UPDATE: Omega is eliminated!! Finally!! Sarah Manesse is B2. Something is wrong with you France ...

After the shocking elimination of Vincent Léoty, who found himself in the B2 with 2nde Nature, only one Over remains, the jazzy quirky Maryvette Lair, while 3 boys are still in. Once more, the 8 contestants will try to stay away from the bottom harder than ever. Will the Overs come to an end? Will a boy finally be eliminated? Or will it be Omega, who's been away from the bottom for 3 weeks? ... It's time to face the music!

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Sarah Manesse


SMS 1 TO 72 600 Heavy Cross (Gossip) - 7/10 - I'm not sure why Olivier picked this song for Sarah. Yeah, Beth Ditto has a similar voice to hers but it's much more powerful. Sarah has an unique voice but doesn't have the power to do a performance like this. Her hair is horrible by the way. This is one of her worst performances to date, but cool dancing still.  - VIDEO

P: You dance well, you have a nice hairstyle and your style is great but I'm confused! I'm confused because  the "Sarah" I began to discover, the  Sarah,  half "alternative" half" rock", the one who highlighted her delicate tone of voice, isn't here anymore! I'm so confused!
W: You were wonderful and your performance was amazing !
D: Unlike Henry, I love this style of song for you! You have to keep moving forward! You're amazing!
S: I'm speechless!  Henry, We'll wait for what you'll do with your rock band (Omega)!  (To Sarah) There is no  a singer with this tone of voice in France,  I'm blown away! Bravo!

Florian Giustiniani


SMS 2 TO 72 600 Dis-moi (BB Brunes) - 7,5/10 - Florian is playing the jazzy singer tonight. I like this one, I hope he keeps it. His vocals are much better than last week's too. And the song fits him pretty well. Probably my fave of him to date. He stills bores me a bit, he's a great singer, sometimes, but there's something old in him, probably his tone of voice. - VIDEO

W: I applaud the effort, it  was more personal, and it was vocally better than last week. You'll think I'm angry at you personally but the BB Brunes's version  is so good that your version does not even touch me! I'm lost! I prefer the original version!
S: I like you. We spend time together, we learn to know each other, and there are people who touch me so if I criticize you it 's for your own good! You improved but you play the fop who sings well. You are  too serious. I would like to see you having fun! The same  song with more fun, more "crazyness" would have been more effective. But you just keep sing better and better!
P: Good song. You transformed the song and I applaud that effort. You sing very well but I think you lack confidence, you seem too serious! If you had more confidence it would be perfect!
D: Well next week, he'll be a clown! (laughs) Florian, I'm very pleased, we've worked hard. This style of music perfectly suits you and we will work toward it! I hope people will vote for you!



SMS 3 TO 72 600 Contact (Kyo) - 3/10 - I can't comment much on this cause the video quality sucks. But from what I'm seeing, this is all kinds of wrong. Is this still a band or has it become a one piece act? The horrible shouty singer is the only performing, while the other two are just playing their instruments. They'll be cut tonight, no doubt about that. - VIDEO (Really bad quality, though you can hear the performance)

D: Good performance but I understand that you want to do "the show", I'll be honest, I understand that you want to do "rock" but I didn't like it at all, I'm sorry! I saw a singer and his musicians  and l need a band, I need to feel that the other two are just as important as the singer, and for me, it was not  rock!
W: A good  song choice, I love this song, so I may be biased, but, in X Factor's rules, it seems that all the group members must sing, right? The drummer didn't sing. But it was not bad!
S: It was not bad but it was fake, you play comedy and I cannot refind the young people who interested me at first. Your performance was like a "lucky dip" rock, rock the 16th district! There was energy, but I didn't  believe in it for a second!
P: It was great! Some will say it wasn't rock, some will say that it was rock! I say, men, thank you,  five weeks of rock on TV and this will continue! Thank you, this performance was like I dreamed it!

Raphaël Herrerias


SMS 4 TO 72 600 Trouble (Coldplay) - 7/10 - Ouch, that first note was wrong. Oh, again? He's out of tune a lot tonight! And that's not usual on him. This is a really beautiful song and Raphaël prints it his mark with her darky style but her voice is off. Even Florian had a better vocal performance! I want him to realize what he's doing soon! He needs to nail it again if he wants to win. - VIDEO

W: This performance was better than last week’s, you were much more present but you were out of key sometimes and that isn't usual! I loved your performance. At the end of the song, you were more in the "lightness" (Willems sing) and it touched me. If you put more "lightness" in your next performances, it will be even better!
S: You've sung in English and it has been great! When you sing in English it is always great. But your future life will not be in English, you have to sing in French! This show is a red carpet for you, you'll go far, probably until the end ....... but please, sing a French song I like.
P: I agree. Good performance. I refound my Raphaël, whom I love and I support from the beginning. But I prefer when you sing in French. You can do it! Give us more fun and excitement. In France there are plenty of people who don’t understand what you say when singing in English, so sing in French, I beg you! But it was great!
D: Listen Raphaël, when you will make your French album, you ask Olivier Schulteis for songs. because he writes good songs in French (this is Irony). Raphaël I m so proud of you. this kind of song suits you perfectly. Can't wait for the next week!

2nde Nature


SMS 5 TO 72 600 Cendrillon (Téléphone) - 5/10 - Oh ... they are singing boringly around a piano. I like them less and less as the weeks go by. Their voices don't work well together, they are too diferent. The start was a bit good but when they got all fast their voices felt apart. This wasn't good, it will be the worse of the night, well, after Omega. - VIDEO

D:  I don't know what to say! Since "Earth Song" I feel like you're going backwards. It's getting worse and worse and you must do something about that!
W: I won't be as severe as Veronique but when you were in the bottom 2 last week, you sang in "piano-voice" and it was very nice! We've heard your voices and your harmonies, and it was great! Tonight, I liked the beginning of the song when you sang "solo-voice" but as soon as the chorus began, I didn't like it at all! I'm disappointed. I would have liked an acoustic performance, so you could focus on your voice.
S: Congratulations, I feel you have worked hard! But you sang "Cinderella" and the carriage turned into a pumpkin! Frankly, it's a middle-of-the road popular song!! You're ready for the Eurovision guys! I don't know anymore if I was on  the X Factor or what!
P: We had a tough week, we had problems and we worked them out! We need a group like yours and I want people to vote!

Matthew Raymond-Barker


SMS 6 TO 72 600 One (U2) - 9/10 - This is a great song for Matt! I can't help it but I love this kid more and more as the weeks go by. I want him to go as far as possible now! He's got the moves, the voice and the personality. What more could you ask? Matthew has a terrific tone and way of singing, another great performance! - VIDEO

W: I loved your performance last week but I must be honest tonight, you were borderline vocally. This song has been sung so many times! I expected better, your performance was weak.
S: I've supported you from the beginning but tonight, the only good moment was when you danced. I like you when you dance, you have charisma, and I love that! You were transparent, your singing was unimpressive!
P: I am repeating myself, another English song! But any English can sing this song at a street corner and therefore it does not impress me.
D: It seems that Henry always reads the same page! (Matthew is crying) Matthew, look at me, listen to me. I am very proud of you. Hold on! We'll get there Matt!

Marina D'Amico


SMS 7 TO 72 600 Je dis Aime (-M-) - 8,5/10 - What happened to her outfit? That looks hedious. This is still great though. This is a really entertaining performance! -M- is probably one of my favourite French artists and his songs are great. Marina is showing she can do a great job with them too. I gave her props from doing this! It has a certain rock vibe and there were many rocky sounds there. - VIDEO

P: It was great! (to Olivier) I thought the theme was "groups ", is -M- a group?
S: Henry, you must think before  speaking . -M- is an entity, a singer, a cellist and a drummer. Today he has become "Mathieur Chédid" but before it was a group.
P: Ok! It was! That said, Marina, it was a good  song choice, it fits you very well! I've the feeling  you "mix with the riffraff", I do not know where. This influence comes from... it is a little more Rock and Roll, I feel that you are happier,  I thought it was great!
D: I'll make it short because there is not much to say! It was great! You were enjoying yourself, this kind of song suits you, I saw the real Marina and I love it!
W: I agree with Veronica! You have an incredible voice!!
S: We're on the right path, I believe in you. We will continue to work and we will get there. Bravo! we will go further, we will still go up a notch because you are worth more than that !

Maryvette Lair


SMS 8 TO 72 600 Paroles, Paroles (Dalida) - 7,5/10 - Well, this is too wierd even for me. Her voice is sounding good but I'm too distracted with the wierd images on the screen behind her. Why is she dressed as a guy? It's disturbing. My less favourite from her. It was fun at least but I didn't enjoy it musically. - VIDEO

S: Finally a little humor in this show! That's so good! Be careful not to do theater instead of making music. You sing with grace and you have good vocal control!  ""How I love you, how I love you! " I'm a fan!
P: I adore you, I love your voice and it was fun! It made me think of Henry Salvador when he sang "Juanita Banana". But I think we need a university degree  to understand your humor! It was weird but I love you very much and it was nice!
D: Bravo for the interpretation of men on the screen! I look forward to seeing what you gonna do next week, I cannot wait!
W: We were a bit  boderline this week. Last week you told us that we were too serious, too intellectual, so we wanted to do something more fun. Maryvette, you must surprise people and I'm surprised! You stay dignified  and  you were super fun!

Editor's note: I had  to google to know who H. Salvador was ? is?  .. For your information and for the greater glory of French music  Padovani appreciate so much  here the song he is talking about .......... this will give you an idea of his musical universe ...... HERE
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