As you might have guessed, Chris isn't going to recap the show anymore. So you're stuck with me for the rest of the season. Thankfully, I've been following the show this year, so there was no catching up for me to do. This year the judging panel includes returnees Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato and newbies Kelly Rowland, former XF UK judge and Paulina Rubio, Latina singer, as famous in Latin America as she is in the US. With the show pulling lower ratings each passing week, it's starting to seem this will be the final season. 16 acts have made it to the liveshows but by the end of the night, only 12 will remain, the judges deciding which of their acts to keep. Will the talent impress this year? ... It's time to face the music!

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Over 25s

Kelly makes her team meet her at the gym.She makes them jog, while singing.

Fifth Judge: Rachel has the lead, with 40%. Jeff follows with 30% whiel James has 15% and Lillie 13%. That's crazy!

Lillie McCloud

 photo LillieMcCloud.png

"When a Man Loves a Woman" - 8,5/10 - 54! y/o Lillie used to have a big carrerr, with multiple charting singles yet she left it all behind when her kids were born. After all the mediocrity we had to endure from the younger acts, it's nice to see a professional do what she does best. She absolutely nailed her performance. Magnificent vocals, so captivating. I really hope the public likes her cause such a talented woman deserves to go far in this competition. "You are one heck of a singer but for the first time, I've a but. I think you gotta lose the theatrics because it's making you too dated and it's coming over a little too Broadway" (Simon)

Jeff Gutt

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"Try" - 6,5/10 - I don't get Jeff. He's a great vocalist but he's so dated. His singing style isn't helping either, it's like he's stuck in the 90s. To me, it felt shouty and honestly, quite karaoke. I guess I just don't like what he's all about. "I think you bring something to this show that's not in the competition. The only thing is that last (hand movement) was a little much for me" (Demi)

Rachel Potter

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"I Hope You Dance" - 8/10 - Her Four Seat Challenge performance was a trainwreck, as Simon reminded us, and I still don't know how she made it this far. That said, she actually deserved it. Rachel is really marketable. She's got a killer voice, lovely tone and great stage personality, plus she's a powerhouse country singer, which gave her a certain edge over the other more typical acts. Not the best song choice but a wonderful performance nonetheless. "You've got a beautiful tone. That was brilliant from beginning to end" (Paulina)

James Kenney

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"Red" - 8/10 - That tone! What an incredible voice this guy has. The song choice wasn't entirely right, had he gave it a cool arrangement it could've worked better but as he sang it, it was just decent. I adore how he sounded on it though, if I could get my hands on him, I'd get him straight to the studio. "I don't know what the heck Kelly is gonna do, that was really great" (Demi)

Fifth Judge: Rachel and Jeff both have 33% while Lillie and James have 17%.



James Kenney

Kelly had the toughest decision so far. All her acts delivered but if I had to choose, I'd have kept James and sent Jeff home, based on my personal preference. Jeff is a good singer but his style isn't exciting for me. James' on the other hand is someone whose album I'd buy in a heartbeat.


Simon loves working with groups. He invites them to his house. The contestants were super excited by it. Simon has tea with them.

Fifth Judge: Sweet Suspense has 50% of the vote, Restless Road 32%, Alex and Sierra 14% and RoXxy Montana just 4%. Ouch.

RoXxy Montana

 photo RoXxyMontana.png

"Royals" - 7/10 - Sister trio. This is the best they've sounded to date. The problem with this group is that only one of them can sing. The other two are decent but can only function as backing singers. I enjoyed it though, it could've been a lot better, the harmonies for one, but it wasn't that bad either. "I was not expecting that. I think that you guys looks great, you sound great. I'm really excited for you guys" (Kelly) Simon refers to one of them as "the one in the middle". He should know their names, right?

Sweet Suspense

 photo SweetSuspense.png

"I Love It" - 6/10 - Millie, Summer and Celine - Simon manufactured group #1. Ok performance. They seemed to have fun. Not the strongest singers but they jelled well together. Celine is probably the strongest, Millie the weakest, but it could be this song. Not really sold on them yet. There's some potential but very little. I don't think they'll last when the voting rounds come. "You are stars. You guys are absolute stars, that was amazing" (Demi)

Alex & Sierra

 photo AlexampSierra.png

"Blurred Lines" - 8/10 - They remind me a lot to Mrs Greenbird, X Factor Germany S3 winners. They even sing the same kind of music. Unexpected song choice, I'm digging this. They can be too cute at times yet it's not annoying. They've been consistently great throughout this competition and this performance was no exception. The arrangement was cool and interesting, pretty different from the rest of the acts, a lot relaxed. "I really like you, I wish you'd have made it a little sexier. You guys want your very first audition to happen again" (Kelly)

Restless Road

 photo RestlessRoad.png

"Roar" - 6/10 - Simon manufactured group #2. This is my worst nightmare, a country trio. While it's not as atrocious as I thought it would, it's not a strong or memorable performance either. A country take on Katy Perry? No thanks. They are not strong when they sing by themselves and they're no better together. Decent performance. The overpraising was off putting. "Wow. What a way to close the show. That was amazing" (Demi)

Fifth Judge: Sweet Suspense is still leading with 44%. Restless Road has 31%, Alex & Sierra 20% and RoXxy Montana only 5%. Have this people been watching the show?



RoXxy Montana

While not the worst group, the girls weren't the best either. They did outperform Simon's manufactured groups but he wasn't letting any of them go. Alex & Sierra going home was the girls only chance of staying and since the duo is one of this competition best acts, there was no way that was happening.


  1. Lillie McCloud
  2. Alex & Sierra
  3. Rachel Potter
  4. James Kenney
  5. Khaya Cohen
  6. RoXxy Montana
  7. Carlos Guevara
  8. Tim Olstad
  9. Ellona Santiago 
  10. Jeff Gutt
  11. Danie Geimer
  12. Josh Levi
  13. Carlito Olivero
  14. Sweet Suspense
  15. Restless Road
  16. Rion Paige

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