Another live show and another act is going home! With the shocking elimination of James McNally last week, who will get the axe this one?!

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

Hayley Teal

"River Deep – Mountain High" (Ike and Tina Turner) - Love this song! Hayley looks great in that dress. Her voice is good but I liked last week's performance more. The dancers and the coreography, however, are amazing! So dinamic! The thing they did with their hands was so kewl! And there're fireworks! And wind! Hayley is in it to win it! Kyle has some points however, the attention is dragged away from her and that shouldn't happen! Maybe she'll be better just standing in the middle singing a huge song, without any special effects ...

Andrew Lawson

"(I Could Only) Whisper Your Name" (Harry Connick, Jr.) - Somebody is back to jazz ... It was time Mr Lawson! A little bit out of tune but this is what he should be doing! And all the weeks ... His voice and style is pure jazz and her really looks comfortable with it! Not the awkward last week song ... That ending, although it was ok vocally, sounded and felt so bad for me, don't really liked it ...


"I'll Stand by You" (The Pretenders) - I really like them but this is sounding so awful! Totally off tune and powerless. What's happening with all that funky soul girls?! The chorus and fireworks part was better but it was all a distraction from their voices, cause, being honest, they sucked. Guy's fault from not being there ... With this performance they will be in real danger ...

India-Rose Madderom

"Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" (Eurythmics) - So much drama for a dress? Come on! WOW! This is so cool!! Fireworks, drumers and a huge rocky edgy style! India keeps getting better and better! She can WIN this!! A star in the making ... if not already one! Love her voice, her looks her performance ability, her face! LOVE India! This performance will be hard to beat ... Ronan is scared and all should be!

Altiyan Childs

"Lady in Red" (Chris De Burgh) - After last week's trainwreck, Altiyan really has to step up his game. I love this song, so, will he nail it? As much as I hate him, I'm really liking this! His voice sounds properly and I enjoy that raspy tone a lot! Love the dancers and the softness of that performance ... His best so far! Altiyan has grown a little more in me! With another performance like that, he could win me! A magnificent job!

Luke and Joel

"Smooth Criminal" (Michael Jackson) - Oh no! Back to mediocre! Guy is killing his groups! That song choice is so wrong! I like the song but not for them! They are doing the best they can with this shit ... they cannot do much with it however. Lots of dancing and I love that movement at the middle, and the ending was awesome. But still, not their best.

Sally Chatfield

"You're the Voice" (John Farnham) - Another song I love! This is her chance to show all her vocal ability! Sally is so terrific! Her voice is one of a kind, it seems effortless! Loving the chorus part and the smoke ... Not much originality in that song but this girl has great pipes! Totally agree with Ronan! She's the only one who can tackle that kind of songs!

Mitchell Smith

"To Be with You" (Mr. Big) - What the heck is this?! Hate this song so much!! Still no voice there! The chorus sounds better than him. And that stage .... my eyes and ears hurt! This kid has to go right now! I hate teens! Stop voting for this! Mitchell is Australia's Jedward, you hate him, I hate him, all hate him, but still, people vote for him ... Only weak Ronan? It was a horrible vocal performance!!


"Time After Time" (Cyndi Lauper) - Ouch! This beggining is sounding so wrong! Painful! What are they wearing?! Guy has really let down all his acts! It will be really incredible not to see two groups in the bottom. They are sounding so out of tune it hurts. They have hit some notes but only a few! Where is the finished package this week?

Amanda Grafanakis

"Vogue" (Madonna) - Lady Graf is back!!!!!!! Love this song for her! It's so Amanda ... Incredible vocals and dancing! She should go this way, cause she's really nailing it! Best performance of the night! Fun to watch, amazing dancing, insane vocals, just perfect! I wonder how she remembered all those movements without mistake, that should have been hard!

It's RESULTS TIME! It will be hard to keep the Groups away from the Bottom, at least one of them should be there. Side note, I love The Script!! Sally looks really messy. The first act through is ... Mitchell Smith?! Why? Sally Chatfield, Luke and Joel, India-Rose Madderom, Andrew Lawson, Hayley Teal and Altiyan Childs are all safe! And finally ... Amanda Grafanakis joins them! Two groups in the Bottom! Kharizma and Mahogany! They don't deserve it but they sucked last night ...



"The Climb" (Miley Cyrus) -  They are singing better now, but they are still a bit off tune. But 10 times better than last night. That wasn't a winning performance however and I'd have voted against them after that.


"Footprints in the Sand" (Leona Lewis) -  This performance is so Mahogany! This is what they should do! Perfect vocals and very heartful. I'm seeing a Kharizma exit after this. The song is beautiful and so is their singing. They deserve to be here and they will!

So that's it! VOTATION TIME! Kyle and Nat choose to eliminate Kharizma and then Luke asks Guy to decide! Come on! He won't until Ronan has voted! Guy passes it to Ronan, who also picks Kharizma. So that's 3! And they are eliminated, Guy doesn't need to vote. You will be missed girls!
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