The pression is on as two more acts will be eliminated on tomorrows result show and no one wants the first spot, which is considered the worst among contestants ... Will Katie prove voters are wrong?, will Rebecca overcome her nerves?, will Aiden be able to match his last performance? ... It's time to face the music!

UPDATE: Storm Lee and Diva Fever are eliminated. Watch the sing-off too ...

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ....

My favourites tonight: Katie, Rebecca, Aiden, Matt, Treyc, Mary and Cher.  Katie did a stunning performance and proved that she can just sing. Rebecca totally reworked that song and that voice is absolutley amazing! Aiden and Matt did magic with those songs. Treyc and Mary proved us once again they can sing their hearts off! And Cher ... is just Cher! She's so original and unique that it makes me wanna record her!

The numbers in blue are the ones you need to call to vote!

Who should go: Diva Fever and Wagner

Who will go: Diva Fever and Wagner or Storm Lee

What has Cheryl done to her hair?! She looks really wierd ...  A female Storm Lee! And Louis has done the same! He's blonder now ... And he's a little stupid today ...

Storm Lee

"Born to Run" (Bruce Springsteen)  0901 61 61 101 - He's saying his dreams always come true, what about that dream you had about being a rock star? He's on a Harley singing really off tune ... this is really boring, bad song choice for him, wrong look, wrong singing. He can sing but this song isn't proving it! This is completely wrong for Storm, first place and singing this, this could be his end ...

Treyc Cohen

"Purple Rain" (Prince) 0901 61 61 102 - I LOVE Treyc! She so nice as a person and she's really sweet! And she's the best singer here! Why every time someone sings "Purple Rain" it's done on top of a purple circle? Remember Danyl Johnson? He did exactly the same thing! However, this is amazing! Not like his ... Treyc is an incredible vocalist! She totally reworked that song and made it huge! Massive skills! I could really see her winning ....

Paije Richardson

"If I Ain't Got You" (Alicia Keys) 0901 61 61 103 -  Wierd beggining ... That DJ is wrong for this song and the dancers too but Paije's voice is AMAZING! Last week he didn't convince me but now I'm a fan! The way he sings the chorus of this song is incredible! The song is heating and heating, a rough start but what a way to end it! I want that song on my iPod!

One Direction

"My Life Would Suck Without You" (Kelly Clarkson) 0901 61 61 104 - This will suck ... Liam singing this upbeat songs isn't convincing enough and his voice sounds horrible. Bad harmonies on that chorus ... Liam keeps ruining this song, shut up! Zain is saving him! He's got a really cool voice! Very RnB/Soul, why hadn't we heard him before? Terrific! Bad performance as a group but Zain nailed it! 6 out of 10 and 5 go to Zain ...

Cher Lloyd

"It's the Hard Knock Life"/"Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)" (Jay-Z)  0901 61 61 105 - Cher will do a mash up ... Interesting! No Dannii! She'll do like a rocket! She'll go up,up and up and win it all! Love how she looks and her tone ... but this song?! Wierd .... it sounds as a playground song with little kids dancing and clapping, however, her rapping is really good. I love how her voice sounds but I don't like this song ... But I love Cher! Really, really like her!

John Adeleye

"A Song for You" (Donny Hathaway) 0901 61 61 106 - Another boring song for John! Pick something contemporary Louis! Come on John! Too emotional? Get over it! LOVE how he sounds! Very soulish and Marvin Gaye-ish. But again ... I'm bored! His voice is really impressive but another of this songs may be too much for the audience and he may leave, and I don't want that cause I like John!

Diva Fever

"Gotta Go Home"/"Barbra Streisand" (Boney M./Duck Sauce) 0901 61 61 107 - Come on! Simon picked this? What's wrong with him? Another gay performance for Diva Fever ... They might feel really horny with those almost naked male dancers ... Their performances are a really old fashioned 80's disco gay anthem, I mean, who would buy a CD with those songs?! No one! Please UK don't vote for them! Better, I'll erase their number!

Rebecca Ferguson

"Feeling Good" (Nina Simone) 0901 61 61 108 - Massive song! Will she be able to pull this out?! Rebecca there's no reason for you to be shy! You're amazing and have a terrifc voice!  WOW!! OMG!! She's soundind incredible! It's magical! What an elegant way to modernize a song! This is totally current! I also want her on my iPod! Beautiful recording voice! If she doesn't win, which I think she will, she must record an album! That voice is too good to be wasted, if I was Sony or Universal, I would have already signed her ...

Aiden Grimshaw

"Jealous Guy" (John Lennon) 0901 61 61 109 - Aiden is my favourite contestant ever ... and I really love this song! I still think he won't be able to pull another massive performance as last week's one. Another beautiful recording voice! Love how he's singing it, incredible and interesting tone and phrasing! However, Louis is right, he's screwing it with his face ... He's showing all his insecureness there and it's no good. But he's singing really beautiful and is doing a terrific work with one of Lennon's biggest songs! "Mad World" was incredible and can't be matched, but this was really, really good!


"Help Yourself" (Tom Jones) 0901 61 61 110 - Still can't believe he's here again! Go home! Louis can't still pronunce his name right! What a shame! Ouch! He's the worst singer to ever make it to the finals! The dancers however are doing terrifc movements! Don't film him, just shoot the dancers! The best thing in this performance, I think I'm going to mute it ...

Katie Waissel

I'd Rather Go Blind" (Etta James) 0901 61 61 111 - I really LOVE Katie! She's so quirky and unique! Still don't get it why she was in the bottom last week! Shut up press! Now she's doing what Louis wanted, just sing! And she doing a massive work! Beautiful voice and beautiful girl! I dig her jazzy tone and the way she sang the chorus at the end! WOW! Best so far and of the night!! Please! VOTE FOR HER!

Belle Amie

"You Really Got Me" (The Kinks) 0901 61 61 112 - What's going on with that make up?! Strange looks! Too shiny! Hate this song! And they are singing off tune again ... Their voices don't fit this song at all! Geneva is the only who can sing this but it's still too much ... Bad, bad song choice! Hope Simon realizes they are more indie/acoustic/pop orientated not this Girls Aloud attempt ... They should do what they did at Judges Houses, which was amazing. This was ok but not really impressive ...

Mary Byrne

"You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" (Dusty Springfield) 0901 61 61 113 - Big song! Big voice! Mary is so amazing! Her voice can't fail! She's always on tune and singing this massive notes! Love her so much ... However, she's starting to feel old, Louis is only choosing songs of his age, he should pick more modern songs. As Simon said it, Mary can sing any song! She's the most incredible singer the X Factor has had. Could this be the Overs year? Possibly!

Matt Cardle

"Just the Way You Are" (Bruno Mars) 0901 61 61 114 - Love Bruno Mars! And Matt! He's singing it really sweet! His hair looks really messy however. Love how he hits those high notes and that's really hard for a guy ... Matt is always incredible and what people remembers from the show. He will go all the way, there's no doubt of that! He's got one of the best voices and everyone seems to love him! Go Matty!

And now it's RESULTS TIME. Katie Waissel and John Adeleye are the firsts through!! Yes! Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson are also through! No surprise there ... One Direction and Mary Byrne too! Cher Lloyd goes on! What's that face Louis? Paije Richardson is through! Treyc Cohen joins them!! All Girls through ... Wagner??? Really! There's an audience for that?! Aiden Grimshaw is also safe! The Bottom 3 are Belle Amie, Diva Fever and Storm Lee. The lowest vote getter will be eliminated and ... Storm Lee is the first eliminated act!


Diva Fever

"I Will Survive" (Gloria Gaynor) - I hate this guys, but they aren't terrible singers, this is actually pretty good. I guess Simon's been killing them with song choices but this is bad too ... Very old fashioned ...

Belle Amie

"Big Girls Don't Cry" (Fergie) - Totally loved the way they sang this! On tune and really enjoyable! This is what they should be doing every week ... Take notes Simon ... I hope they stay, they proved they can sing and they are really beautiful lookin girls ...

And that's it! It's VOTATION TIME! Louis votes for Diva Fever, and so do Dannii and Cheryl. Diva Fever are the second eliminated act! Two groups gone, two left ... That doesn't sound good for Simon ...
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