This post was originally set to be posted on August 25, but I didn't do it, don't know why, so I'm posting it today! The album was released on August 24, 2010, being three singles released to date, "California Gurls", "Teenage Dream" and "Firewrok". Number one in many countries and achieving Gold and Platinum certifications this album won't dissapoint ...

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Finally! One of the most awaited albums of the year has finally hit the stores and is doing struggles in the iTunes store since it's release on August 24. "Teenage Dream" is Katy's third overall effort, second if we don;t count the unknown debut, and first without counting the mediocre first major release. With this amazing collection of 12 potential hits, Katy has proved she's here to stay for many, many years. Forget Madonna, Katy is the new pop queen! I love you, Madonna, but it's time to pass the crown ... From beggining to end, the album is a musical journey with poweful songs, such as "Circle the Drain", to classical popish tunes with superficial lyrics, "California Gurls", to sweet and heartful ballads, "Not Like the Movies".  Katy's voice sounds so perfect in each of the songs, it's like someone has ditched the old one and replaced her for an incredible vocalist! Take for example "Not Like the Movies", putting apart how well written is this song, her vocals are terrific and sounds almost magical. I could tell you how amazing are the other tracks and how well she sounds and bla bla bla, but I won't. After all, the album really is an emotional rollercoaster, despite how cliched that sounds. It has ups, downs, fun, sadness, excitement, depression, and the lists goes on. Katy's best album to date is now one of the pop gems that will remain for generations as one of the best albums ever recorded!

Watch "Teenage Dream" HERE
Watch "Firework" HERE.  
Listen "Not Like the Movies" and "Circle the Drain" HERE.
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