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This is the rumored list of the final 32 contestants who have advanced to the judges houses stages! This list is not complete or confirmed, that means that it's due to changes, and it surely will. As any new update appears, this list will also be updated, so check it regularly. This list will be on the top of the blog for some time, so don't be fooled and think that nothing else was posted, check below this post for new ones! Links to individual contestants spoilers will also be found here, so click their names where possible! Again, this is not confirmed nor complete, many of these contestants may have already been eliminated, and some of their names aren't even complete, for instance, many of the contestants in the Overs categories.

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UPDATE: Katie Waissel link added!
UPDATE 2: Storm Lee link added!
UPDATE 3: John Adeleye and Gamu Nhengu added!
UPDATE 4: John McArdle is out and Matt Cardle is in! Kristy Crwaford eliminated!
UPDATE 5: More names added to the final 32 and the final 12 reveled!!
UPDATE 6: Final 32 now complete! Name changes and some contestants out, including Nicole Jackson and Evanora.
UPDATE 7: Wildcard picks added! Wildcards are in green and the final 12 in red.


Marlon McKenzie

Tom Richards

John Wilding

Aiden Grimshaw

Paije Richardson

Karl Brown

Nicolo Festa

Matt Cardle


TreyC Cohen

Cher Lloyd

Katie Waissel (Check more info on her HERE)

Gamu Nhengu (Someone seems to be heading to judges houses .... HERE)

Rebecca Ferguson 

Annastasia Baker

Keri Arrindell

Raquel Thomas

Kirsty Crawford (She was eliminated based on THIS, but I'll keep her on the list just for you to know)


Mary Byrne

Storm Lee (Check more info on him HERE)

John Adeleye

Stephen Hunter

Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho

Justin Vanderhyde

Elesha Moses

Yuli Minguel


F.Y.D. (Previously named FYE)


The Reason


Diva Fever

Princes and Rogues

1 Direction (Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik)

Belle Amie (Esther Campbell, Rebecca Creighton, Geneva Lane and Sophia Wardman)
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