The final 11 acts continue their fight for a place in the Top 2!! This week theme is Musical Heroes! So expect some great and not so great performances!

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

Sally Chatfield

"Bring Me to Life" (Evanescence) - She's so incredible and versatile!!!!! Last week we saw a sweet girl singing a lovely song and this week we've a punk rocker with a huge voice and all dressed in black! Natalie stepped up his game this week! The stage is amazing and it's some fireworks! Great way to open the show! Sally you're amazing! Shoe-in to the final!

Altiyan Childs

"Kiss" (Prince) - Ouch! WTF?! What's that voice?! I liked you a little bit more last week but  now ... you're at the bottom of my list again! Horrible falsetto! Why is he copying Prince?! It's not the idea, originality!! He should stick to last week's type of performance. And I'm seeing the guitarist underwear now! I hated this! Altiyan, I don't know how to classify you as an artist yet, are you a rocker or a copycat?! Or maybe a muppet?

Mitchell Smith

"Baby" (Justin Bieber) - This won't be good! And it's not ... He isn't as still as last week but his voice still sucks ... Unless he's better than the Bieber thing but he's horrible too. Is he searching for fetus comparissons? And is Bieber his musical idol?! Come on! You may now leave the competition! A point in his favour, he moved and danced a bit, which adds him some points ... so it's a 2 out of 10, right? Guy is saying Beiber is a great singer? COME ON!!!!


"Lady Marmalade" (Labelle) - HOT! Should I say more? I just love this girls! They are incredible singers and they bring a lot on stage! This is very a very soulish cabaret performance but I'm really, really enjoying it! The vocals were sick and the dancing was spot on! I'm voting for them now but I don't know if women are going to vote for them  ... And I agree with you Ronan, they are the finished package!

Hayley Teal

"Respect" (Otis Redding) - I love this girl! What a huge voice! I'd kill for that vocal ability! One of the best versions of that song I've ever heard! The Girls are on fire tonight! And that dress looks so amazing on her! WOW! Her raspy soul voice is amazing! And I love the R-E-S-P-E-C-T part with the fireworks and the lights! Stunning! I'm just speechless! Best so far!

Andrew Lawson

"Wherever You Will Go" (The Calling) -Oh Andrew! Why aren't you sticking with piano jazz! We don't want to see versatility! We want to see you! And this is not the Andrew I love ... this is so mediocre! Out of tune, boring, plain and he looks so uncomfortable! I like his outfit however ... But again, the only thing good here were the violinists and that's not good in a singing competition! This is definetly a Bottom 2 performance ... just not working at all!

Amanda Grafanakis

"The Voice Within" (Christina Aguilera) -I love this trees!! Is it Christmas?! Her voice is as great as always, but I don't know, something is wrong with this performance ... She's really still and she loves working the stage. Amanda's voice is terrific but  I didn't feel the connection with that song. Lady Graf is missing this week, we just have a great singer singing a huge song. She won't leave this week but I want the old Amanda back! And I miss her eye paint!

Luke and Joel

"Little Lion Man" (Mumford and Sons) -YES! They tooke my advice! Kyle is so rude, your act deserved to go home, maybe if you have put the right people through you could sitll win ... Going back to the performance, this is AMAZING! I love the carnival vibe it has and this is really entertaining! Great song choice! We all know they aren't the greatest singers but this was excellent! Props for this guys! Loved it!

India-Rose Madderom

"One" (U2) - I'm so in love with Nat's Girls! They are the best in this competition! India-Rose looks really wicked! And I love it! She sounds really beautiful and I feel the connection with that song! Love the violins and the chorus, the best girl so far! She has just proved that she can sing anything, pop, jazz, RnB, you name it! Can India win it all? I'm starting to believe so ... She messed up at the beggining?! I didn't even noticed! And neither the judges! That's a star in the making ...

James McNally

"Maggie May" (Rod Stewart) - Best male voice! Could he beat last week's momentum? He's voice is excellent! Last week was better but this is also really cool. Such a strong performer! Love his big deep raspy voice! Not sure about his style however, maybe a little bit more edgy ... The girl distracted you Nat? It was chessy but not distracting, and I agree with Guy, it's a plain not exciting song ...


"Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" (Beyoncé) - Cool rings! Love Kharizma so much! They bring a lot of funk and I love funk! I still think they will never be able to beat their audition, which was fabulous, but this is great! Even she screwed it a bit, a lot! I don't know what's her problem but her voice is sounding bad! Couldn't hit many notes and she seemed to forget her words. Hope they are still here next week, cause I love them, but that wasn't good ...

And it's RESULT TIME! First safe is ... Luke and Joel!  They are joined by Sally Chatfield, Mitchell Smith, Altiyan Childs and ... Andrew Lawson? Wasn't expecting that! Also safe are Kharizma, India-Rose Madderom and Mahogany. This Bottom 2 doesn't look good! James, Amanda or Hayley? WTF? This are the worst? And ... Hayley Teal is safe! That means the Bottom are James McNally and Amanda Grafanakis! So unfair! Kyle acts should be there ...


Amanda Grafanakis

"Wonderwall" (Oasis) - She's sounding amazing! Even with her nerves and dissapointment she sounds really cool! Love her cover of this song! It's edgy, unique and powerful! Just like I love it! Amanda is back with this performance! Will she continue in the competition?! I think she will! That performance will be hard to beat!

James McNally

"Let's Stay Together" (Al Green) - Oh! I love James, but this song is so boring! His vocals are spot on but the problem is that song! It's so old-fashioned and incrediblly chessy! He's just blow all his chances to continue in the competition ...

So that's it ... VOTATION TIME. Nat votes for James and Guy votes to eliminate him too! Kyle votes obviously for Amanda and Ronan to in order to send it to deadlock! Susspense ... James McNally is eliminated! The most unfair elimination ever!
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