UPDATE: Tim Suyderhoud is eliminated!
Pyke Pos was in the B2

Last week we saw the second girl in a row being cut, this time being Jessica Mougin who found herself in the bottom 2 along Sway, both having been there two times.  The judges ultimately decided that it was Jessica who sould be cut, leaving Rochelle as the last girl standing. Tonight, the contestants are going crazy, being the theme "Let's go crazy!". Who'll be declared insane? ... It's time to face the music!

Comments, videos and ratings AFTER THE JUMP ....

Ed Ruyer


0909-1301. Of sms ED naar 3131 "Annabel" (Hans de Booij) - 5/10 - What's going on here?! I suddenly got really dizzy. Ed's standing playing piano, well, acting like he's. His vocals are off and out of tune here. The onyl good thing there was his shout at the start. This performance was boring as hell actually. That's why the cameras were so crazy, to make it semi-interesting. - VIDEO



0909-1302. Of sms ADLICIOUS naar 3131 "Hey Jude" (The Beatles) - 10/10 - Wow! I must admit this is a genius move! We all love the dance/pop Adlicious but toning it down and making this sweet powerful cover of "Hey Jude" is an amazing idea! And it's totally paying off! Their vocals are spot on and they are feeling it! My fave performance of them to date! - VIDEO

Tim Suyderhoud


0909-1303. Of sms TIM naar 3131 "Bad Romance" (Lady Gaga) - 4/10 -  Oh gosh! What the hell is wrong with Gordon?! "Bad Romance"? Really? What?!!! That hair!! Gosh! This is definitely the worst performance of the night and I dare to say of the season! There hasn't been something as bad as this! Tim must go after this!- VIDEO

Rochelle Perts


0909-1304. Of sms ROCHELLE naar 3131 "Clocks" (Coldplay) - 9/10 - This's a fantastic change! Haha! Nice move there Eric! The lights off thing was cool! Vocally amazing as always and with all the unique things in her voice I love! Wow! Coldplay goes salsa? That was interesting. A great touch if you ask me. - VIDEO



0909-1305. Of sms SWAY naar 3131 "Laat Me" (Ramses Shaffy) - 7,5/10 - Sway is pulling an Adlicious and toning it down too? I confess I dig this much more than all that they've done before. Their voices show much more in dutch and the flamenco beats on this song really work! Plus the jazzy vibe here really suits them! But still, they aren't the best singers ever ... - VIDEO

Pyke Pos


0909-1306. Of sms PYKE naar 3131 "Shine" (De Toppers) - 6/10 - Ouch! This is painful! Where did his voice go? Pyke has never sang this bad before! He lost his jazzy soulman vibe here. The only thing that shines here is the stage, cause Pyke isn't. Is the theme "Let's Go Crazy"? Well, that wasn't crazy. That was mentally insane! - VIDEO

Rolf Wienk


0909-1307. Of sms ROLF naar 3131 "Pride (In the Name of Love)" (U2)/"How You Remind Me" (Nickelback) - 7/10 - That's what I mean when I think of crazy! Rolf is the only one who understood the theme. Vocally, this is another history. His vocals sound wierdly off tonight and there's nothing actually interesting on them. But the glasses were cool man! Just don't do that again. - VIDEO



0909-1308. Of sms SIMRAN naar 3131 "Nothing Else Matters" (Metallica) - 10/10 - OMG! This wasn't what I was expecting! This is much better! A way deserved pimp spot for them! This is definitely the performance of the night. Amazing sweet vocals and a really cool arrengment of that song! Wow! They definitely proved why they belong here! - VIDEO
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