It was all about Rock music last week. Unfortunately, after her best performance to date, fan favourite Joelle faced the axe, after facing fellow team mate Jiordan Tolli in the B2. The Top 7 will be performing songs they were raised on. "All the family favourites under one roof" ... It's time to face the music!

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"Smooth Criminal" - 6/10 - It felt so good for Jordan that the judges finally recognized he can live up to the girls standards.  Nat loved meeting the guys' moms. Apparently, Michael Jackson is THIRD D3GREE's collective idol. Jordan would go to a jazz school and all he'd want to do was sing Michael songs. An ok performance but not as shiny as last week's. Kelebek's energy seemed off and Jordan wasn't nearly as good as he was during their previous performance. Jacinta sounded really awesome most of the time  but it still wasn't enough to save this performance. It just wasn't exciting or cool enough and when they sang together it was quite messy. Not their best. "I think this was kind of a hot mess because some songs some people have to take the lead and this was clearly Jacinta's song to just take the lead on this and she cuts through and I just didn't hear enough of her. Clearly, she should have took the lead because with the goggles she's wearing she's clearly the pilot on this. I like your second verse Kelebek, but it just felt all over the place and it just didn't seem you guys were too confident in it" (Foo)

Jai Waetford

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"That Should Be Me" - 5,5/10 -Jai assumes the judges liked his performance because they commented on his jacket. Jai loves Justin Bieber. It's were he can see being. How convenient. Ronan thinks this song is right because of the story because his mom and Jai used to sing that song in the car. Jai is so flat here, his voice just isn't good enough yet. The song choice was ok, mainly because this isn't such a popular song, but I found it to be somewhat boring and cheesy, the firework waterfall at the end was so typical Ronan. "What was great about that performance was that there was such a great connection to the lyrics for you this week, so great song choice Ronan and great outfit. You sounded fantastic" (Nat)


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"MMMBop" - 4/10 - They loved the pyros last week though they were scared of getting their hairs burned. Their mom loves Nat. Jon wanted to become a drummer just like the drummer in Hanson. Robin admits they loved them. Nat initially thought it was super cheesy so she wants the boys to rough it up. The first step would've been not giving them a Hanson song, I guess it's to late for that now. So the vocals aren't so awful but still, as Nat herself predicted, this is such a cheesy cover. I'm confident they'll land in the B2 this week, the question is, is it three strikes and out? "I didn't really want to like this. I really liked it. Robin, you've got a great voice and I love listening to your voice. I did a lot of shows with Hanson back in the day when this song was a big hit and I got really annoyed, I hated it, and it's been such a nice break and now hearing it again, it's refreshing. It was great, I loved it, this is exactly who you guys are" (Ronan)

Omar Dean

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"Careless Whisper" - 8,5/10 - He was disappointed last week. He felt he lost most of his confidence. Omar is a big fan of Lionel Richie and George Michael. He feels his confidence is broken right now. Even if he believes he's lost his confidence, his voice is definitely still strong. This is the best he's sounded in a while and while I'm not the biggest fan of this choice, it certainly worked in Omar's favour, despite it sounded 80-ish. His falsetto was excellent, his overall vocal work was actually. The problem was his attitude, imagine how good he could be if he believed fully in himself. Nat admits to Omar that last week's performance was actually great, even if some moments didn't worked. "I loved that song, that was a great performance, your falsetto there is were you sit in a very happy place. I think with the performance you were eyeballing all of us judges like, 'I'm back'. That's what we need to see" (Dannii) Poor Omar is soaking wet with sweat, I'm getting sweaty myself just by watching him.

Taylor Henderson

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"The Horses" - 9/10 - His dad met Ronan and they got along really well. His dad likes a lot of the classics. He's a big fan of Daryl Braithwaite and also got Taylor to play James Tylor, after whom Taylor is named. His dad thought Taylor this song while driving. This is such a great choice for Taylor. Vocally, while not perfect, it was definitely my favourite performance from him. He took risks and gave his tone textures he hadn't before. He's not the most confident performer but at least he seems to be trying. I kinda feel this would have been even better as a stripped down cover, with Taylor playing his guitar, but that's just me, cause this was still great. "Look what happens when you get some confidence. There was a showman emerging there. No more tears, no more drama, no more excuses. What I wanna see at the end of the performance is 'yes!', because that is what you should have been feeling. It was a great performance, own it, love it, enjoy it. More confidence" (Dannii)

Jiordan Tolli

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"Don't Speak" - 7/10 - Joelle was her best friend throughout the competition, so competing against her was hard. She promises we are gonna see her fight tonight. Her mom is a singer singer. Jiordan used to jump on stage with them and sing No Doubt and The Veronicas. The staging is awfully distracting. It doesn't look good either nor makes any actual sense, who knows what Foo thought about this on that crazy mind of his. Jiordan seems to be getting slowly back to form. Her vocals were miles better, aside from some minor tuning issues, and her connection with the song, as Ronan noted, was really powerful. Unfortunately, Foo kinda ruined it with the staging. I'd have Jiordan singing with no props over a black stage, a single light over her. That'd be much better than this. "Evey once in a while, we have a contestant that performs the song and connects better than the original and it's very, very rare. This is how this song should be perform, for the first time I listened to the words and I understood what Gwen Stefani was trying to say" (Ronan)

Dami Im

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"Bridge over Troubled Water" - 9/10 - Come on! She's closing the show AGAIN?! Dami knows she's not perfect. She's worried this could be the week when she messes it up. Dami's mom is an opera singer, so she used to listen classical music when growing up. Her folks like old pop songs, The Beatles, The Carpenters, Simon and Garfunkel. Apparently, she can do no wrong. Yet another flawless vocal performance, which has to be the reason they keep giving her the pimp spot. Despite how much it annoys me, I can't fault them. I mean, they've a phenomenal singer who's certain to give a showstopper every single week. At this point, it's Dami's competition to lose. For the first time, only Dannii and Ronan give her a standing o. Are they backing down on the pimping now? "That was great but I've to say I'm used to awesome from you. I still thought you were holding back a little bit and I know that might sound crazy but I feel that you could've even gave more. I love you and I just still think that you could've went 10 more percent" (Foo) "I had the roughest week ever, that was for my parents and my grandfather that song tonight. I've had the toughest time, you've been my absolute angel and for anyone else out there, if you ever had a tough time, that is the song you need to connect with the energy of the song. This is about the purity of Dami" (Dannii)

  1. Taylor Henderson
  2. Dami Im
  3. Omar Dean
  4. Jiordan Tolli
  6. Jai Waetford
  7. JTR
B2 Prediction:

Jiordan Tolli


Bottom 2:


JTR - "Lego House" - Ok performance. Robin sounded really great on this and I think he should ditch his bros. His voice is the most interesting out of the three and he could've been a contender as a soloist. The trio is just ok but Robin could be great. I doubt they'll make it past this week though.

THIRD D3GREE - "Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)" - Such an awesomely cool performance. When the guys are on, they are on! Every one of them shone in this performance which is what is supposed to happen in a group. They deserve another week. 

"THIRD D3GREE, I'm not sure what's been going on with you guys in the band but there seems to be some sort of tension. You've gotta let that go. Saying that, that was a pretty cool tune you picked and your performance and what you gave it. JTR, that were some of the best harmonies we've heard you guys sing. It's funny how this happens. But there's been weeks were you really struggled. The act that I'm sending home is JTR" (Ronan)
"JTR, your dedication is incredible. You guys have caused a frenzy, I could hear it in here tonight. I didn't think tonight flew. THIRD D3GREE, the look on your faces when we said we were putting you together was TV gold but what you've done since then has been a major effort. You guys were thrown together, you even had to make friends. I actually think your save me song was one of your best performance. The act I'm sending home is JTR" (Dannii)
"When I first saw JTR, I was blown away. I've been really tough on you guys because I want you guys to do so well. That first performance was like a peak and then you guys have been climbing up and getting more confidence. THIRD D3GREE, I've always been a super fan of Kelebek. She's a rapper, I'm a rapper. Your shows, the first lives you came out here and it was amazing, shocking, so electric. This save song, Jordan, you came out with an energy like I've never seen. Desperate, you know. You need to do this every show. I'm gonna have to go with my gut. The act I'm sending home is JTR" (Foo)



Finally! They should have left the competition way sooner than this, in fact, they shouldn't have made the liveshows in the first place. They only made it because the other groups were so mediocre. They were just a little less mediocre. They are decent singers and the girls probably like them a lot so I guess they could have a career.
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