing sob songs or what?

Sofia Emefors - "Unfaithful" - What's going on with her outfit? It just looks wrong. And that's about the only thing that was a mistake in her performance. Sofia is a phenomenal singer, very technical, and she's got a very pleasant RnB tone. Despite all that, I'm not sure Orup will put her through since she was previously montaged and not featured much, yet, she was the best so far.

Kristin Amparo - "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses" - She went from delivering a stellar audition to totally blacking out during bootcamp. The judges gave her a second chance, unfortunately, I don't think she made a good use of it. She picked a dated song choice and the performance felt boring, despite her voice sounded really beautiful, specially at the end.

Christine Zakrisson - "I would do anything for love" - This was definitely the most gorgeous performance so far. Christine's voice was breathtaking. Her tone was crystal clear and she sang this song flawlessly. Orup looked really moved by her performance. Can he justify cutting Christine after this phenomenal cover?

Benny Hult - "The Boys Of Summer" - Awful song choice. He didn't even try making it contemporary. Nice singing but compared to all the other acts in the category, he was just mediocre and old fashioned. His audition showed promise but this didn't at all.


Juliette Holmqvist - "True Colors" - I love this girl's tone but for some reason, her voice always sounds strange to me and also a little forced. That said, I enjoyed her performance. It was quite impressive, specially cause it allowed her to show her gorgeous tone.

Frida Sandén - "Go Your Own Way" - I really don't like it when people sing this song. It always sound the same and it's never as good as Fleetwood Mac's. Frida's version was good though, not great, cause the song was wrong for her, but she is a good singer. Her voice isn't the most original but she does have talent.

Manda Nilsénius - "Euphoria" - Definitely the best performance so far. There's something about Manda that really intrigues me. She sounds a little like Frida but is way more interesting. Her vibrato was gorgeous too, not shaky as Lukas's before, but controlled. She can be a contender if given the right songs.

Sara Nutti - "Fireflies" - I've no idea why she picked this song but I'm glad she did cause her voice made me love a song I really hate. I was in awe her whole performance. She's so quirky, it's like my perfect contestant. Plus she wasn't as shaky as I felt her during bootcamp. I'd be pissed if Andreas lets her go. Like super pissed.

Sabina Ddumba - "Woman" - Best judges houses performance. She completely nailed that song, it seemed she was singing her own song rather than doing a cover. Her tone is precious, her voice is full of soul and she can deliver a song with feeling. A total showstopper.

Awa Santesson-Sey - "Dancing on my Own" - Awa's got a great talent for someone so young but unlike Sabina, she lacks the maturity to emote the songs properly. Her voice is also a little childish and while it's really good right now, it'll be a lot better in some years. However, I fear Andreas may pick Awa over Sabina, just cause she's younger and could get some more teen votes. I hope he doesn't.


Njoy - "No Scrubs" - This performance was surprisingly quite good. I've not many expectations for them but this was a pretty nice surprise. They've got really cool voices and their choreography was in sync and quite sexy. The rapper did a good job too.

Natural Blondes - "Not Ready to Make Nice" - This will be the second time we'll see them performing together. The first performance was just ok but this one is quite great. They look like a group, mainly cause they are all blond but they also sound like one. They are not really there yet but if they sound like this in their second performance I wonder how they'll sound with more time.

Sentiment Falls - "Moves Like Jagger" - I wasn't expecting this song from this two. That said, it was a nice surprise. They are good singers though they didn't sound very cohesive at times. I also don't see as much potential in them as I see in other groups like Natural Blondes. I think they've already reached their peak.

J.E.M. - "Just Can't Get Enough" - I'm shocked how cohesive this three are considering it's their first time performing together. The surprise was Margime, I was really impressed by both her rap and attitude. Jeremie was also really solid, though his style is a bit weird. Ellie reminded me to Sia, very, very good vocals from her. This one is a lock.

Fusion - "Till The World Ends" - They surely look stunning but the cold truth is that their voices aren't as strong as they need to be. Their moves were out of sync at times and their voices were off too. Despite this was still a major improvement from their audition, Fusion isn't the best girlband possible, and compared against Njoy, the truth is that the former win.

Hey Mary - "Be My Baby" -At first it felt like it was going to be a dull performance but when they got to the chorus and started singing together, their gorgeous harmonies started to shine. They are old school  but they sounded much better than more contemporary groups like Fusion and Njoy. Imagine if they could give this same treatment to a contemporary song? Jackpot.

Top 12

  1. Isak Danielson
  2. Oscar Zia
  3. Malcolm Brandin

  1. Frida Sandén
  2. Manda Nilsénius
  3. Awa Santesson-Sey
  1. Freja Modin
  2. Benny Hult
  3. Alexander Holmgren

  1. Njoy
  2. Hey Mary
  3. JEM
(I'm pissed)

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