UPDATE: Vincent Léoty is eliminated! 2nde Nature was B2!

Having lost Bérénice Schleret last week, the two remaining girls have to fight harder than ever and now that there are only 9, the posibilites to make it to the final are even less. Tonight, they'll hope to impress once more to make it to the next week, who will? who won't? ... It's time to face the music!

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Florian Giustiniani


Haven't Met You Yet (Michael Bublé) - 5/10 - Wow! He changed his hairstyle! It was about time! No more Justin Bieber comparissons. This isn't good though. I understand the song choice, he's jazzy, so Bublé seems perfect for him. But it's not. He's vocals are horrible and his pronunciation is worse than ever. And what was going on on stage??!!! It was really wierd. This was better than "Baby" but by a hair. - VIDEO

W: I was harsh with you last week about the song choice. For the first time, you have a good song! Congrats Véro!! This performance was refreshing!
S: Florian, you have a bilingual  mentor and  you are ridiculous with your English accent! It was atrocious! Still, you're making progress, the song choice was better, you sang better. But I think you need to improve a lot more.
P: It was a good song choice but, as Oliver said, your pronunciation was terrible! Veronica is constantly making remarks to other candidates about their English accent and strangely today, she said nothing! The choreography was good and I mostly watched the dancers, I confess!
D: You cannot judge the accent! He has a beautiful one! It was charming! Florian, you chose a Michael Bublé song because you like it and I'll follow you in your song choices next week!

Vincent Léoty


L'hymne à l'amour (Edith Piaf) - 8/10- Edith Piaf?? For Vincent?? For a current show? What was Willem thinking?? I love Vincent's tone and phrasing but this is really dull, I'm sleepy now. This isn't interesting enough for me. I'm not seeing something I've never seen before. Just a great vocal ability from Vincent, but nothing else.  - VIDEO

S: The public liked your performance but I'm angry because you aren't improving, it's almost the opposite! I've heard this song in other TV shows and I was really moved, but today, I felt nothing! It is just a voice demo. That's all! I believe in you and hope you'll stay another week though.
P: I've often criticized you because I felt no emotion when you sang but this time I liked the way you performed it! The song choice was good! Bravo Chris! I felt the emotions, the feelings! That was nice!
D: This is a big song. A very bold choice but I didn't liked your tone. I prefer your voice when it has a deeper one. There was emotion but it was mostly a demonstration of your vocal abilities, you  don’t need to try to impress us, ok? You have a beautiful voice, we all know that!
W: I don’tagree with Oliver. His performance was genuine, he showed us his fragility, it wasn’t just a demonstration.

Matthew Raymond-Barker


Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson) - 9/10 - The stage looks great here! I see an Aiden "Thriller" moment coming!! This is great!! Definitely my favourite performance from him. He's got a quirky tone and is nailing that song! This isn't as emotional as it could have been but it's an amazing vocal effort! I glad he decided to do this song! - VIDEO

W: What a success! (crowd applauds a lot) The public is very satisfied because it was a great performance! Your performance blew me away! Very good song choice. It was vocally perfect! It was great!
S: Mr Matthew, you’ve made such a  progress.  I'm surprised because they told me Veronique didn’t work on this with you and was often absent! (laughs) It was great! I had a great time! Congrats!
P: When they told me you were going to take a risk, I thought you were going to sing in French! Will you be singing in French any time soon? This kind of performance is easy for you! I'm disappointed, your performance was  fun,  and this isn’t a funny song. It lacked a human dimension and emotion!
D: Henry is Henry! I'm proud of you Matt! You're making progress and it makes me happy! I had chills! Congrats!



Donne moi le temps (Jenifer) - 5/10 - I can't stand them. I'm hoping they are cut every week but somehow it doesn't happen! What's wrong with you people?! I have to confess this is the best I've seen them but still, this isn't good enough for me. I don't like thier style and I never will ... - VIDEO

D: Tonight I felt you were focused on the harmonies! It was not bad! Since the beginning of the show, you always sing the songs on your own! I respect that.
W: I agree with Vero! You are making progress! It was vocally good! Sometimes you were off key but overall it was good!
S: (to Padovani) You try to buy me choosing a song I made! But you're my idol, I confess! You're the prophet of  the RocknRoll! Padovani the prophet! I sleep very little because I'm making a life-size statue of you to be able to prostrate myself before you! And I made t-shirts with your picture! Here they are! (he gives the t-shirts to the judges).
P: Thank you Olivier! I wrote to the Vatican but you are not beatified yet! (seeing the T-shirts) Not bad! Thank you  St Olivier !
S: Boys! I was moved! You were sometimes out of key, it was not perfect but you have printed your brand on that performance.
P: (to Oliver!) I'm sure you enjoyed the final harmonies! (To audience) They come from Lille, the Lille region, vote for them! (To Omega): Kids I'm happy! We worked and we have successfuly met the challenge ! Next time we'll do Rock!

Sarah Manesse


Vogue (Madonna) - 7/10 - Madonna for Sarah? I don't think this is a good choice for her. And it's confirmed. It's not. I love her tone and all that's happening on that stage. But this is the wrong song for her and I don't see the quirky Sarah here. Just a bad Madonna karaoke. Please! Go back to where you belong Sarah! Alternative indie/folk! - VIDEO

P: Sarah, do you hear the crowd? (crowd applauds and shouts) Enjoy this! It was great! This song perfectly suited  you. I like your tone. You did a great job! I had a great time!
D: I'm lost! We saw Sarah with a guitar, every week we see Sarah in a different style. You go from one style to another and I don’t know who you are! Today you sang a Madonna song and I'm confused, I wonder what you are going to sing next week! I think this style doesn't suit you! But we'll see!
W: I'm a Madonna and Queen fan. I think your performance was not bad, it was a nice cover, very close to Madonna's, but where is Sarah? However, I know that was a difficult performance so congrats!
S: (To Henry) Thank you my revered and beloved mentor (To Chris) The real Sarah’s signature is a vocal signature , she has a voice different from Madonna! (To Vero) You chose  songs for "fops" from week to week! We are working, we are exploring.....we are trying... (To Sarah) You have talent! I am proud and touched ! Congrats! You've got class!

Maryvette Lair


Que je t'aime (Johnny Hallyday) - 10/10 - OMG! I love Maryvette! She's definitely my favourite and I'll be really pissed if she's cut. Her voice is amazing and she knows who she is! She keeps showing us how incredible her show will be after this. And I bet her voice makes a beautiful album. This is the emotion I want! Vincent acts it, Marvette feels it! She's definitely the best there! - VIDEO

S: You have real talent.  There something inexplicable in you, something magical! I'm a fan! But I think you can’t make an album with such songs! Every time it's fantastic because there is a piano, solo voice and a guitar live and the magic happens because of it .For the production and for the mentor I think we need to give that opportunity to other candidates!
W: Oliver, Omega has also sung live without soundtrack!
S: Maryvette, you have a huge talent! Congrats!
P: Once again I had a great time! I liked this song, I love it now! That's how it should be sung. It's a true love song, I believed in every word and it touched me! I was mesmerized again!
D: I'm glad to refind your world! I preferred your performance  this week and if you release an album with such songs, I will buy it! I loved it!
W: Maryvette takes us into her world and she never makes a "copy and paste” performance! I thought it was sublime, magnificent! Congrats!

2nde Nature


L'amour avec toi (Michel Polnareff) - 7/10 - Again??! They've already done this. It's ok to start on the audience once but twice?? Nope. This song is atrocious. Too cheery and happy. They are all over the place. They are still better than Omega but not for much. I don't enjoy their performances at all. Please girls, stop voting for this and vote for Sarah instead! - VIDEO

D: Boys, the message is passed! (This is a joke because they sang  “ Moi, je veux faire l’amour avec toi “ ("I want to make love with you") and the girls in the audience, shouted loudly!) Wow! This is different from last week! I loved it , that was fun! I'm happy! It was a great performance!
W: I'll be less thoughtful! Last week you made a great performance and it was hard to top it today! This performance was not bad, not more! I'm not a fan of this song. Sorry Henry, I love you and I want to go to Corsica! (laughs). Good job!
S: Boys, it was a bit retro but Henry, the prophet, is retro! The song, the choreography were not current ! It was worse than last week and especially you were worse than some other candidates!
P: Last week you were amazing! It's not easy to find integrity with 5 singers. But we'll keep working!  I was not surprised! Girls (to the public) vote for them!

Raphaël Herrerias


D'aventure en aventure (Serge Lama) - 8/10 - Raphaël is definitely my favourite guy. He's a great voice and is appropiately dark for me. But tonight, I was somehow not feeling this, maybe it's because I don't really like this song. It's actually a little boring. But I can't fault him for trying something slower, just go back to Rihanna covers please. - VIDEO

W: Good song choice. I prefer this to last week's. It was more sober, but  I wasn't touched ! Honestly! It was beautiful but cold.
S: You're the favorite in this competition, you have great chances to win but tonight we saw your limitations. There are very good musicians, I listened to the music, but I didn't  listened you! It was not magical!
P: I'm your biggest fan since the beginning but I agree with Christopher. Good performance but I felt no emotion! It's a beautiful song, you have a beautiful voice but I'm disappointed.
D: You are bad players! You punch below-the-belt and I don't like that!! There is no favorite and he can be eliminated tonight! Raphael, you've made a superb performance, I'm proud of you! You're a very good musician and you deserve to stay! Congrats!

Marina D'Amico


Crazy in Love/Crazy (Beyoncé Knowles/Gnarls Barkley) - 10/10 - This are interesting song choices. Marina's vocals are always great so I'm not really going to comment on how good she's sounding here. I like how this songs are mixed. I would have prefered her singing only "Crazy", which was the best part on this song. But she brought a show! Lots of dancing and really entertaining! A great job! - VIDEO

P: Wow Marina! That was great! I'm surprised! Who tought you to dance? Olivier? Certainly not! I was mesmerized!
D: I seem to see the small Marina having fun in his bedroom!  I'm glad you're having fun. I saw the "little flower" blossoming and it is great! I'm happy!
W: That's one of my favorite songs! Congrats to Olivier for your song choices this week! For once, they are good! Marina you were wonderful my dear! It rocked! "Move your body yeahh" (he sings)
S: (the jury) Thank you for your honesty! (to Marina) You're gifted! It was very difficult and you've nailed it! Congrats! I'm proud of You! We went to another dimension! We have a little Mozart in front of us! We will continue to work and progress!
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