The final nine performers battle it out in one of the thoughest themes in the X Factor history ... Dance Anthems Night! So put your shoes on and get read to dance!

Watch the performances and read my recap after the JUMP ...

India-Rose Madderom

"Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)" (A. R. Rahman anf The Pussycat Dolls) - I love India but singing an indian song when she's named India is so cliche! And it doesn't fit her at all! Her voice is incredible tough as well as her outfit! It's also a very fun and dinamic performance but again, it's chessy and cliched ... Oh Nat! You were doing so good with the girls! Overall it was an entertaining performance but not vocally perfect.

Andrew Lawson

"Heartache Tonight" (The Eagles) - Andrew is improving! This guy could be a real contedor! Great scenery and backing dancers and even more important, great song choice! It really fits his voice and he's singing it amazingly! His best performance so far! Love the chorus part and that raspy tone he does in it. Andrew could actually win this if he keeps singing like this! Mitchell doesn't stand a chance against him!

Amanda Grafanakis

"I Gotta Feeling" (The Black Eyed Peas) - Love her outfit! And love those clowns and all the circus atmosphere! Her vocals aren't spot on but they are pretty good. She seems a bit uncomfortable with the song but I guess it is because she had never heard the song before! Really Amanda? In which planet do you live? I actually loved this performance after all but I'm really biased with her so my opinion doesn't count in this one!

Luke and Joel

"Hey Ya!" (OutKast) - I hate this song ... and what the hell is that beggining! I've to say it, I really like their voices but the songs Guy is picking for them are real shit! He kills them week in and week out! I'm absolutely hating this performance! They are doing the best they can but this song is so shitty they cannot do anything better. Please Guy, let them pick their own song next time!

Sally Chatfield

"Don't Stop Me Now" (Queen) - Sally's performances are always my favourites and cause I love this song, this will be my favourite of the night! Love her feather outfit, very Legion of Many, right? And the backing singers are great too. Perfect vocals, perfect performance ... She's just that, perfect. I'm starting to realize my comments are each week similar but she's really perfect. It will be really hard for anyone else to win ...

Mitchell Smith

"Forever" (Chris Brown) - Fuck! I loved this song! Thanks for ruining one of my favourites songs! Worst vocals ever! And the coaching too! Kyle is doing the worst job any mentor has done with a contestant, this guy can't sing nor dance! And it's turning worse and worse! I can't stand this kid anyomore and it's really sad to see talented contestants leaving and that he's still in. Hope he goes home! And damn teens!


"...Baby One More Time" (Britney Spears) -  Britney it's not them but they are doing an amazing job with that song! Love the school like dancers and theme. They are the best group ever on one of this shows! They have incredible massive voices and amazing performing skills! I don't think they'll win but they'll have a record deal after this for sure! They won't win cause groups never win but they will go far, maybe a third or secod place!

Altiyan Childs

"Livin' on a Prayer" (Bon Jovi) - Altiyan doing Bon Jovi!! This will be really good! This is epic! He's really in the mood for this song! It's very him! Although I can't stand Altiyan as a person, that voice is absolutely amazing! I'd buy CDs with that voice! And he's actually a really good and entertaining performer! That's the difference between Kyle and Ronan. Ronan is an epic moments creator and Kyle creates trainwrecks. I said Sally was the best but this has topped that! And he was sick! AMAZING!

Hayley Teal

"When Love Takes Over" (David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland) - Oh! It's really hard to perform after that! She's coming down from the roof in a giant "Love" sign. Very original, not. But her voice is stunning. And the attention is more focused on her this time, lots of things going around her but she's not moving, so all my attention is on her. Bad luck for her tough, she had to perform after a massive performance and in the same week Matt Cardle did his version on the UK. But great job!

And now RESULTS TIME!! First act through is ... Luke and Joel! Joined by Mitchell Smith?! WTF?! Andrew's and India's face! They can't believe it! They are joined by Sally Chatfield, Altiyan Childs, Andrew Lawson, Hayley Teal and Mahogany. India-Rose Madderom and Amanda Grafanakis are in the Bottom 2! WTF?! Worst decision ever! Neither should be there! I'm pissed off!


India-Rose Madderom

"Can't Take My Eyes Off You" (Frankie Valli) - Chessy song choice and really old fashioned arrengment. She's singing it well but I don't like it at all. The chorus was really good tough.

Amanda Grafanakis

"Wind Beneath My Wings" (Bette Midler) - Why? Why isn't Australia voting for her? Her quirky vocals are back! Love how she's singing this song! Very simple and calm. She seems ready to leave, she knows she's leaving and is singing her ass off! Mad vocals! If I owned a record label I'd give her a record deal without doubt! Her vocals are maddly amazing! She even waved goodbye ... I'm really sad ....

And it's VOTATION TIME. Nat's votes to send home Amanda and Ronan votes to send India. Guy votes for Amanda and Kyle votes for her too. This is a really unfair votation! Amanda Grafanakis is eliminated. Will really miss her ....
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