64 contestants moved on but after the battles end only 5 per team will move on to the next round (I think that's right, this show is so confusing this year!) With the addition of a new twist, the steal, the losing battle contestants will have another shot to make it into the liveshows. Who'll crumble under the pressure? Who'll emerge victorious? ... This is The Voice!

Recap after the JUMP ...

Julio Cesar Castillo vs Terisa Griffin - "Conga" - Team  Blake - It's the annoying mariachi vs the big voiced diva. An odd pairing Blake. He says he paired them because of the song, because it's sang by a big voiced diva but it also has a Latin feel which also fits Julio. "No one in the history of the world ever knew the words (to this song)", Michael says. Terisa thinks Julio's got the upper hand. She also thinks Blake paired her with Julio to get rid of her. Despite it was quite an entertaining performance to watch, I've no idea what Blake was thinking when picking this song, it's just a weird choice. Terisa completely outshone Julio, he was barely a karaoke singer compared to the seasoned powerful Terisa. He held his own quite well considering though. Blake makes no sense when making his decision, saying he will base it on the rehearsal and then saying that because Julio was the one that was struggling the most back then and he thinks he put the most effort on it, he picks him. I don't really get what they see so special about Julio, he's just a mediocre Latin singer, I could find them a thousand better singers than him. Terisa is stolen by Cee Lo, didn't see it coming but she deserved it. She'll be a much better fit with him than she was ever gonna be with Blake.

Dez Duron vs Paulina Cerrilla - "Just the Way You Are" - Team Christina - Paulina says her voice is sweet but has sass to it.. She started singing at the age of 12 and wanted to be a superstar since she was young. No matter how good she sounds tonight, she's fodder, sadly. Christina says that they have this faces that light up the place and exude charisma. Dez says the song is really high for him. Honestly, Dez sounds awful. He might look really cute but his voice was rather weak. Paulina wasn't very good either, mainly because the song was too big for her. I did like her more though, I found her tone a lot more interesting and while she had more off moments than Dez, he had a weird pronunciation and his voice just sounded weird at times. But knowing Christina, she'll go for Dez. And that's exactly what she does. No one steals Paulina.

Sam James vs Benji - "You Give Love a Bad Name" - Team Adam - Sam is a bartender but wants to be a musician full time. Adam chose Bon Jovi cause he wanted them to be out of their comfort zone. I love Sam's voice. He's got an unique tone and a very powerful set of pipes. Benji is a powerful singer as well but he's voice is really generic plus those screams were painful. Sam definitely won this battle cause Benji killed every chance he had the moment he started screaming. Adam picks Sam as the winner, with no one stealing Benji.

Nicholas David vs Todd Kessler - "She's Gone" - Team Cee Lo - Nicholas is very happy with the pairing because both are from the Mid West, they both have got long term relationships, they both have babies on the way and obviously, the both have beards. Nicholas is having a hard time about competing against Todd cause he's really growing into him. This was a pretty even battle. They both are soulful singers and none sounded worse than the other. Todd's sound is a bit sweeter, while Nick's raspier. Nicholas sounded forced at times to me but I still found him more original and unique than Todd, who's got a forgettable style, so I'd probably go for him. Cee Lo says he appreciates both of them equally but in the end goes for Nicholas. Nobody steals Todd.

Suzanna Choffel vs Lelia Broussard - "Dog Days Are Over" - Team Blake - When Lelia was 17, she moved to New York to make it in music. She says she's been playing shows for nobody so when people show up she's extremely excited. She claims being on The Voice is an incredible opportunity to make it into a living. Lelia is pitted up against music teacher Suzanna, who looks and sounds a lot like S2 runner up Juliet Simms. Blake calls this pairing the most obvious pairing he's ever seen. He says both chicks are indie artists that play guitar and have a kinda gypsy song, so he picked this song cause it's mad rock indie sound. This was yet another fantastic battle. Their voices, while completely different, worked perfectly together.  Suzanna's got an incredible unique tone. Everything about her reminds me to Juliet, yet there's something very distinctive about her. Leila's voice is way more smooth but I also loved her sweet tone and her falsetto. I definitely have to check her original material. Blake did great pairing them together. Blake picks Suzanna as the winner. The other judges don't steal Lelia, which is a pity cause she is wonderful.

Sylvia Yacoub vs Joselyn Rivera - "Best Thing I Never Had" - Team Christina  - Christina chose this song because she thinks the girls are capable of singing this song, she says she knew she had to gave them a song that required powerful vocals. Both of them are powerful singers but I couldn't really differentiate between the two. To me, they both sounded the same. I enjoyed the battle a lot though, cause you all know my obsession with this song. I think I slightly preferred Joselyn, because Sylvia tended to oversing it a little too much and that affected her vocals. Joselyn on the other hand, knew when to tone it down and her vocals sounded a lot more consistent. Christina says she has a place in her heart for both of them but  in the end goes for Sylvia. But it's good news for Joselyn because both Adam and Blake want to steal Joselyn. She goes for Adam.

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