Remember the quirky Kimbra? I hope you do! And if not, here's a summary! Kimbra was one of the artists featured on the MDS Sound of 2011, where she made it into the top 12,  a New Zealand singer,  she charmed me and the voters with her strange dance moves and her amazing voice. Now we hava a new music video from Kimbra! The song, "Cameo Lover", which is her second single from her upcoming album Vows, is a fresh catchy colourful song only in the way Kimbra can do it!  I'm so blown away with this new song! She's keeping the doll look and the jazzy quirky beats that her first single, "Settle Down" had. But "Cameo Lover" tops her previous material. I'm incredibly excited to hear her album!

Watch the video and buy the single after the JUMP ...

Buy "Cameo Lover" HERE.

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