So it's finally Swedish Week! I've a great love for this country and it's musical scene, so I'm more than glad to have this theme week. I've selected fewer names than in past theme weeks, in order to make it shorter so I can do more. This list definitely shows the indie/folk side of Sweden with lots of unique distinctive voices, and it represents exactly the type of music I like.

So without more blah blah blah, here's the list:

  1. Anna Ternheim
  2. El Perro Del Mar
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Jenny Wilson
  5. Laleh
  6. Marit Bergman
  7. Sophie Zelmani
  8. The Moniker
  9. The Tallest Man on Earth
  10. Veronica Maggio

( I had to cut some names, so I'll eventually do a redux with the remaining names)
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