After a shockingly bad performance, it was shy boy and former front runner George Shaid who was given the boot. 9 are left standing and this week they'll perform songs by artists "Gone Too Soon", which is basically a free theme, as long as the original performer is dead. Will we have another shock exit this time?

Recap after the JUMP ...

Sara Sangfelt

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"Rehab" (Amy Winehouse) - 7,5/10 - She keeps giving us predictable songs. Even with this broad theme, she couldn't find a suitable song to impress us. This tune did the job just fine but that's the problem. She should be aspiring to be great, not decent. "Tears Dry on Their Own" could have been a moment for her. That said, she had some sass here and the melody wasn't completely faithful to the original, so I guess she's kinda trying. I expect more from her though.

Elin Bergman

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"No Woman, No Cry" (Bob Marley) - 7/10 - Hated what they did to her hair here. The performance isn't any better wither. It sounded good but it lacked a whole lot of depth. I guess she was more focused on her rap and moves than on the actual message of the song. That's ok, as long as the rest is spectacular, which it wasn't. Competent, entertaining performance. But no more than that.

Erik Rapp

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"A Change Is Gonna Come" (Sam Cooke) - 7,5/10 - Flawless vocals as usual. Glad he could rebound from last week's disaster. The hands are more controlled tonight, which is also a nice thing, they are still there but after witnessing how bad it can be, I'm grateful he reined back on them, at least a little. I felt his delivery was a bit flat overall, he could have given the song some dynamics, a moment. It looked like he was searching for it but he just couldn't find it.

Miriam Bengtsson

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"I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)" (Whitney Houston) - 5/10 - And she's back. Oh well. Singer Miriam wasn't that good either. She's back to her old fashioned dancer singer ways. Even Sandra picked a cooler song than she did. Actually, they could've swapped their songs, the results would've been better. Didn't like the singing, she's got the energy, if only she could focus on picking better songs.

Gabriel Alares

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"You Can't Kill Rock'n'Roll" (Sugarplum Fairy) - 7,5/10 - Gabriel has apparently found his thing. His basically given us the same performance three weeks in a row. Rock song, slow start, dramatic chorus. He's standing out cause most of the other contestants are giving us mediocre performances but if the others performed as they could, this would be decent karaoke. I liked what I heard, but as I said last time, he needs to give us some edge. He could be a pop star in Sweden though, most of their artists sound pretty much like Gabriel does.

Kevin Walker

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"Behind Blue Eyes" (The Who) - 2/10 - Since he's not even trying, I won't either. I'll just smile. That seems to be working for him.

Sandra Wikström

 photo SandraWikstroumlm.png

"Try Again" (Aaliyah) - 6/10 - I give her some points for trying something new. At least she's not given us the same old fashioned ballad she's performed for 3 weeks. This style didn't felt believable though. I guess she should be doing something like Molly Pettersson Hammar did during the last season, since this song made me realize Sandra could be doing soul music. Joss Stone could be perfect for her. If only she was able to come up with it.

Matilda Melin

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"(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" (Otis Redding) - 8,5/10 - It seems Matilda has finally realized she shouldn't be doing upbeat music, and I'm glad about it. This was the performance of the night. She picked a very well known tune and completely modernize it, the kind of cover you'd expect from Erik. It wasn't perfect by any means since it kinda went nowhere but she did sound awesome on it and in such a mediocre night, she was able to stand out.

Jens Hult

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"Come as You Are" (Nirvana) - 6,5/10 - Good pick for his voice, disappointing delivery. His rasp worked perfectly with this Rock classic but the way he approached the song left a lot to be desired. His vocals were better than usual but the way he frantically ran around the stage just ruined it. The performance would've been a lot superior had he just stood there.

  1. Matilda Melin
  2. Gabriel Alares
  3. Sara Sangfelt
  4. Erik Rapp
  5. Elin Bergman
  6. Jens Hult
  7. Sandra Wikström
  8. Miriam Bengtsson
  9. Kevin Walker


Sara Sangfelt

This was coming. Sara didn't even make it to the Top 13 in the first place and had to be given a wildcard. Of course, that doesn't mean she didn't deserve her place. The problem was that she was unable to connect with the audience, was it for her dead eyes or for the fact she just wasn't able to pick a moderately interesting song. I feel she didn't deserve to go this soon, there are at least 4 people who should have gone sooner than her. Kevin still being in this competition is criminal.

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