The first and much awaited live show is here! Plus the huge twist is reveled!! Which acts will be eliminated first?!

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ....

Big twist is introduced at the beggining, what we all already know. 4 acts will join the category making it a Top 16. Paije Richardson, Diva Fever, Trayc Cohen and Wagner are the wildcards!


"Billionaire" (Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars) - I really like this guys and specially the one  with glasses. He's got the best voice there, very soulish and sweet. I'm enjoying this ... I don't like the song and so much happening on that stage, but their voices are decent at least! And the mohawk dude sang pretty well too! Can you agree judges?! Louis and Dannii say they moved a lot and Cheryl says they should move more?! I'd say a 7 out of 10. Not the best but not the worst.

Matt Cardle

"When Love Takes Over" (David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland) - Matt's one of my top guys and he seems to be everyone's. That beggining wasn't so good but OMG! This are hot vocals! He's hitting all the notes and he's really connecting with that song! This song doesn't leave much space for originality but he's done a great job. That was a real 10! Props Matt! Keep rocking! Simon calls that performance genius and we all know that's the only opinion that matters ....

 John Adeleye

"One Sweet Day" (Mariah Carey featuring Boyz II Men) - The "dark horse" of the competition according to Louis, mmmm? I like his soulish voice but I think he's a little bit boring and as Simon said, he's invisible at the moment. Plus this song is a total boredom. No singer can make this song better. It's so cheesy! Louis has killed John with that song. He's an incredible singer but he won't be able to become visible with that songs. And yes Dannii, he didn't sound current at all!

Rebecca Ferguson

"Teardrops" (Womack and Womack) - Shy Rebecca! Love her! WOW! She's much more confident and her vocals are on fire! I actually never heard that song but I love the way she's singing it. Very contemporary and it actually feels really jazzy/soulish. I also love her tone and phrasing. I want to record that beautiful voice into a CD! This girl will sell million of records ....

Storm Lee

"We Built This City" (Starship) - Crazy Storm ... Hate his hair and his outfit. Storm is the equivalent to aussie Altiyan Childs but wierder. I like Storm's voice but I  can't take him seriously with that hair! What are that things with socks in their heads! They are scary! They actually look like crazy serial killers and that's not good. Massive performance for Storm! I really enjoyed his vocals and all his performance! Yes Cheryl! It's too much ...

Belle Amie

"Airplanes" (B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore) - I really love the girls but that beggining was painful! Esther isn't the best singer and I don't know why she's singing most of the song by herself, she's some vocal ability but her voice fells short. Geneva should have done that solos. Judges are praising them but I think it wasn't that good. Their voices were ok and their dancing was ok. An ok act. But with a bit of practice, well, a lot of practice, they could be really great!

Cher Lloyd

"Just Be Good to Me" (The SOS Band) - Love this girl! Cher is so original! Never seen something like that! It doesn't matter she screwed it on Judges Houses cause she was already shoe-in the liveshows before that! Love how she raps, how she moves and the faces she does! Maybe not the best vocalist but certainly the most unique and fun. Cher will fly high in this competition, if she doesn't win it! Total love!

Diva Fever

"Sunny" (Bobby Hebb) - Still can't believe they are through! The Reason was much better. I know I won't like this ... And yes, I hate this! It's not even fun! They sound like an old-fashioned disco act and it's not enjoyable at all! If I'm a bit nice, their voices didn't suck, but I hate this! I wouldn't buy, or even hear, any song this guys release, it feels so old! Worst decision ever Simon!

Paije Richardson

"Killing Me Softly with His Song" (Roberta Flack) - Oh Paije! What are you wearing man?!  And that song choice ... WTF Dannii? Do you want your own acts being eliminated? So old-fashioned! His vocals are incredible however but I didn't feel anything contemporary on that performance. Luther Vandross? Really? He sang good but not that good! Will he still be here next week? Surely ...

Katie Waissel

"We Are the Champions" (Queen) - She's so wierd! What's she wearing? A hair dryer? I love the men piano and all the performance styling, and I also love Katie! She's so original! The girls are really strong this year! This song, however, is missing a little bit of power but Katie's unique tone and quirkiness does the job! A little bad notes there but that ending was kewl! I gave her props for being so strange and different!!

Mary Byrne

"It's a Man's Man's Man's World" (James Brown) - WOW! SuBo 2.0, and that means she's better! Mary's voice is the biggest in this competition! I'm loving this so much! She's totally wicked! Love her gestures and the way she's singing this song! Will this be an Overs year? If she keeps singing like this it will! Best so far and that will be so hard to beat! Mary's voice is out of this planet! She should be a legend by now!! How is it possible that no one ever discovered her? She's crying now! She's so real! LOVE Mary!!!!

Nicolo Festa

"Just Dance" (Lady Gaga featuring Colby O'Donis) - This was kinda obvious. Male diva singing Gaga. I'm enjoying this but there's nothing unique in it. And Nicolo can do so much better! The part with the fans was really special but the rest of it was mediocre. His voice was ok but nothing like his previous performances, and I really missed his eyes!

One Direction

"Viva la Vida" (Coldplay) - Their styling is so wrong! They are aiming for the teen vote but I don't like this at all. Louis and Nial look awful and Zain is really sucking. Plus Liam's haircut?! I want the Beiber back! Harry is the only ok guy there ... Their performance wasn't that bad after all but they need loads of work! And Liam's ending was cool!


"She Bangs" (Ricky Martin) / "Love Shack" (The B-52s) - The most WTF act ever on any show! It's almost a joke act! Louis learn how to pronunce his name at least! I  like him as a person but not as a singer! And what's this?! It's different and original, but it's also so wierd and strange! I'm really speechless. It wasn't good but it wasn't bad. It was just so strange! But entertaining ...

Aiden Grimshaw

"Mad World" (Tears for Fears) - Love Aiden so much!! He looks like about to faint but I think it's staged. His vocals are excellent and as perfect as always. I love this kid so much!! So original also! I want a CD of him right now! That performance was magic and so special!! He really is the next male popstar!!!!!!!!

Treyc Cohen

"One" (U2) - Can't believe she wasn't put thtough at first! She's the best singer, along with Mary, in this competition! The way she delivers on stage! It's so powerful and incredible! Love her voice, her tone, her personality! Incredible! The best for last! Trayc will go really far this time! She really deserves this! That voice is magnificent and so pure! Love, love, love!! A Top 3 for sure!

RESULTS TIME! First through are ... Trayc Cohen and John Adeleye! I don't like this duo results announcment, it cuts all the emotion ... I want all the drama involved when they call one by one. Look at John, he couldn't even react cause Trayc was screaming like crazy. Next safe are ... Aiden Grimshaw and Diva Fever?! Aiden deserved it but that dudes! Cher Lloyd and Storm Lee are through! Exaggerated ...  Belle Amie and Matt Cardle, what's that face Louis? He totally deserved it! Wagner is through?! WTF?! Rebecca Ferguson and  Mary Byrne are safe. All the Overs are in! One Direction is obviously through. And the final act through is ... Paije Richardson!

Nicolo Festa, F.Y.D and Katie Waissel are in the Bottom 3. The act with the lowest votes will leave immediately, without having the chance to perform. The first eliminated act of the night and of the liveshows is .... Nicolo Festa!! Shocker! Didn't expected that at all!! Nicolo says he feels like crap! He didn't deserve this! I feel sorry for the italian ...



"Don't Stop the Music" (Rihanna) - This is so boring! Absolutely cliche! Just what I expect of everyone who perform that crappy song. And it's also really pitchy! I've to recognize they are incredible dancers and are also really enjoyable, but this song has nothing special, they aren't as good as they were on Judges Houses or even in Bootcamp.

Katie Waissel

"Don't Let Me Down" (The Beatles) - Just two words ... Absolutely awesome! She shouldn't be here either! Katie is not only a terrific performer but also a really unique one! I dare to say that she's more unique than Diana Vickers! Her voice has a really quirky and pleasant sound. And it's also really powerful!! Katie will stay, there's no doubt, after that, WOW!

Finally, VOTATION TIME! Simon backs his own act but I susspect he wanted to eliminate them and keep Katie. Cheryl eliminates F.Y.D, which are also selected by Dannii. Louis doubts a little but decides to eliminate F.Y.D,  because he considers Katie deserves to stay the most. So that's it F.Y.D and Nicolo Festa are the first acts eliminated! F.Y.D is no surprise, we all knew they were the first leaving, but Nicolo! Never expected that!
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