The final 8 contestants battle it out in Rock Night!! Who would raise the bar and who would crumble under  preassure?! Will Altiyan bring another massive performance?, will India be able to stay away of the Bottom?, will it be the end of the road for one of the boys? ... It's time to face the music!

UPDATE: Mitchell Smith is eliminated. Watch the sing off too ...

Watch the performances and read my comments after the JUMP ...

My favourites tonight: Sally, Hayley, Mahogany and Altiyan. Sally delivered a really strong performance with massive vocals and so did Hayley! They are totally awesome and I think they'll go really far. Mahogany really mastered that song! It wasn't so rock but it was the best of the night! And Altiyan delivered another massive performance! This guy has no stop!

Who should go home: Mitchell Smith
Who will go home: India-Rose or Andrew Lawson, tough I hope I'm wrong and Mitchell goes ...

Sally Chatfield

"Decode" (Paramore) - Love how she's sounding! She's a huge fan of Paramore so this shouldn't be hard for her ... and it isn't! It seems so natural for her and she's really nailing this song! Great show opener, huge notes and massive vocal! Perfect timing and I really like her rocker vibe, maybe she can be a rocker too ... Safe ,Ronan? That's the meaning of safe for you?? What? She's done a massive opener and she's got the best voice, so if that's safe all the other contestants are screwed ...

Mitchell Smith

"Jessie's Girl" (Rick Springfield) - Another song I like will be killed by Mitchell! Stop it!! Go home!! Wait, it's not as bad as it always is, but come on!! He can't sing and has no voice! It may have been really hard to go after that huge performance but this kid is absolutely horrible! Wrong timing, wrong tune, wrong look ... PLEASE LEAVE!

Hayley Teal

"Whole Lotta Love" (Led Zeppelin) - LOVE this song!! I've already seen that t-shirt somewhere ... Great look however! She's really delivering! Great soul rock performance! She's my favourite voice in the hole competition! That acapella solo is stunning tough I thought it had already ended! But WOW! That was amazing ...

Luke and Joel

"Best of You" (Foo Fighters) - That's what I'm talking about when I say they should sing more serious songs! And they really have amazing vocal abilities!! They still look dirty and dumb to me but their voices are undeniable! Rock really fits them! Maybe they should try an acoustic pop rock, like Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz ...

Andrew Lawson

"Crocodile Rock" (Elton John) - Horrible song choice! Kyle can't really pick songs ... he actually sucks! Andrew is singing it ok  but not even near to last week's performance. And those la la las are hedious but he's doing the best he cans with this song, and wasn't it rock week? Is this considered rock? I don't think so ...

India-Rose Madderom

"Iris" (Goo Goo Dolls) - "That's wierd" Nat! You can't say that to her and put those faces! Be a little more kind! Love her dress! She really looks stunning! I like the way she's singing it but I don't like this song much. It cannot be really reworked and all versions sound really similar ... However, she's pulling some of the high notes but not all ... Great pause! And the ending has improved a bit ... An incredible vocal performance but not an incredible performance ...


"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" (The Beatles) - What?! They don't know this song?! And Kyle says no one in the country knows it?! Come on! They are The Beatles!! Everyone knows The Beatles!! Love, love, love!! They have really raised the bar! Amazing arrengement, fabulous looks and I love the red and black lights! Their harmonies are so beautiful and their phrasing is really good! They could record that song and sell millions of copies! I'm a fan now! They'll go all the way, that's for sure!!

Altiyan Childs

"Beautiful Day" (U2) - "If this is a dream, don't wake me up"  Nice. I really like this song! And Altiyan is totally nailing it! Best for last! Massive vocals and the perfect attitude for rock! Another recordable cover! I started hating him but now ... I love Altiyan! I always end up wanting more and more, and I believe he can win this and will probably will! Standing O!!

It's RESULTS TIME! Altiyan Childs is the first act thorugh! No surprise there ... Mahogany is also in! Another obvious decision. Next act returning is ... Luke and Joel! They are joined by Sally Chatfield and Andrew Lawson! An Adam Lambert's performance and the results are back! The final act who is returning next week is ... Hayley Teal! Mitchell Smith and India-Rose are in the Bottom 2!


Mitchell Smith

"Teenage Dream" (Katy Perry) - A horrible song choice! And horrible vocals! Confussing performance ... he could have sang something better to save his spot ... After that, he should be immediately eliminated. Plus his attitude sucks ... he should be grateful for getting this far ...

India-Rose Madderom

"Bitter Sweet Symphony" (The Verve) - She shouldn't be here again, tough her performance last night wasn't that good, but she CAN sing! This performance is so beautifully sang! Why didn't she sing this last night?! Incredible! She'll be here  next week, I'm confident!

And it's VOTATION TIME! Mitchell MUST go now ... Kyle's vote is automatically for Mitchell and Guy is backing that too?! WTF?! Two votes against India! Why is him thinking?! Is he afraid of her great potential?! Nat is backing her own act and we all knew Ronan was never going to pick Mitchell ... So it's DEADLOCK!!! I'm fearing India may leave ... MITCHELL SMITH IS ELIMINATED!!! Shocker!!! He had the lowest numbers of votes!! Finally Australia voted right!!
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