Yes, yes, yes! Finally the auditions are coming to an end and I won't have to watch another audition show till next year! Oh wait, the XF US is near, but that's another story. Final set of auditionees will perform in front of the judges tonight, and in the next days, they will be cut down until we get our semi finalists! Who will shine tonight? ...

Recap after the JUMP ...


You can watch the full episode HERE (using what I explained in the comments) All the performances videos are taken from the Idol site too.

Tessie Ahlstrand - She's arm-wrestling with Anders, and of  course, she can't even move his arm. She's singing the horrid "Born This Way" and actually making it sound great. She made a great arrengment of it and her voice is very pleasant. - VIDEO

Fredrik Lundman (19) - His one of this country hateable contestants. And on top of that he is the type that wears the horrible hats. His voice is country boredom and it sounds pretty bad. Well, if you like country I guess you will like it. It sounds awful for me. However, judges unexplicably think there's some talent there, so they send him through. - VIDEO

Andreas Larsson - He's back for his second try after already failing once at the auditions, or was it slutauditions? Either way, he was very forgettable back then. He's singing the same Gaga song Tessie tackled and I must confess this one is much better. He made this sound even better. He seems to be mumbling the words but that's what makes this cover so good actually. I love his folky sound too. He's qutie good. - VIDEO

And that's it!! No more auditions!!! YAY! Next week, well, next Sunday, we'll get the slutauditions, the equivalent to AI Hollywood week. Some will suck, some will suck more than the previous ones, some will be average, some will be meh and very few will shine. Who will fall in each category?

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