UPDATE: Yoli won't be writing this until the auditions are over cause she can't find the videos. She'll write The Best of the Blind Auditions instead.

The Voice has infected a lot of countries like a virus. The idea itself is so beautifully simple, celebrate the voice, no matter how the person looks like. I often wish we'd be able not to see the contestants either but that wouldn't be good TV, maybe a  good idea for a radio show? Let's introduce our coaches. First we have Dima Bilan (Дима Билан), who represented Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 and won it in 2008 in Belgrade. He's joined by Leonid Agutin (Леонид Агутин), a Russian singer-songwriter and Alexander Gradskiy (Александр Градский), a Russian rock legend. The judges panel is completed by Pelageya (Пелагея), a folk singer and the only female judge. Ok, let's start now!

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The show starts with a cover of "Let it Be", performed by the coaches. This is another thing I really like about The Voice, the coaches are capable of delivering a good performance and know what they are talking about, no like some other judges.

Auditions 1

Yulia Tereshchenko (Юлия Терещенко) - She's been singing since she was a child and wants to help people through her music. Gradskyi points her notes are both accurate and clear while she is singing. Yes, her voice is clear and beautiful but I didn't fall in love with it. For me, it lacks some spark (XF maybe ... oops, wrong show). She has to choose between Agutin and Bilan and she goes with Dima. Gradsky says it helps she's young and beautiful, haha, isn't that right?

Masha Goia (Маша Гойя) - She is from Ukraine (yay) and her biggest goal is to perform on Wembley arena (she might consider auditioning for the XF UK then). She seems properly crazy and that's always entertaining! Plus she's singing an upbeat song, which is a bonus. Pelageya seems very happy with her since she was looking for a girl with attitude.

Anna Zolotova (Анна Золотова) - She's a classically trained opera singer. Can you imagine The Voice without at least one opera singer? You couldn't care less? Neither do I. Sure, opera singers deserve to be called The Voice in the first place but I just don't understand their role in such shows. But maybe it's just me, so let's return to Anna. She's got all four coaches to choose from (so I guess my opinion isn't popular) and she chooses Pelageya.

Xenia Gerasimova (Ксения Герасимова) - She's a 19 years old girl from Ivanovo, the so-called city of brides. Xenia tells us she was born very tiny (did we really have to know that?), though I like her smiley childish personality. She sings a folk song called "Valenki". Refreshing! She is trying to impress Pelageya because she is a huge inspiration of her but instead, she makes Dima turn. Well, it's better than nothing, right? Gradskyi says Xenia looks too "European" to sing something like this. Wait, this show is not called The Look, is it?

Polina Zizak (Полина Зизак) - She's a 19  y/o girl who comes from a musical dynasty. She started singing before she started talking, a little implausible, isn't it? Her song is "At last". Oh, this song ... Not the best version of it but I'm very spoiled by musical shows. Gradskyi chooses her and I believe in his choosing ability.

Roman Vtyurin (Роман Втюрин) - He's in the army (we can see that). He started singing in a school club and now he's here to make us smile (well, he is kinda cute so, sure, why not?). Too accurate, emotionless and too much by the book. I wouldn't be impressed by him if I couldn't see him but apparently Pelageya is. I'm doubtful he will succeed in the competition though.

Eduard Khacharyan (Эдуард Хачарян) - He's a 28 y/o singer from Sochi. His very first performance on stage was at 9 with  a military song as the concert was dedicated to a WW winning anniversary. This is something preciously interesting. I totally understand all four of them turning for him. It's the right song choice and there is a true passion in his voice. He chooses Agutin. The best act of the day.

So that was the very first episode of The Voice of Russia. I cannot say it was genius or special - but as I said earlier, I've seen too much of this talent shows. And it is just the beginning, so let's save some hope for next week.
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