Now that all 19 artist performing in the Eurovision First Semi-Final have been featured, it's time to make some predictions and analize their real chances of making it to the final. Only 10 acts will advance, while the remaining 9 will pack their bags and take a plane back home. Who stands a real chance? Who's toast?

Some views after the JUMP ...

So I'm going to make a simple list divided in four sections and then make a general comment on that. The list will be divided in, "Sure Bet for the Final", "Has a Chance", "Almost 0 Posibilities But Still in the Running" and "Take a Plane and Never Come Back". So that said, here we go!

Sure Bet for the Final

Kati Wolf
Anna Rossinelli
Paradise Oskar
Sigurjón's Friends

This 5 acts come strong to Eurovision. With great songs and great voices, it'll be a major shock if any of them is cut in the semi-final. I consider Kati as one of the current front runners and she's probably the one who will get the most number of votes. Nina and Anna got me hooked with their retro soulish/jazzy vibe and I expect that will happen to many others. And Paradise Oskar and  Sigurjón's Friends got that acoustic folky vibe that works so well, so I also expect them to advance easily.

Has a Chance

Magdalena Tul
Alexey Vorobyov
Ell and Nikki
Loukas Giorkas feat. Stereo Mike
Stella Mwangi

Although I don't find any of the songs amazing, I still think that they may impress the public with thier songs. Neither of them has great vocals and some of the songs are bad, but they are cute and have a certain charm, so I expect them to advance to the final based on that.

Almost 0 Posibilities But Still in the Running
Aurela Gaçe
Evelina Sašenko
Yüksek Sadakat

They have great songs and great voices but I think the audience will either find them too wierd, too boring, too hardcore or too cheesy. They may squeeze in the final but I really doubt they will.

Take a Plane and Never Come Back

Glen Vella
Homens da Luta

Really? This are the worst Eurovision songs I've seen in a while. Horrible singers and horrible songs. This countries should be ashamed of their picks. Plese, never return to Eurovision. And if you do, please, bring a decent artist!

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