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Daniel Karlsson was the 4th placer in the Swedish Idol 4th Season, but it wasn't until he entered the Melodifestivalen 2011 competition as The Moniker that he started earning some fame. He basically came out of nowhere and achived a solid 3rd place with his single "Oh My God!", which charted at #4. Being signed by Warner Music, The Moniker released his debut album, "Maktub" on May 23, 2011, and back then, soon after his Melodifestivalen run, he was nice enough to answer some questions for me. And since this is a Swedish Week, there wasn't a more appropiate time than now.

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*Who is The Moniker?
29 years, the youngster in the family, thinker, dreamer, loves football, persistent, old guy in a young body- my favourite thing to do is to read a book in my rocking chair. I use songwriting as therapy.

*How would you define yourself as an artist?

*Why did you decide to take the name "The Moniker"?/Is there a meaning behind it?
My moniker is The Moniker. I like that, and my mothers name was Monika so then I must be The Moniker, right?

*Who would you name as your biggest influence? / Your Idol?
Erveryone should have The Beatles as heroes. The most important band in history. If you don't like Beatles you don't like music. In a perfect world you would have The Beatles as a subject in school:)

*What is the best advice someone has ever given to you?
To believe in myself and never let anyone decide what to do with my dream. It's my dream so let it be mine. My parents words.

*I know you auditioned for Idol in 2007, What made you audition for it in the first place?

*Is there a performance you will say was the best? and the worst?
In Idol? Hmm, I am pretty satisfied with almost every song I did, but "Live and let die" is a personal favourite. And I try hard to forget "Love to love" on the Disco-theme:)

*Where you expecting being eliminated at the 4th place?
No, I expected to win, but afterwards I was glad not have to record an album I didn't want to do.

*You also released a single after the show, what are your feelings on it?
Yes. The video is amazing and the song is ok.

*Between Idol and Melodifestivalen, we didn't heard anything from you, What was going on at that time?
Working on my album with my producer Daniel Bengtson.

*When did you sign with Warner Music?
Last year.

*You recently took part in Melodifestivalen, Where did that opportunity come from?
I sent the song the year before and knew that they liked it so I tried again and badabing!

*How was that experience?/Similar to Idol? Better?
Naturally Melodifestivalen was better for me. Idol was great fun but know I didn't have to sing covers anymore, if you know what I mean.

*How did you feel while performing? Were you nervous for performing for the entire country?
I felt great! My best friends was there on stage and I only felt joy. I don't usually get nervous when on stage. If something goes wrong, shit happens. It's only music.

*You came 3rd, Did you ever expect getting that far?/How did you feel after being eliminated?
Eliminated sounds rough. :) I am more than pleased. I came from nowhere and ended up 3rd. Cool!

*After achieving that position, Will you try again next year?
No, I don't think so, but you never know, do you. Next time I will do a black ballad.

*What can you tell us about the song "Oh My God!"?
I wrote it as some kind of musical therapy. I was down and my mother asked for a happy song. It was written in 15 minutes.

*How would you describe the new album "Maktub"?
If "Oh my God!" is yellow you will have all the colours of the rainbow on "Maktub". Yeah, a musical rainbow.

*What's the meaning of Maktub?
Maktub is an Arabic popular saying that means "It was written!", meaning it was always meant to happen/to be.

*Would you agree if I said that your voice has changed since Idol?
No, not really. Hope for the better then.

*Would you compare with any other artist?
No. I am me.

*What can we expect from you in the near future?
A tour in Sweden and after that I have plans to conquer the rest of the world. Maktub!

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