Sorry for not posting this recaps in a while, but I'm back!! In this days I'll post all the remaining recaps! And I must confess that I missed a lot my Aussie fans! Lots of love for you! Keep enjoying my posts and comment on them! Back with the Top 11 and Top 10 recap tomorrow!

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

Luke and Joel

"Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" (Good Charlotte) - I still can't believe this guys made it to the finals! What was Guy thinking? Teen girls votes?! Of course! They still seem dirty to me, even after their make-ups ... This song choice is so bad!! What's that beggining?! A chorus?! Horrible! Oh! Totally out of tune ... They shouldn't be singing this kind of songs ... I want something more acoustic. Are they entertaining?! A little. And their voices aren't that bad after all but they shouldn't be singing this ....

Hayley Teal

"Bust Your Windows" (Jazmine Sullivan) - I really love Hayley!! She's my pick to win it all, along with the other girls ... Her voice is perfect! Maybe not the most interesting or unique, but it's so powerful!! The way she hits that notes is admirable. I'm enjoying this a lot!! Vocally ... This could be really recorded right now and it would sound fantastic! But that performance was a bit boring, not her, but the stage. The backing dancers should be backed by fireworks, lights, balloons, or somethig! But after all, she really nailed it!

Chris Doe

"Already Gone" (Kelly Clarkson) - I'm the only one who thinks he looks a bit stupid? "It's a girl song"! Come on! Good start, soft and raspy! The chorus, however, was so painful! He couldn't hit any of the necessary notes, it lacked power! That's all? That performance was so boring! It was entertaining at moments but I felt something was missing there, like he was lost, and didn't feel what he was singing. Don't know what would happen, but I feel it won't be good ...

Amanda Grafanakis

"Closer" (Ne-Yo) - I love Amanda and her craziness! She definitely my favourite! WOW! Amazing beggining! Her voice sounds really unique but it's also really powerful! Amanda is Australia's own Lady Gaga and I must say I love her more! That was a show! Great job Lady Graf!! You've just schooled all the previous contestants!! Guy is so right! She's a star! What is Kyle saying? She pissed people off? It's not a personality contest! It's a singing contest! And Amanda can win!


"Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down" (Alicia Keys) - Great song for Kharizma! They are so funky, so jazzy, so RnB!! I just love them!!!! I'm sure they will nail it! And they are!!! What is that under their feet?! I suppose it's a building, but it looks so strange! Hot vocals!!! Guy had it so right with this chicks! My favourite group for sure!

Mitchell Smith

"Umbrella" (Rihanna) - I don't like Mitchell! His voice is so immature, he can't really sing, he just happens to have a good voice. It's interesting but so boring! Mitchell has no power, it's just a monotonous sound. This is clearly a case where he should have waited more to try. Not prepared at all, and so out of tune! The worst so far! Unfortunately he will get through based on teen votes.

James McNally

"With a Little Help from My Friends" (The Beatles) - I've always said James has the best male voice in the competition! This is awesome!! Terrific voice and performance! He's really nailing it! This is so much better than all we've heard before! And I so love this song!! Fireworks!! Loved it! Props for James and for Ronan! Big WOW!

Sally Chatfield

"Red" (Daniel Merriweather) - I'm so glad she got rid of that ugly nose piercing! She looks really pretty now! I like this song but not for Sally! She's much better than this. The song doesn't allow her to show off her vocal ability, there are just a few moments, but she can't show off. Natalie isn't very good at picking songs ... Will she be here next week?! Of course!


"Whataya Want from Me" (Adam Lambert) - I really like Mahogany! And they are singing Adam Lambert! Slow version of the song ... They are really amazing!! This song sounds so beautiful! The show keeps getting better and better! Even if they are Guy's favourites, they really deserve this place! They are ready for the real deal! Go out and record an album please!

Andrew Lawson

"Don't Stop the Music" (Rihanna) - Another Rihanna tune?! Kyle is a bit obsessed with her! I reckon Jamie Cullum did a jazz version of this song, and Andrew's is really similar. Still, he is my favourite in Kyle's category, the other two are just so bland! This performance is really cool! That's exactly the road he should take! Piano jazz! That was really impressive!

India-Rose Madderom

"Battlefield" (Jordin Sparks) - It's not a surprise that I love the girls, so obviously I also love India-Rose! She's a little cute thing! With a huge voice! This performance is very good! I still need a bit of drama on stage, maybe some smoke or fireworks, or backing dancers. Her voice is really good and I like her! Ronan is copying my comments!

Altiyan Childs

"Hey, Soul Sister" (Train) - I'm not sure about Altiyan, never liked him and don't know if I'll ever will. He's so ridiculous! What's that outfit?! He's voice isn't bad after all but I can't take him seriously if he keeps doing and wearing that stuff. I really dislike him!

And now, RESULT TIME! Altiyan is safe! Hayley Teal, Mahogany, James McNally, India-Rose Madderom, Mitchell Smith, Amanda Grafanakis! All Ronan acts are through! Andrew Lawson, Sally Chatfield and Kharizma are through! That leaves Luke and Joel and Chris Doe in the Bottom 2!


Luke and Joel

"Fix You" (Coldplay) - They aren't singing as bad as last night! I actually like this performance. This is the route they should take and not the strange performance of last night!

Chris Doe

"Stop and Stare" (OneRepublic) - Poor Chris! He seems really dissapointed! Out of tune! Not liking this much ... He's voice is good still but he's not delivering! I'll miss his raspy voice however, cause after that, I don't think he will be here next week ...

And is VOTATION TIME! Natalie chooses to send home Luke and Joel. Ronan chooses Chris. Guy also choose him. And Kyle obviously chooses Luke and Joel. 2 - 2. They are going to deadlock! And the eliminated act is ... Chris Doe! Kyle seems pissed! And Chris is in shock! But it was a good elimination however ...
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