The Top 6 perform Summer Songs! The most awful theme ever! Performing also are Enrique Iglesias and Mike Posner! Whose performance will die of insolation?! ... It's time to face the music!

UPDATE: Hayley Teal is eliminated!!

Read my recap and watch the performances after the JUMP ...

Altiyan Childs

"Summer of 69" (Bryan Adams) - I'm starting to accept the fact he's going to win. He's a terrific performer and definitely has the talent, plus he's getting all the attention. And I must say I won't be mad if he won, after all he's voice is wonderful. This performance is as good as all. Not so overcooked as "Eye of the Tiger" but still very Altiyan. I realized he pulls crazy faces while performing and they are actually funny. The secong half of this song was the bomb! Altiyan nailed that part! Best of the night, tough he's only the first!

Hayley Teal

"California Gurls" (Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg) - I love this song, but for Hayley this is crap! She's a wonderful singer but this song doesn't show it! Her soulish/bluesy sound isn't there. I'm just hearing a copycat Katy Perry song. With silly blondes in bikini! And Hayley's outfit! Yikes! She's doing the best she can with it, but I fear it won't be enough. Cool notes there but not so great as previous ones ....

Andrew Lawson

"Sunday Morning" (Marooon 5) - I'm loving this song choice! And I'm loving Andrew more as the weeks go by! He's saying he will do a scat! LOVE IT! Let's see how it works ... This fits him so well! Very Harry Conick Jr/Jamie Cullum! Best Andrew's performance so far! Not such an incredible scat but he definitely pulled it out! Want to see more of it next week kid! He looked really comfortable! Props!


"Survivor"(Destiny's Child) - Love that dancing start! This will be awesome! LOVE this girls! I usually stay out of girlbands but Mahogany are terrific! Four massive voices, beautiful harmonies and they really blend together! This song is so right for them! Guy finally picked a good song! I know I said Altiyan was the best but this girls had topped him! No chance in hell they are hitting the Bottom!

Luke and Joel

"Wouldn't It Be Nice" (The Beach Boys) - Their WORST performance so far!! And definitely the worst of the night!! I've been really liking them recently but with this they are back at the bottom ... It's time for them to leave ... No mattter what they say about their energy, they can't sing as well as the others. And this song choice is crap, Guy! Step up your game if you want to win!

Sally Chatfield

"Since You've Been Gone" (Kelly Clarkson) - Sally's voice is a bit sick tonight, how would her performance go? I would have never picked Kelly for Sally, they have really similar voices and Sally won't be able to put her own touch on the song. But apart from that, Sally definitely has the voice! And the biggest in the competition for sure!! Her outfit looks a bit messy and I'm not sure this is a Summer Song, but she actually delievered! And with a bad voice!! Sally is INCREDIBLE!

Side-note, the worst musical guests ever! I actually fastforwarded Mike Posner's performance and muted Enrique Iglesias's! Even Chris Doe (who was the first out) would have sang better! After that, we are going to the RESULTS! The first act safe is ... Andrew Lawson! Show some emotion man! I'm starting to hate Kyle's attitude when Andrew is safe. Second through is ... Sally Chatfield! That was obvious. Altiyan Childs is also in! The final act going through is ... Mahogany!!! Luke and Joel and Hayley Teal are in the Bottom 2!!! WHY?!!! They deserved it but I would hate to see Hayley leave ....


Hayley Teal

"Valerie" (Amy Winehouse) - This is what she should be singing every week! I love her tone and phrasing and she's really delievering on this song! Her unique sound is back! They must keep her in!!

Luke and Joel

"Where the Streets Have No Name" (U2) - I love them when they sing big rock songs but when they attempt something different they totally suck! This performance is one of the latest, cursi and cliched. I wish they go ...

And it's VOTATION TIME! Ronan is voting to eliminate Hayley!! WTF?? Luke and Joel sucked!! Natalie and Guy vote to keep their acts in ... It's all up to Kyle ... We know he loves Hayley ... WTF?!!!! He's eliminating Hayley!!! Why???!! Worst elimination ever!! Hayley Teal is eliminated!! I'm going to cry a bit now ... So unfair! Good news, someone will give Hayley a record deal and she'll be incrediblly successful!
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