This isn't my favourite stage of competition, if  I'm honest. Too much is going on in a short amount of time, we're always missing someone and a lot of people forget the lyrics and many people fail (it hurts to watch such things from someone we fell in love with). But no matter how I feel, the contestants still need to face this stage of the competition. Who'll survive and move on to the JH, who'll fail miserably? ... It's time to face the music!

Recap after the JUMP ...

Top 24

Boys - Seryoga
  1. Vadim Rozumny
  2. Ilya Efimov
  3. Dmytry Sysoev
  4. Alexey Smirnov
  5. Kirill Astapov
  6. Oleg Rubtsov
Girls - Sosedov
  1. Julia Plaksina
  2. Janna Peregon
  3. Melen Passa
  4. Daria Izumova
  5. Anastasiya Rubtsova
  6. Maria Jitnikova
 Overs - Kondratiuk
  1. Aida Nikolaychuck
  2. Eugeni Litvinkivitch
  3. Yakov Golovko
  4. Katya Sololenko
  5. Anna Hohlova
  6. Xenia Liardo
Groups - Irina
  1. Two voices
  2. Egor &Crystel
  3. Violetta and Anatoly
  4. Boys trio
  5. Girls trio
  6. Martynsh and Yulia Antipenko
We're a step closer to the liveshows, with only the JH left to watch. Our contestants won't be flying to a fancy international destination, not because of lack of money but because most of the acts couldn't get a visa (it's not that easy in post-USSR era, but enough with the whining). Seryoga will be joined by Eurovision winner Marija Šerifović, Irina by Vladimir Presnyakov, Sosedov by Lolita


Oleg Rubtsov - He is singing Dima Bilan's Eurovision winning song, "Believe", (which is ironic because he's going to be judged by another Eurovision winner). He's got a dreadful accent. There's something wrong too, either with the key or with his singing ability. Also, his falsetto literally hurt my ears. Marija didn't believe his performance. Neither did I.

Ilya Efimov - Marija thinks that he's handsome. He definitely is, in a weird yet magnetic way. I can't help but like his deep low voice. He is not versatile nor has wide range though.

Kirill Astapov - He used to be a backing singer for Irina or has some sort of connection with her. He's a good Tom Jones impersonator. But does he have any personality of his own? I'm not sure.

Alexey Smirnov - The Ukrainian Adam Lambert is scared because Seryoga didn't like his style from the start. I, for one, like everything about him and this performance in particular. He knows what to sing and how to sing it. Marija sang along and seemed very pleased with his performance. She says he seems to be a nice person and he also made her smile which means she believed in him. Me too, Marija, me too.

Vadim Rozumny - He sings the song Ilya used for his audition and I like his version better. On the other hand, Vadim uses much more tricks. But is this enough to make people vote for him? I don't think so.

Dmytry Sysoev - Finally, we have the curly rocker who always chooses non-rock songs (how do I know he's a rocker? Don't ask cause I don't remember). He closes his eyes too much. Other than that, no critiques from me. Marija doesn't even try to put a poker face and is smiling widely.

My predictions are Ilya, Alexey and Dmytry.


Dmytry is the first one to hear Seryoga's decision. Seryoga says Dmyry is the first today because his decision about him was almost instant. And this decision was to put him through to the lives. Well done!

Next up is Kirill. Seryoga says there was too much inconvenience about him so the answer is a no. Agreed.

The next choice is between Alexey and Oleg. Seryoga chooses Alexey, which is truly unexpected for Alexey himself and pretty obvious for me, as it was the only right decision to make.

Both my favorites through but what about Ilya? Seryoga gets to choose either him or Vadim. He says it's a risk, but anyway he chooses Ilya. Yay! I can't believe all my favorites are through, I want to hug Seryoga for his brilliant reasonable choices. See you in a week boys!


Boys Trio - Can I be honest? I like when these things happen. I like to watch people bonding, building relationships and seeing the group's dynamic (please don't make me watch soapy reality shows now). I feel positive about them. Irina calls them "my bunnies" (I swear it does not sound that cheesy in Russian). They are in the process of becoming a real group, I see some hope here, definitely. Nazar is brilliant rapper and that would definitely help them in the Lives if they made it. Vladimir says they've got it all and he is impressed.

Egor &Crystel - They kinda look like dolls. I did not see their audition but their bootcamp performance was awesome. They are very in sync and were mistake free but Vladimir says they are too polished and he wanted to see some soul. It is a fair point, yes.

Two Voices - They are my favourite group. They look great as always but this time they don't sound like a group. Maybe it's a wrong song choice or something else but they can't afford to be wrong at this stage of the competition. Vladimir points they are very different.

Violetta and Anatoly - They look really great together and their voices blend as they were meant to be a duo. I want to see them again, definitely. Irina seems to be very proud and Vladimir likes them as well.

Martynsh and Yulia Antipenko - Another manufactured male-female duo, this time an international one, Latvian Martynsh and Ukrainian Yulia. I would like them more hadn't I seen the previous duo, but I did and I cannot stop comparing them. I don't see Martynsh an Yulia naturally blending as much, sadly.

Girls trio - Finally, we've got the curvy trio, aka cannon fodder. (Sorry, not sorry). I've to say that they can sing and they can also sing together. As for their chances in the liveshows, it's difficult to predict. Either they would get zero votes or millions coming from small town citizens.

My picks, Two voices, Boys Trio and Violetta and Anatoly.


Irina doesn't want to make any decisions, her heart can't let go any of her acts. The first act to know their fate is the Girl Trio. They've got some issues, they are fighting with each other for control (woman nature? I hate to say that but it is true). Irina wants to keep them but only on probation because of all the fighting (and rumor has it she replaced one member).

Next is duo Egor & Crystel. It's crystal clear they won't get a chance to stay on the XF. Irina says no.

We move on to the Boys Trio. Irina tells them they have a huge problem so they faces became long and you could read their minds saying "we are going home". And the problem is they've got to choose a name for the Lives. Tricky speech but I'm happy for the boys.

Duo Two Voices is next. Irina thinks they are not ready for the lives. Well, they were when they auditioned but their magic somehow evaporated so I understand Irina on this one.

There is only one place left and we only have the female/male duos left. Irina stops her speech and runs away when she starts crying. I already know the answer though, it's a yes for Violetta and Anatoly and a no for Martynsh and Yulia Antipenko. Irina says the same thing when she comes back.

So I got 2/3 of my predictions right and I agreed with Irina after all. Interesting category but I always had a soft spot for the Groups (I wonder if I'm alone on this).


Janna Peregon - Lolita calls her "Angel" and stops her in the middle of her performance because she was overplaying her emotions. She is right, Janna doesn't need to push it. It won't save her. She's already showed us everything she could do. Not liking this one, clearly.

Melen Passa - Her audition song was so fresh I liked her instantly. Still like her and so does Sosedov.

Daria Izumova - She didn't impress me back then but she's growing on me right now. I always like it when someone sings an upbeat energetic song and can actually pull it off. And she can.

Julia Plaksina - She's one of the frontrunners. I have to give it to her, she is a professional and can sing as hell. I just doesn't think she belongs here.

Anastasiya Rubtsova - She sings Patricia Kaas and does it enjoyably. Interesting deep tone this girl has. Lolita says it's a rare thing that Anastasiya knows what she is singing about.

Maria Jitnikova - She sings Eurovision hit "Mama". "She is so young", Lolita says, "but it will change with time".

I don't really have any preferences with the girls as none of them is interesting (and I won't even mention my favourite Polina being sent home ...)


Sosedov is known for his extravagance so I cannot predict his moves here. First to hear her fate is Daria. Sosedov tells her she excites him but it is a no because he cannot take them all to the lives. Well, this is sad.

Then Sosedov expectedly says yes to Yulia.

Maria and Melen are next to listen their fate. It's a no for Maria. "It's too early for you", he says. "I need your energy" he says to Melen, who is sent through.

Last to hear Sosedov's answers are Janna and Anastasiya and there is only one place left. The last yes goes to Janna. I don't quite agree but Sosedov calls her his angel (which is weird cause he critiqued her audition and said no).


Anna Hohlova - She says she came to the auditions accidentally (I can't even believe it as she embodies that mythical XF). Her rendition of "If I were a boy" (one of many) is a bit overplayed but it's sang perfectly. She is the powerhouse of this year's competition.

Katya Sololenko - Katya is a joke act by now, show filler or something like that. She is no competition to people like Anna or any people to be truthful.

Eugeni Litvinkivitch - He sings something unknown to me and to his mentor. I still haven't decided whether I like his weird tone or not. But I do think he deserves a place on this show. Or a record deal. Or something that will let him be the artist he is.

Aida Nikolaychuck - With all the eyes on her she might have wanted to wear a fancy dress. Is she really worth those millions views on YouTube? Yes, she's got nice pleasant voice but what else? Personally I think she's way too overrated.

Yakov Golovko - I just like the way his name rhymes with the name of the city he lives in, Yalta. He became boring with time, always the same old-fashioned musician. Yes, he's got a nice personality but I definitely don't want to see him again.

Xenia Liardo - She is the dark horse because I can't recall seeing her before. (And what is going on with everybody's wardrobe today?) But she is not going any further than this I suppose.

My picks would be Anna, Eugeni and someone else. Like literally anyone else as long as these two are in. But it's up to Igor, so.


Katya is the first in line. Igor genuinely likes her but he obviously says no. He is no Louis Walsh after all, who might've said yes.

Yakov gets a yes (we obviously need some cannon fodder, so).

The next yes is either for Aida or for Xenia. What do you think? Of course it's Aida with her huge fan base, it's a safe choice.

Eugeni and Anna are left but there's only one more place. Oh no, Igor sends Anna home! I can't actually believe it. She can sing like no other in this category and in the competition as a whole. Come back next year maybe?

Top 12

Boys - Seryoga
  1. Ilya Efimov
  2. Dmytry Sysoev
  3. Alexey Smirnov
Girls - Sosedov
  1. Julia Plaksina
  2. Janna Peregon
  3. Melen Passa
 Overs - Kondratiuk
  1. Aida Nikolaychuck
  2. Eugeni Litvinkivitch
  3. Yakov Golovko
Groups - Irina
  1. Violetta and Anatoly
  2. Girls trio
  3. Boys trio
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